Sunday, 1 August 2010

Just Another Manic Weekend!!!

Oh but it has been a very nice weekend I must say........apart from a visit to the wampire nurse to have some blood taken. My doc thinks that my blood sugar may have gone too low now which would account for my feeling not too fab in the health department for a few weeks. I'll know sometime this next week hopefully.

Finally went and got the shopping done with Mr Manic on Friday afternoon. He is now buried under the frozen peas at Tesco having been battered with a tin of sweetcorn.

Saturday we had DS's future in laws over for tea. Lovely, lovely people. Can't wait for their next visit. DS had a bit of a cob on for some reason and went and slept upstairs with little miss Ruby. So we saw him at six when they arrived and then again at eleven thirty when they went. Mind you he had spent the day helping a friend to move house and I think he does get a bit overwhelmed when they have house guests. He's like me and loves his peace and quiet.

Today I have had a really quiet day pottering upstairs for a while painting unit knobs to be!!!
Ours were looking a bit sorry for themselves so I got a tin of silver Hammerite and have scrubbed them down and given them two coats. The eight I have finished look pretty smart......just another twenty odd to go.
After lunch DD took me off out and we fetched some plants from Focus then had a tootle round Tesco.
Hugest disappointment though was watching Clash Of The Titans this evening. What a boring load of old rubbish. The original is much better. Sam Worthington was a bit of alright though.....especially in his!!!

Well I had best get off. I'm at work tomorrow as Deb is having Monday and Tuesday off with her hubby to get some housey jobs done. I don't envy her that I must say.

Toodle pip then.......and thanks for visiting.

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  1. Sounds like a pretty busy one Sheila, but enjoyable I bet. I think I'm with you and your DS about the peace and quiet and the older I get the worse I get. My peace will be shattered for 4 days from next Sunday as my DD and GDD together with their little dog are coming down for a few days.

    I love to see them but I just know I'll be glad to have the house to myself when they go home, Lol!

    Lesley Xx

    PS Thanks so much for your congrats Sheila. I do appreciate them.


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