Thursday, 25 March 2010

Jumping Up & Down!!!

Oh I am so excited...........I am having a weeks holiday from work the week of my birthday and hubby is taking me away for four days. We are only going to a caravan but that caravan is only one hour and forty five minutes away from somewhere I have wanted to visit for so long........yay........I am going to Graphicus.
Unfortunately I will miss their 10th birthday celebrations which start on the Friday as we will be on our way home but at least I get to go and DD has said that I will have money for goodies.
OMG..........I am not going to sleep until we go........Did I say I was excited?!!!
I've been browsing the online shop and I think I have spent somewhere in the region of five million trillion pounds..........might have to trim that down a bit to fit it all in the!!!

Well I am shattered now. I did an extra day at the shop this week and have been pretty busy catching up on jobs. So I think I am off to snuggle up with me book.
Tara for now.


  1. Well that's brilliant ...........but a shame too Sheila. I'm going to the Friday Birthday Bash with Jo (remember, we came to the classes together). It would have been great to see you but never mind, I'm sure you'll love your visit.

    It'll be full of all the lovely inky stuff you like for your 'other blog'. Leave some goodies for me and Jo on the Friday though, Lol!

    Lesley Xx

  2. Oh Im all excited for you too now! I did chuckle at how much youve spent in your mind! lol!

    When are you off?

    We've got a little tiddly caravan and we love it, yours will be much bigger and I hope you have a really fab and relaxing time there!

    Hows your little Ruby doing?

    Keryn x

  3. Ooh how fantastic ! I am going a little green around the edges. Hope you have a fab time and can't wait to see what 'jumps' into yout basket ! Sue x

  4. WOWeeeeeeeee, what a fab birthday you will have. I like Glenda's stuff but have never been to her shop. I know you will have a brilliant time as she, like you, does messy.
    Happy Birthday in advance.
    Christine xx


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