Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Trees....But Not THAT Tree!!!

Clean and simple......mmm not my usual style but I have had these peeloff trees and this blue brushed metal card in my stash for about three or four years and it was time for them to go. I got eight cards out of four sheets so that will be the neighbours cards sorted for this year.

Managed to get a couple of cards done at the shop today. I am on a roll there I must say as I am not getting that much done at home in the crafting line at the moment. Seem to be spending most of my time making offerings for the temple that is Mr Manic's!!! Although I have to admit that I have been doing copious amounts of die cutting to get rid of a box of scraps.

Tomorrow I am off to the cinema to see Avatar Special Edition 3D. I love that film soooo much and am very excited to be seeing it on the big screen for the first time.

Well that's all from me for tonight. DD has just gone to pick up Mr Manic from work and I am off upstairs for an hour to put some things away and get some other things prepped to work on tomorrow before we go out.

Tara for now.....and thanks for your visit.

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  1. Lovely contemporary card Sheila. I have to say clean and simple it may be but it's very effective and I'm sure will be appreciated by your neighbours.

    Lesley Xx


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