Thursday, 21 May 2009

Manic The Invalid!!!

I am so mad at myself tonight because I have been a right clumsy idiot.
Tidying out the alcove in my workroom after DD asked if we could swap bookshelves I have gone and trodden on an electric plug and gouged a flamin' great hole in the bottom of my foot.
So instead of a nice tidy room I am sitting here with my foot strapped up, screeching every time it touches the floor.
I think I shall have to ring Deb and ask for a loan of one of her!!!
DD is looking after me. which is a good job as I nearly passed out when I saw all the blood.
Taking it as a sign that I should have a night off so I am off to lounge about on the sofa.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Ouch Sheila, that sounds mega painful - you make sure you rest the foot as much as you can and don't risk getting any infection in it. Hope you've got painkillers to take tonight and hope you manage to get some rest x

  2. Ouch Sheila, I hope you had a good nights sleep and your foot didn't keep you awake. Make sure you rest and I know DD will love looking after you.
    Lovely to see you yesterday, if only briefly.
    Christine xx

  3. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!
    hope it gets better soon. i thought lego was painful to stand on but i think youve beaten that!
    V :)

  4. Ooh that made me wince ! You will obviously need lots of TLC till you're feeling better. Hope it doesn't stay painful for too long.

  5. OWWW OWWWWW OWWWWWW that sounds sooooo painful Sheila :-0. Big hugs and you take care of that, feet can get infected so easily.
    kerry x x x

  6. Oooooh Sheila, that sounds soooo nasty! Hope you're soon feeling better.

    Lesley Xx


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