Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Trees....But Not THAT Tree!!!

Clean and simple......mmm not my usual style but I have had these peeloff trees and this blue brushed metal card in my stash for about three or four years and it was time for them to go. I got eight cards out of four sheets so that will be the neighbours cards sorted for this year.

Managed to get a couple of cards done at the shop today. I am on a roll there I must say as I am not getting that much done at home in the crafting line at the moment. Seem to be spending most of my time making offerings for the temple that is Mr Manic's!!! Although I have to admit that I have been doing copious amounts of die cutting to get rid of a box of scraps.

Tomorrow I am off to the cinema to see Avatar Special Edition 3D. I love that film soooo much and am very excited to be seeing it on the big screen for the first time.

Well that's all from me for tonight. DD has just gone to pick up Mr Manic from work and I am off upstairs for an hour to put some things away and get some other things prepped to work on tomorrow before we go out.

Tara for now.....and thanks for your visit.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Return Of........The Tree!!!

Sorry.......I just can't leave this Kanban tree stamp alone. Mind you it is nice to know that it's a versatile stamp isn't it?
Here I have used the new Joyful Peace papers from gcd Studios......very, very gorgeously strokeable.
Now I'm not sure if I would dare to do this version of the tree in a class because I have stamped it onto two of the papers and then you see all the red sections.......well they have been cut out from one image and glued over the other one. I think I would get!!!
Anyway with quite a bit of matting and layering you have yourself a nice traditional card.

Had a great class on Friday. Very hectic and slightly panicky at one point when the gloss card we were using didn't do what was expected of it. Still it all turned out alright in the end and everyone's cards were stunning.......well done girls.

I'm a bit pleased with meself this morning because I have solved a problem that has been bugging me for a few weeks. The Spellbinders Shapeabilities........what a pig to get the shapes out once cut eh? I had gone right off them........until........I spotted a piece of non stick sheet on my desk. I had tried the baking parchment tip I saw somewhere but that didn't do it for me as I was still tearing the shapes as they came out.
The non stick sheet I have used is from Poundland. Look for a blue and yellow cardboard box in the kitchen department. It works like a dream.

Looks like the weather might be clearing up a little for the afternoon. We have had torrential rain this morning. It won't worry me though as I am staying put today and just pottering. Tomorrow I have to go into town as I am admitting defeat with these varifocal lenses in my new glasses and going to get them changed for two separate pairs.

Hope the rain isn't spoiling your Bank Holiday too much.
Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Pink......And Not Christmas!!!

Unfortunately the Christmas cards I made at the shop today weren't dry at home time so I had to leave them there until tomorrow. Instead I'll just share this very pink project with absolutely no stamping whatsoever.
I decided that I should use some of the mahoosive collection of paper flowers I I have.........all three of!!!
Paper is Papermania.
Butterfly is Cuttlebug.
Heart border is a Martha Stewart punch.
Flower centres are Card Candy from Craftwork Cards.

Well after a good clean up in the workroom and setting up for the class tomorrow Deb and I spent a very pleasant afternoon creating cards. We both used Kanban stamps with Deb going for funky things and me with my beloved tree set. I've used some new papers we had in today from gcd Studios. Gorgeous just doesn't cover it and of course I had to bring a little bit home.........would have been rude not!!!

Earlier start in the morning so I'm off for a quick read to tire my eyes out before bed.
Tara for now and thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Christmas Presents!!!

Sorry about the slightly crock picture tonight but the light here has been terrible today and I had to do this with my daylight lamp.
This is a small present image from the Kanban set that has the tree image. I just stamped and embossed loads onto green and red then cut them out (removing the bow on top) and adhered them onto a strip of card before slicing them up into piles.
Decorated with ribbon and and a bow.
An easy way to make use of a small image.
Used up a few peeloffs to create the border ( I'm sure those damn things are!!!).

Well after months of fiddling, faffing and bad language I have finally managed to get my Kodak printer to scan. All I need to do now is get it to print in a halfway decent manner and I'll be all set. It really is without doubt the worst printer I have ever had. The printouts look like the cartridges are full of mud, black and white images look brown and blurry. When funds allow I will replace it with another Epson and gladly take the hammer to the flaming thing.

Mr Manic has just gone to bed and I am toasting my toes by the heater........bliss......and sipping a lovely cup of Rosie Lee.........and I have been very bad and had a slice of the chocolate cake I made today which I really shouldn't but is a celebration........autumn is on it's way. Well that's my excuse and I am sticking to!!!

As I won't be able to carry on with the decorating this weekend I am planning on doing some sewing and making things from my Tone Finnanger books so tomorrow night will be serious tidy up time in the workroom then at work on Friday this week for the big class and Saturday to Monday all to myself.....well barring Mr Manics requests for meals that take forever to cook......flaming!!!

Anyway I am off for a bit of a surf.
Thanks for dropping in.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Traditional Trees!!!

After all the measuring and cutting for the workshop kits I still found time to make this card and start another one.
Holly paper is Papermania. The white card is Cuttlebug embossed using Swiss Dots and the tree is from the Kanban set again.

Well I don't know about where you all are but it's pretty chilly here tonight......and I love!!! So I am going to treat myself to a snuggle on the sofa for a couple of hours with a hot cuppa and a good book. Tomorrow morning I have some cards to pack and then I need to spend some time in the kitchen as the cake tins are nearly empty and I have to make a spaghetti bolognese for our evening meal. After that I will be delivering the cards to a customer and with a bit of luck I shall have the evening free to craft.

Bye for now and thanks for visiting.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Winter Pop Up!!!

Last year I made THIS card which I never got chance to do in a class as the stamps kept selling out every time we had them in. So this year I have used different stamps and once again changed the size........this one needs a C5 envelope but you can still make the mechanics out of a strip of A4 card.......I do so hate cutting up 12 x!!!
There are two sets of stamps used here, both are from Kanban and both are chock full of images. The tree is too big to fit on my largest acrylic block and I have to use a Cuttlebug plate instead.

I've had a bit of a funny day today. Woke up full of beans this morning and have deteriorated slowly as the day has gone on with awful back pains and a headache. Then my foot started hurting so I gave up trying to do anything, took some pain killers and had an hour on the sofa. The day wasn't lost altogether as I did manage to make an apple pie for Mr all's right in his!!!
Tomorrow we have a mad day of cutting up the kits for the big workshop on Friday and I shall be triple checking everything because there was a vital piece of card I forgot to cut for the last all dayer and I had to cut it while I was doing the embarrassing.

Right I'm going to hunker down and read for a bit. I am re-reading a Maeve Binchy that wasn't my most favourite when I read it last.......The Glass Lake.......but this time I am quite enjoying it.

Tara for now then and thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

A Ruby Doodle Day!!!

We've had such a lovely day today here at Manic Towers.
Little Miss Doodle and her mummy came for lunch as daddy was at work until 6pm and she has had us in stitches all day.
She is now able to get about in a little walker thing that has a steering wheel and all sorts of buttons and noises on it and she absolutely loves it.
Being down at a lower level meant that she got a good look at Mr Smudge Dog and she was absolutely fascinated with him.
Here she is trying to eat his!!!........I hasten to add that her mouth wasn't actually touching his nose.

After a lunch of mashed cauliflower and carrot we had to have a quick wash and brush up, a change of clothes and a nap and we were back to playing.
Doesn't she look like a little angel here?
Need to get down to some serious work tomorrow to finalise the projects for the next all day workshop so I'll be back with something to show tomorrow.

Thanks for your visit.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Christmas Tree & Baubles!!!

I am so in love with the stamps from this Christmas set by Kanban. They arrived at the shop on Tuesday morning and by evening they were winging their way to Manic Towers. Unfortuntely I didn't get to work with them until yesterday while at work but this is the result.
Waterbased inks on glossy cardstock, stamping and embossing using Versamark and silver EP then Stardust Stickles to finish it off. The cutting out was a bit fiddly but so worth the effort.
I have six more sets to work with some Christmas and some not so once I have packed some cards I have made for selling I will have some time to play until DD arrives home from her evening out........everything then stops for Law and!!!

Well the wonderful Mr Manic is cooking tea so I had better go and sample the results.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


I had intended to blog this last night but DD led me astray with a new series to watch on DVD. Well new to me as I am probably the last person on the planet to watch it. It's Law and Order SVU and it's way better than the rubbish Warehouse 13 we had been watching.
Anyhoo the card is for a guy who is interested in Citroen DS cars. It's a 8x8 easel card.
Paper is Basic Grey.

Had a fantastic day today with nine ladies at the shop for an all day workshop with lunch. They were great fun and didn't lynch me for getting them covered in!!!
Bought a load of new stamps home to play with and have finally got me hands on some grunge paper........yay!!! Don't know when I will get time to play with it but at least I've got it.
Off for a bit of stamping after tea and then when Mr Manic has gone to bed DD and I are vegging out on the sofa to watch some more Law and Order.........might be a bit of a late night tonight as I don't have to get up in the morning.

Thanks for your visit.

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Do not read this post unless you are sitting down or holding onto something sturdy because I have something to tell you which may shock you...........OK are you holding on?.....................Today I have at long last papered one of the walls on the lower staircase..........yes I shocker isn't it?!!!
For anyone just passing by this won't mean much but regular readers will know how long this job has been ongoing and the end is finally in sight. onto the card. Free papers and a free stamp. I have altered the paper a little by drawing around the circles in black to tone in with the black card layer. Added a couple of flowers with Card Candy centres.
All the cards I made yesterday have been finshed with inserts and bagged........another shocker as I usually leave that job until it can't be put off any longer and now I am working on what I call a special hobby card......for a male and not covered by the usual things like sport and stuff. Hope to finish that tomorrow.

I'm nearly at the end of the Dan Brown book The Lost Code and really don't want it to end. On the other hand I can't wait for the end of something I am watching with DD at the moment. It's a pilot series called Warehouse 13 and it's the biggest pile of garbage I have ever seen but something that you hope will get better. Sadly tomorrow we will watch the last two episodes and I'm sure my hopes will be blasted to!!!

Right I am off to see if I can price up a rope bannister. Mr Manic has said we can replace our horrible old wooden one.......yay!!!

Thanks for your visit.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Happy Saturday!!!

Well hello........long time no ya doin'?
Tonight I actually have things to show you. I managed to get a whole day up in my room today and made several cards using up bits and bobs.
This card is made with some papers that were free with a magazine as they went so well with the camper van image I had stamped onto some Basic Grey papers.
The surf boards are hand drawn and cut out. Letter stickers are Doodlebug.....I think and the greeting is a rub on.
The camper van is from a set of vehicle stamps by Kanban.
Now..........would you just look at this little madam.
Ruby has just started on solids and has taken to them like a duck to water.
Here she is covered in brocolli and potato which is then being washed down with yoghurt.
She looks so pleased with herself doesn't she? I need to get busy in the next week or so and start ordering stuff in for the wedding cake and reception. There is a list as long as my arm. DD is helping to organise the hen night. I shan't go to that. They don't want to have to drag an old biddy round all night and to be honest I'm not sure I could keep up. DS wasn't sure about taking his dad out on his stag do either so we are going to go out with DS and DDIL for a quiet meal instead.

DD has put the most horrible film on called Legion. I managed about half an hour 'til the scary bits started and then I hootfooted it into the back room where I am now going to watch something on IPlayer.

Tara for now and thanks for your visit.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Oh My Word!!!

Just where are the days whizzing away to?
I can't believe how quickly the time flies by and how little I seem to get done just lately. Since hubby went back to work I have taken on more of the cooking and once I am in the kitchen I can lose a day with no problem at!!!
The wedding invitations are finished now thank goodness as they need to go out by next weekend. I'm hanging on to the leftover bits though just in case of accidents or extra ones needed. I just know if I throw them away I will need to make more.
'The' dress has been found we think and also a venue for the family lunch after the ceremony so everything is coming together very nicely indeed.

Yesterday after neglecting them for about six years.......I had my eyes tested. Mr Manic treated me to some new glasses......very swish red ones but unfortunately I have had to have varifocals which I wasn't keen on although they have said that I can return them if I don't like them and have them exchanged for separate pairs of glasses for distance and close work. We'll see how I get on with them when I get them on August 18th.

Today I have finally used up the two sheets of foam core board that have been lurking in a corner of my room for goodness knows how long. I made myself an ink pad storage unit to make some space on my crowded shelves. I'll not be showing it to you though as it looks like I had been having a few nips at the cooking sherry before I started!!!
So as you can guess I have sorted out the ink pads which then led on to sorting something else out and then something else. Still.......I have made quite a bit of room and once I have tidied the rest of the mess up I should be able to get back to creating again........yeeehah!!!

Off to catch up on the Sunday papers and then I have Dan Browns' The Lost Symbol for my bedtime reading. Started it last night and so loving it.

Tara for now and thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Best Laid Plans And All That!!!

I've had a very busy couple of days at the shop with lots of customers so have been unable to get up to the workroom to make any samples or class cards and have just been too tired when I got home to go up to my own room and do anything.
So I thought that today I would spend the day up there and get something wrong was I?
Most of the day was spent in the kitchen and then I had to spend time organising someone to come and sort the car out after poor old DD went and put petrol in our diesel car. All sorted now and no damage done to the car. The financial damage wasn't too bad either and Mr Manic didn't blow a fuse so all is calm at Manic!!!

I did make time today to cut some stems from the beautiful pink lilac bush we have in our front garden to put in a vase in the house. Oh my they smell heavenly and look so pretty with a few stems of lavender in amongst them. You can keep your hothouse flowers for me thank you very much.

Well I am off to bed now. I've been on my feet all day.....I'll be glad to go to work tomorrow for a!!!

Bye for now

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Just Another Manic Weekend!!!

Oh but it has been a very nice weekend I must say........apart from a visit to the wampire nurse to have some blood taken. My doc thinks that my blood sugar may have gone too low now which would account for my feeling not too fab in the health department for a few weeks. I'll know sometime this next week hopefully.

Finally went and got the shopping done with Mr Manic on Friday afternoon. He is now buried under the frozen peas at Tesco having been battered with a tin of sweetcorn.

Saturday we had DS's future in laws over for tea. Lovely, lovely people. Can't wait for their next visit. DS had a bit of a cob on for some reason and went and slept upstairs with little miss Ruby. So we saw him at six when they arrived and then again at eleven thirty when they went. Mind you he had spent the day helping a friend to move house and I think he does get a bit overwhelmed when they have house guests. He's like me and loves his peace and quiet.

Today I have had a really quiet day pottering upstairs for a while painting unit knobs to be!!!
Ours were looking a bit sorry for themselves so I got a tin of silver Hammerite and have scrubbed them down and given them two coats. The eight I have finished look pretty smart......just another twenty odd to go.
After lunch DD took me off out and we fetched some plants from Focus then had a tootle round Tesco.
Hugest disappointment though was watching Clash Of The Titans this evening. What a boring load of old rubbish. The original is much better. Sam Worthington was a bit of alright though.....especially in his!!!

Well I had best get off. I'm at work tomorrow as Deb is having Monday and Tuesday off with her hubby to get some housey jobs done. I don't envy her that I must say.

Toodle pip then.......and thanks for visiting.