Sunday, 28 March 2010

Proper Inky Fingers!!!

Managed some more inky time today and the result is on my other blog HERE

Paid a flying visit into town this morning and picked up some bargains from Poundland. A bag of 30 make up sponges for doing inky things, fabulous storage boxes, set of baby food bowls with lids for decanting stuff into, heat resistant mats....not as big as the one Tim uses but they do the job and a medication organiser with 28 compartments which will be fab for storing bits in.
I'm sending hubby back tomorrow for some more of the storage can never have too many.

Monday I have housey things to do before I get upstairs but I shall whip through the jobs and get up there as quick as I can as I have new stamps to do samples for the shop/workshops.

That's me done for today then.
Catch you later.

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  1. i just love this Sheila,you are so clever, luv Georginaxxx


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