31 March 2010

Yes......It's A Card!!!

This is a card that I will be doing in a class tomorrow. Looks deceptively simple but I hope the ladies have their Weetabix before they come cos they are going to be worked!!!
The stamps are Creative Expressions.
Other products used are the fabulous Eco Friendly acrylic paints from Creative Expressions, Distress Inks, Cosmic Shimmer Spray and UTEE.

Well despite the foul weather today it was quite busy at the shop and I didn't have time to do much other than prep for the class tomorrow and tidy up a bit. I was in a playing mood but it didn't happen so I shall indulge in a bit of that tomorrow afternoon hopefully.

DD is home so I have had loads of cuddles and feel a million times better. She is taking me for a ride to Ikea on Friday afternoon. I haven't been for ages and fancy a quick trip out although I won't be spending anything as I am saving my pennies for Graphicus the week after next. I have one heck of a list on the go but I don't know why I am will all change I am sure once I get there.

We have snow forecast for tonight. I don't expect we shall get any but I shall be watching all the!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

ETA........sorry forgot to say that Jigsaw No 3 is posted HERE

30 March 2010

What A Day!!!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I had a really horrible day.
A couple of weeks ago I had a copy of a letter which was being sent to my doctor from the doctor I was seeing at the hospital when I was ill. It said that I had something called Moderate LV Dysfunction which I looked up on the internet and found was heart disease. My local doctor confirmed it yesterday so I was in total shock and spent all day crying, then I cried myself to sleep last night. Now that is over and done more tears...... I am going to get on with the rest of my life, do what the doctor tells me to and hopefully I shan't do too bad.
My weight loss is going well and I have lost one and a half stones since I was diagnosed with diabetes but I really need to get started on a regular excercise routine now so if you are driving about in Staffordshire and something passes you in a blur.....that'll be!!!
Enough about that then.........I promise I won't be boring you with blow by blow daily accounts of my health but I just wanted you to know.

Couldn't finish my Jigsaw piece No 3 when I got home as like a plank I had put my wires that I needed into a box of tools which I took to work with me and forgot to bring home. The tools were put to good use in the making of a card though and I'll take a pic of it tomorrow.

My darling DD is coming home has only been to stay with a friend for a couple of days but I feel like my arm has been ripped off. I shall be so glad to see her.

I'm off for a troll around the web for half an hour now.
Ciao for now.

28 March 2010

Proper Inky Fingers!!!

Managed some more inky time today and the result is on my other blog HERE

Paid a flying visit into town this morning and picked up some bargains from Poundland. A bag of 30 make up sponges for doing inky things, fabulous storage boxes, set of baby food bowls with lids for decanting stuff into, heat resistant mats....not as big as the one Tim uses but they do the job and a medication organiser with 28 compartments which will be fab for storing bits in.
I'm sending hubby back tomorrow for some more of the storage can never have too many.

Monday I have housey things to do before I get upstairs but I shall whip through the jobs and get up there as quick as I can as I have new stamps to do samples for the shop/workshops.

That's me done for today then.
Catch you later.

27 March 2010

Inky Saturday!!!

Very happy bunny as I have have managed to get some inky time upstairs today and have actually finished a project which you can see HERE
No baking today as I made forty cupcakes yesterday so that DD could take some to work with her for her workmates. I have however made a very naughty steak and kidney pie for tea but I'll be good and only have a small piece with loads of vegetables.
After that I shall shoot upstairs for some more inky antics while I have my stuff out.
Won't see Ruby Doodle this weekend as she is down south visiting her other grandma and grandad and hosting her very own baby shower for all her mummy's friends who haven't seen her yet.
Right I'll go and feed the famished!!!
Thanks for dropping by.

25 March 2010

Jumping Up & Down!!!

Oh I am so excited...........I am having a weeks holiday from work the week of my birthday and hubby is taking me away for four days. We are only going to a caravan but that caravan is only one hour and forty five minutes away from somewhere I have wanted to visit for so long........yay........I am going to Graphicus.
Unfortunately I will miss their 10th birthday celebrations which start on the Friday as we will be on our way home but at least I get to go and DD has said that I will have money for goodies.
OMG..........I am not going to sleep until we go........Did I say I was excited?!!!
I've been browsing the online shop and I think I have spent somewhere in the region of five million trillion pounds..........might have to trim that down a bit to fit it all in the!!!

Well I am shattered now. I did an extra day at the shop this week and have been pretty busy catching up on jobs. So I think I am off to snuggle up with me book.
Tara for now.

22 March 2010

Which Is It?!!!

I can't decide if I am just getting old or going completely mental but I cannot keep track of the days at the moment. They seem to whizz by at an alarming rate and I never seem to achieve what I wanted to.
Saturday was good and I got the forty thank you cards done for DS and DDIL. I haven't made that many cards all the same for ages and the only thing that kept me going was Ruby's little face on each card.

Here is another card made with G45 papers and elements. It's all I have on my camera until I get chance to get some more stuff done and who knows when that will be. I am at the shop four days this week as Deb has taken a break for three days and then we have classes on Thursday. We have a load of new stuff on order which I hope comes tomorrow or Wednesday.........I'm sure there will be one or two things I!!!

Anyhoo.......I am away to bed........early for a change.
Night night.

19 March 2010

Fab Afternoon!!!

For a winter bod I have thoroughly enjoyed the sight of the beautiful sunshine today......albeit from inside my workroom.
At the moment I have a hankering for neat and tidy so I have been turfing out again and getting rid of all that stuff you keep that you just know will be useful one day but somehow it never gets used. The recycling bin is bursting at the seams and the car boot boxes are filling up ready for me to be brave enough to venture out early on a Sunday morning when the weather warms up a bit more.

Ever the romantic.......hubby came home from town with a present for me......a Bundt tin. What the heck is a Bundt? Research needed I!!! Oh and I forgot to mention new oven gloves. Obviously I am so not the type of girl to inspire a man to shop for jewels or other such romantic stuff......oh no........pressies from my DH always follow a theme with the end result being something to fill his tummy. Oh well........good job I'm not really into jewellery isn't it?

At the moment I am sitting here with my head covered in chemical goo which will hopefully cover up my grey bits and make me look a bit more!!!
While that is doing it's job I am planning the Thank You cards I am making for DDIL. They were supposed to be getting done today but I got sidetracked as usual.

Ooooh hey's rinsing go.

Thanks for dropping by.

17 March 2010

Still Around!!!

I am still knocking about but I have been quite busy the last few days. There are a few projects that need finishing off and photographing when I have a minute.
Because I have totally changed the whole family's diet I am coming in and doing the cooking most nights myself now which is making me later getting upstairs which in turn means I don't get so much done in the way of crafting. Roll on summer when DH can just throw a salad together.

Had a wonderful Mother's Day with DDIL, DS & Ruby Doodle. Got my first card with Grandma on it and that made me feel about!!! We spoiled DDIL with it being her first M's Day and she loved it.

Well that's about it for now.
Thanks for dropping by.

14 March 2010

Times Nouveau!!!

Today I am posting a couple of cards made with papers and elements from the Times Nouveau collection by Graphic 45.
All I've added is a few flowers, some brads and some ribbon for some quick and easy cards.
I am really making an effort now to use up a lot of my paper stash as I want to get back to stamping in a big way.
This morning I have been baking........Chocolate Orange Cupcakes and Victoria Sponge. Ruby Doodle is bringing her mummy over to celebrate her first Mother's Day later this afternoon so we are looking forward to that.
Quite a productive morning as I have not only posted here but also on my other blog HERE
Now I am off upstairs as hubby is cooking dinner.
Thanks for your visit.

10 March 2010

Where Does The Time Go?!!! I think I blinked and missed this!!!
By the time I got in from work, had my tea, cooked a casserole for tomorrows tea and washed up I had barely an hour up in my workroom. So all I have done up there tonight is cover some card blanks with paper layers and removed some G45 tags from their sheet.
I could have stayed up there a little bit longer but I wanted to beat hubby to the bathroom as I hate going in there after him. Not that he does anything remotely disgusting I hasten to add.......I just don't like standing on a wet bathmat. I'm just a bit peculiar like!!! Here is the last of the cards done with the Graphic 45 Botanicabella collection.
I only have double sided papers left now which will have to be used with other things.
..............and another pic of my gorgeous Ruby Doodle.
I had a good nights sleep last night and got up a more reasonable time this morning so I am feeling a bit perkier tonight. I might surf the www for a while or I might go and snuggle under a blanket on the sofa and read........mmmmm that appeals quite a lot actually as me tootsies are cold. Yeah.........fluffy socks and the sofa........that's what I'll do.
Tara for now
Thanks for dropping by.

09 March 2010

Quick Post Tonight!!!

Can you believe how different this card is to yesterday's........even though the images are from the same piece of Graphic 45 paper?
The Houndstooth background is one of the backing papers from the Botanicabella range.
I've forgotten what the straw type stuff is called but it's on a roll from the florists department at Hobby craft. It wouldn't stay on with glue so I ended up stapling it on and covering with the starfish.
Well I am off to get some sleep. I was up at the crack of dawn this morning too full of beans to lie in for a while and I'm shattered now.
Night night.
Thanks for your visit.

08 March 2010

A Card & A Ruby Doodle!!!

I've been wading through my Graphic 45 papers when I could snatch a minute this weekend and here's one of the cards I made with the Botanicabella papers.
The fruit and foliage you can see in the background has been cut from another sheet and attached over the script paper.........shan't be doing that again in a!!!
The pieces of burgundy paper have been punched with one of my new Martha Stewart border punches and the pears have been coated with Glossy Accents. At last I have a couple of decent new pics of our Ruby Doodle who came to visit yesterday.
Just look at that gorgeous little face.......I just want to keep kissing her she is so cute.
Aunty DD changed her very first nappy and I was just about in hysterics at her antics. I don't think I've ever seen anyone change a nappy with the very edges of their finger nails before.........and the noises she was making.........sounded like she was being!!!
Poor old hubby went out at eight 'o' clock this morning to have the car MOT'd and he is only just on his way home now as they found one of his wheels was buckled and it's had to be replaced.
Unfortunately we now only have one car so DD couldn't follow him in to bring him home and he has been stuck in town all day waiting for it.
To cheer him up I have made a lovely Split Pea Soup with Cheese Scone Triangles for his tea.
DD and I have just had ours and it was really yummy.

Well after I have fed hubby I shall go and snuggle up in my workroom until bath time. It's pretty nippy down here in the computer room.

Thanks for dropping by.

07 March 2010

Busy And Loving It!!!

Morning Bloggers
Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days. I have been quite busy what with shopping, cooking and going out with DD yesterday.
We had a fab day, although in the end we decided not to go up to Crab Apple Crafts. We are going to do that next month.
I was thoroughly spoilt and came home with quite a pile of goodies........2 Martha Stewart border punches plus a foliage punch, Tim Holtz scissors which I have been wanting for ages, a set of stamps, a herb growing kit and a few other bits and bobs.
We had a lovely lunch at Bridgemere despite all the improvement work going on.
Very disappointed to find The Works had disappeared as I was hoping to pick up a couple of cook books. I'll have to nip into the one in town at some point.
This morning we have had a good clean up as Ruby Doodle and her mum are coming for dinner. Daddy will be along later tonight when he finishes work. I have the camera here ready with a stash of batteries to try and get some decent photos of Ruby.
There are cards waiting to be photographed which I'll try and get done later if I can but it's more likely to be tomorrow as our visitors will be here until quite late today.
Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine even though it's cold.
Thanks for dropping by.

04 March 2010

A Thingamyjig!!!

Not quite sure what this is called...............but it was fun to make.This pretty box opens to reveal................
.........little drawers which would be great for storing embellishments or a small sewing kit.
The drawers are an origami box folded out of a single piece of paper as is the lid.
I have strengthened the drawers with a piece of card and used a wet glue to assemble them into the box rather than DST.
The paper is Graphic 45.
Wasn't it nice to see the sun today?
My thoughts turned immediately to the garden and I started planning a few jobs for hubby to keep him!!!
This year we are going to dig up one half of the garden and make some raised beds to grow some veg. Really looking forward to that.
When I go shopping tomorrow I think I shall buy a pot of something cheerful for the kitchen window ledge. I quite fancy a pot of miniature daffs.
The sun has to be good for my health because as soon as it shows it's face I go in to salad mode and had the most delicious chicken salad with hubby's home made bread for tea.........he's quite fancies himself as a bit of a 'Hairy Baker'!!!
For the first time in a very long time I am feeling like my old self. Cheerful, smiley and full of beans. I think the workshop ladies found me quite scary!!!
I can't tell you just how wonderful it is. I thought I was lost forever.
Well on that note I shall get off and go and have a bit of a troll around Blogland.
Thanks so much for your visit.

02 March 2010

More For Men!!!

A couple more cards made with the magazine freebies.

We've had a busy day at the shop today with a class morning and afternoon.
When I got there this morning I was in seventh heaven as we had had a delivery of Artemio stamps and they are yummy. Can't wait to get my inky mitts on!!!
There was also a delivery of very nice card and paper from Payper Box so we are getting nicely stocked up again now.

I'm looking forward to Saturday this week as DD is taking me out for an early Mother's Day treat as she will be at work on the day. We are off to Crab Apple Crafts at Lady Heyes in Cheshire then across country to our favourite pub for lunch and onto Trentham Gardens to finish the day off. We may call in at Dagfields and Bridgemere for half an hour as well.
My favourite kind of day.

Well I am off now to watch Hairy Bikers on I Player as I was busy when it was on tv.
I would say that I am going to have a nice cuppa but as I no longer have sugar in my drinks I am dropping the nice. Not sure I will ever get used to sugarless tea although coffee is not too bad.

Thanks for dropping by.