Sunday, 31 May 2009

New Home!!!

After having spent the best part of the weekend knee deep in Christmas papers and embellishments I decided this afternoon that enough was enough, chucked the whole lot in a box and went retro instead.
The image I have used for these new home cards is from The Vintage Workshop
The gingham paper is from a pack I had from Costco years ago.

Well Deb should hopefully be getting the all clear from the hospital tomorrow and then next week she is taking a week off as her hubby has a week off too. I am ready for a break so am hoping there will be a slot for me to fit in a week after Deb is back.
After that I expect we will be inundated with requests for Christmas workshops and I will be back to burning the midnight oil.

Wasn't Britain's Got Talent fab last night? Sadly my favourite.....Julian.......didn't win but Diversity were my second favourites so I was a happy bunny.

Anyway I am off for a browse around some blogs before I have an early night. Can't imagine why I am so tired as I have had quite a relaxed weekend really.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Brilliant cards, Sheila, just love the retro images!!
    I was gutted Susan didn't win, I reckon she would have been happy just with the money and Royal Variety appearance & call it a day, sorry to hear she's in hospital, too.
    Hope your wee holiday comes soon!
    Judy in the very cold NZ!

  2. Love those images, Sheila - such a good take on new home cards x


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