Monday, 31 January 2011

Simple Sympathy!!!

Oh I so do not like making sympathy cards. I usually tend to do 'thinking of you' or 'you are in our thoughts' but I had a request from the shop to make some.
The background paper is from the Modern Heritage Natural set by The Clipart Fairy as is the plaque although I added my own wording. I layered this onto some brown card for contrast.
A piece of ribbon and a flower to finish off.
The printing was done onto some thin linen textured cardstock and looks very, very nice.
The collection is also available in pink.

Well Ruby has had a bit of an off day today the poor little mite. Another runny nose and more chomping of fingers so I expect it's teeth again. We didn't take her out as it was pretty cold but tomorrow we are taking her to a play centre for a couple of hours to cheer her up.
I'm off to snuggle on the sofa and carry on with my crotcheting. I'm making dinner mats with a lacy edging and they are looking OK so far......for saying I haven't done any crotchet work for ages.
Thanks for dropping by.

Canvas & Mountboard!!!

I don't know why this piece hasn't photographed so well. It looks much better than this in real life.....anyway....hey ho!!!
I started off with a piece of canvas which I spritzed with water before adding Distress Inks in Antique Linen and Vintage Photo. Blended them with a sponge and then dried. Once dry I sprayed it gently with Tattered Leather Glimmer Mist and dried again.
For the tile I took a piece of black mountboard and applied a layer of double sided adhesive.......I use the A4 sheets from Woodware.
One side of the release sheet was left on and the mountboard was then embossed with a Tim Holtz folder. I then removed the second release sheet and applied Perfect Pearls powders in gold, bronze and green......a little tip if you want to try this......don't use the fluffy black brush that comes with the powders as the bristles stick to the adhesive. I used a Royal and Langnickel brush with the golden coloured bristles and it was fine.
Brush any loose powder from the tile and then skim over the raised areas with a Black Soot Distress ink pad. Dry and then spray with sealer or hairspray.
Another tip.....if you don't have black mountboard use any colour and just swipe it over with a black StazOn ink pad and dry thoroughly before following the other steps. I found the colours of the powders more vibrant when used on a dark background.

Well I have had a nice peaceful day today and have managed to get some work done upstairs making cards for the local shop. I finished six and made a start on another set of six so that was a very productive day indeed.
Tomorrow is a Miss Doodle day and I think DD and I may take her out if it's not too cold. I need a bag of compost so it will probably be the local garden centre.
Right....I had best go and turn in for the night and get my strength!!!
Bye for now and thanks for visiting.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Black With Cream!!!

Todays card is made using an Elusive Images stamp set that I love and haven't used for ages.
I've used the border stamp to stamp at the top and bottom of a cream card panel and then added a black card panel over the top as a background for the main image which is stamped onto another panel of cream. I have touched up the rose image with some Frosted Lace Stickles and offset the panel to the side so that I could fit a length of silver thread down the side.
The whole panel was then added to a cream DL card.

I'm sorry I haven't blogged for a couple of days. I just needed a little break as I was feeling a bit weary. A couple of earlier nights have put me right but I have got in a right pickle with my reading matter and have three books on the go at the!!!
DD took me out this morning for breakfast at Bridgemere garden centre. We had a stroll around Hobbycraft while we were there and I spent all of £3.25.......hey big spender eh? Mind you I did come straight out of there and spent twenty pounds in Cotton Traders on a couple of things from the sale so I wasn't as good as I intended to be.
Off to snuggle down and watch a film with Mr Manic and DD now so I'll say goodnight.
Thanks for your visit.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

You Know That Lucky Escape?!!!

Well.......I've had to drag the card I deleted from the gig stick out to show tonight as Miss Doodle has been full on mischief and mayhem today and we didn't get tea until 7pm so not much time for crafting tonight. DD and me are like wrung out dishrags and are off to veg on the sofa to watch the second Bridget Jones.

Anyway...the card.......super simple as I wanted it to show off the beautiful ribbon. I have hoarded this for about twelve!!!
Heart is favourite shaped heart. Sentiments are peeloffs......oooh they are going!!!

Right....DD is calling so I'll be off.
Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

For Mum!!!

I'm sure I am not alone in making impulse buys that get home and then get stashed I?
The Prima flowers I have used on this card are one of the many impulse buys I have made over the years and they were sitting in a bag, sad and neglected until yesterday when I had a flash of inspiration.
There were two sizes in the set and this is the largest made into a flower head on a four inch Sizzix circle.
I wanted to keep the card clean and simple so I have layered white textured cardstock onto some deep bluey purple Core'dinations and added silver lines and corners......that's another few got rid of.

I've had a busy day today......when do I ever!!! Tax return is sorted ready to do online tomorrow, cooking, cleaning etc and now I am ready for a bit of a chill with DD as we have Ruby tomorrow.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 24 January 2011


Been a bit of a numpty and come to do a find that I have deleted the pic I was going to use from the gig stick. Ah well you might be glad of the reprieve as it was another Valentine's card. Thankfully I have finished with them now so it's back to normal cards and Mother's Day cards.
I've spent a busy day today cutting out, printing, making card blanks and sorting out my 'suitable for printing on' cardstock then sat down for half an hour and experimented with something I wanted to do on some big cards. It's looking good so I may make some cards up tomorrow.
Had a wonderful surprise visit from DS and Miss Doodle. They only stayed for an hour. We had a cup of tea and Ruby had juice which she insists is tea. She stood there grinning like a Cheshire cat shouting teeeeeeeeeeea!!! It's her favourite word at the moment but the one that makes my heart melt is teef. When I put her on the changing mat after her meals I always give her a toothbrush with a tiny bead of baby toothpaste on it for her to clean her teef and now as soon as I lay her down she says it over and over until I give her the brush. Just sooooo cute.
I've been asked to make her first birthday cake and she is having a party for all of her little friends. Goodness knows what present we will buy her as she had nearly everything for Christmas.
Another lovely surprise today was a blog award from a lovely lady. I am going to sort that out tomorrow as I have to pass it on and I am going to do it properly.
For now I am off to watch a film with Mr Manic and DD.
Thanks for your visit.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

And......Yet Another One!!!

I don't think this needs much explanation really. Just to say that the embossing folder used for the cream card is a Forever Friends one I bought from the local garden centre. I wouldn't normally buy the FF range but I needed a heart folder something in between the tiny and largish heart ones I have which are quite uniform in their layout. This one is a bit more random.
Heart diecuts are Sizzlet and Quickutz.

Oh it has been so nice to have Mr Manic at home today. He cooked a wonderful roast chicken lunch and washed up......I wonder what he's!!! Anyway that means that I have had all day upstairs so I spent the morning putting in inserts and packing all the cards that were ready. Then this afternoon I have been doing loads of prep work which will be made up into cards when I go back up after Dancing On Ice. I can have a late night tonight as I don't have Ruby until Wednesday morning.
DD has been upstairs with me doing me some die cutting from some glitter card. She looked a right Disco Queen by the time she had done and has just had to have a shower to get rid of!!!

Righto.....I'd best go and sort out some tea and cake for my pair.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

And........Another One!!!

I've used the Fancy Pants stamp again because I love it. I don't use it that often so I like to make the most of it while I have it!!!
Oh my gawd.........I just realised what I have done.........I photographed the last card I did and I have forgotten to tie the bow around the length of ribbon to the right of the hearts. What a plank!!! Just imagine the bow!!!
Paper is 7 Gypsies.

Well despite having the chance of a lie in this morning I was up at the crack of a sparrers doo dah and had a pot of Garbage Broth on the stove to simmer for tea before I had even changed out of my PJ's. Managed to stay upstairs for pretty much most of the day so I was happy and got quite a bit done.......and made quite a mess!!!
Anyhoo.....the soup was delicious and that was me done with cooking for this weekend as Mr Manic is at home tomorrow....yay....and he will be cooking lunch. I've missed him the last three weeks.
Catch you later.........thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 21 January 2011


It's coming up to that time of year again. Love, romance and roses.....well if you are that way inclined of course. Me....the whole thing just leaves me cold I'm afraid....always has and always will. Still I do have to crack on and make cards for those who love the whole thing and this is one of my designs for this year.
Flourish stamp is Fancy Pants and the heart stamp is Prima.
The sentiment is done on the computer.

It's been a cold old day at Manic Towers so I baked a flan for tea which kept me warm in the kitchen for a while and then went upstairs and put the fan heater on full blast. It must have been really cold because normally I can stand it for about ten minutes and then it has to go off and today it's been on most of the day.

So I think tonight is another snuggling night with DD, watching a film and drinking hot chocolate while wrapped in cosy blankets. My favourite way to spend an evening.

Hope you're cosy where you are.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Stampin' Me Little Heart Out!!!

I have had such a productive day today. Started off reducing a large pile of plain white paper into smaller neater piles of inserts ready for various sizes of cards. That's a job that has needed doing for a good while. After that I did a mock up of a card design I was planning on doing and after a bit of messing with it everything came together so I made three of those up. Had to leave them to dry so they will have to be photographed and posted tomorrow. Did some punching ready for another card I want to try out and then some stamping with some stamps I haven't used for ages.......bliss!!!
And I have just spent a very cosy couple of hours with DD watching 27 Dresses......again. I love that film.....old softie that I!!!
Now I am going to snuggle up and read for a while before bed.
Night Night.......and thanks for dropping in.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I am proper worn out today. Miss Doodle has been a right old crosspatch for most of the day. Not sure why. She hasn't been chomping on her fingers so I don't think it was another tooth. Maybe she just fancied being in a bad mood for a change.
Way too tired to even contemplate the journey up to the attic so I am off to veg on the sofa with DD ,watch Cold Mountain and eat ice cream........some low fat stuff which will probably be disgusting but never mind.
I have six days off now so there will be something to post pretty soon.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Spanners In The Works!!!

So I goes off upstairs last night to swap over the desks thinking it would take all of half an hour and it would have done if I had been left to my own devices. Unfortunately I had to call Mr Manic for assistance when one of the nuts on the new desk just wouldn't do as it was told. Behind where I had moved out the old desks was a redundant storage heater which he decided to take out while he could get to it. Oh my life you should have seen the mess that created. That all had to be cleared up before I could even think of putting things back and then the night just ran away with me and I got no crafting done which annoyed me because I was really in the mood.
There is still a bit of stuff wants putting away but I am determined to do something tonight.
For now I am just doing my domestic goddess impersonation. I have a beef casserole simmering away for tea and after a little trip out this afternoon I shall be making chocolate cupcakes with lime frosting and some dumplings for Mr Manic.
Miss Doodle is just having a nap after a very busy morning playing and chatting so I am off for a cup of coffee.
Thanks for dropping by........sorry about the!!!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Workaday Views!!!

The new workroom layout is working very well........or at least it is when I get chance to get up!!!
I now have a large space to stand at for various jobs when I don't want to be sitting down and on here I have made myself a sort of infinity board for taking pics on.

It is a large piece of white canvas taped to the wall and when not in use the bottom end slides down behind the worktop out of the way. This saves me having a separate contraption which usually ends up getting squished or inked on. It works rather well with my daylight lamp.
This is where I store some of my ink pads. I would need another bookcase to be able to have them all out as besides these I have another five drawers and two boxes embarrassing.
Next to the ink pad storage is die storage on the lower shelves with embossing powders, Promarkers and other odds and ends above. The rail holds bags containing die cuts. I sit at a desk just underneath here to do my assembling when I don't want to stand at the worktop. At the moment it is two old computer desks but tomorrow it is being replaced with an old bank desk which hubby picked up this morning for nothing when he went to the cash machine. The bank was being refurbished and the desk was on the the pavement outside and when hubby asked what they were doing with it he was told to just take he did. It's nothing posh just basically a wooden topped table with metal legs but very sturdy.
This unit is storage for all of my stamps. The orange drawers hold all of my clear stamps and then UM rubber is in some of the storage boxes. On here there are also things like  alcohol inks, H2O's, embellishments and tools that I don't use so often.
The bag hanging on the curtain rail is the 'dispatches bag'. When I need something from downstairs I phone down and request the said something. The call comes back.......'send down t'dispatches' and I chuck the bag out of the window to be filled and then haul it back up by the long string on it. This may seem incredibly lazy but if you knew just how many times a day I find I need things from  downstairs you would understand.

I got my baking done early this morning and then cooked a roast beef dinner for the hungry hoards. Ruby was a little star and is getting better now. She had me rolling on the floor nearly when she was dancing to the music DS was playing to her from his was thrash metal for goodness sake and she was loving it and really giving it some with a great big grin on her face. I'm sure I have said this before but I just adore that little!!!

Anyhoo.....I have had a bit of quiet time with hubby and watched Dancing On Ice so now I think I'll have an early night to get my strength up for another day with Ruby tomorrow.
Bye for now.....and thanks for visiting today.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Kraft And Black!!!

Ooooh I am loving this Kraft cardstock with black ink.....yum, yum, yum. I've been very good and gone to my bits folders instead of reaching for a new sheet and found enough to make this 5x7 card.
The spotted background is a Kars stamp I had for Christmas from DD. The piece of card measures four and a half by six and a half and I just had to fill in a small area at one end. It's one whopping great stamp......and doesn't it look pretty?
The shoe stamp by Clarity is stamped straight onto the card strip and coloured with Promarkers then I added a swirl with a Quickie glue pen and covered it with fine black glitter.
The sentiment....I haven't a clue who made it. I know I bought it from a Paper Mill outlet years ago but I unmounted it from it's wooden block.
I punched the card strip and tied the ribbon and then added black flatback beads to finish it off.
This is one of my most favourite cards I have made for ages.

Managed to clear some of my job list this morning in between playing doorman to the dog who had a bad case of Garbage Guts. I don't know what he had eaten but I got through about half a can of air freshener during the course of the!!!
Once Mr Manic was home I put a Sweet and Sour Chicken casserole on to simmer and shot upstairs to do some die cutting. Got quite a lot done and cleared a huge pile of offcuts. It's so satisfying when you get a job like that done.
Tomorrow HRH Princess Doodle is visiting with Mummy and Daddy for lunch so I shall be up early to bake as I just wasn't in the mood for it today.

Well I was watching Edwardian Farm on IPlayer. Got to episode eight last night and the next one available is eleven so I don't know where nine and ten got to. How annoying!!!
Oh well I shall find something to watch no doubt.
Tara for now.
Thanks for your visit.

Friday, 14 January 2011


Sorry there's nothing new to share tonight. Today I have just been making batches of cards I showed earlier in the week. I did take some pics of my room as requested by Georgina now that it's finished but they didn't turn out so good as the light was awful so I'll try that again in the morning if it's any better.
I will be having a peaceful half day tomorrow with Mr Manic at work and DD in bed so I will have to spend some of it catching up on jobs not done while Miss Doodle was here. Now she is getting about so much I am slacking in the baking department as I am scared to have the oven on in case she touches it so I may bake a cake as they are coming over on Sunday.
Another night with IPlayer for me tonight if I can stand the draughts in this back room.....if not I shall go and snuggle on the sofa with a blanket and read for a while.
Bye for now.....and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Poor Miss Doodle!!!

Ruby has been quite poorly again today and has demanded much attention so I am a bit shattered to say the least. I've been upstairs briefly to start on a card order but just hadn't the energy so I've come back downstairs to flop and fiddle about.
One bright note in the day. Smudge Dog....never one to miss an opportunity to eat.....spends Ruby's meal times sat underneath her chair scoffing anything that might drop over the side. Today Ruby decided that she would like to sample his food and went like a bolt of lightening from the lounge to the back room. I found her sat with a mouthful of Bakers Complete, chomping away and grinning like a little imp. Mr Manic was immediately despatched to Argos to fetch a safety gate needless to say.....but it did tickle me that she knew where she was going and what she was after and her not one until next month.....amazing.

Have you seen Tim Holtz's blog? The new dies being launched at CHA are gorgeous. I might have to get me one or two of those when they come out although I'm not sure which as I pretty much liked them all.

Well it's IPlayer for me and a spot more sorting so I'll say goodnight.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

More Simples!!!

Just a trio of simple cards tonight. I have been cutting up offcuts to see what I could make out of even the smallest piece of paper.
The heart on the front card isn't actually black it's silver but this is the best pic I could get with a daylight lamp. I didn't get upstairs until nearly nine 'o' clock.

Ruby has been a little tinker today......but oh so cute with it. Her second tooth is just cutting through now and the cold is on it's way out. At nap time this morning she wouldn't settle in her cot so I had to rock her to sleep and hold her for the duration.........two flippin' hours she slept and the arm she was laying on was almost dead by the time she woke up but worth every pin and needle for the smile she gave me.

Watch this space for another little giveaway soon. I am sorting some stuff out at the moment. I bring it downstairs and do it while I am watching something on IPlayer which is something that never entered my head before.....stupid woman. I can get quite a lot done while watching Escape To The Country or a cookery programme so I shall have to get myself organised and maybe bring down cutting out and stuff once I have finished the sorting out.

It's a bit warmer here tonight so I am going to get a cold drink and then crack on for a while with sorting.
Thanks for your visit.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Feeling Yucky!!!

I'm sorry that I've nothing to post tonight. I started the day off doing some preparation work for cards I was going to make this afternoon and I came over all peculiar towards lunchtime and ended up with an upset stomach and the shivers. I've started feeling a little better now but I think I will go and snuggle up and try to get warm while I start a new book.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Monday's Mutterings!!!

While I had this set of stamps out I thought I would use them on an inky background out of my box. The textured linen card on the card blank was dabbed and squished with various ink pads and then sprayed with a Glimmer Mist. Same for the lighter card I used to stamp on but the ink was smoothed out a little more.
Stamping is done in black StazOn and the flowers have been touched up with Stickles and chalk.

Ruby was not at her best today. The poor little mite has a stinking cold and is also after more teeth. She just didn't know what to do with herself. It just about broke my heart to see her. Luckily her Daddy was finishing work at lunchtime and he picked her up early. Hopefully by the time she comes on Wednesday the worst will be over.

I am really pleased with the new layout in my room. It's working very well so far and I seem to be keeping it pretty!!!
It's lovely to have a workspace for the trimmers and such without them taking up space on my desk.

Tonight I am hoping to finish the new book I started the other day. If I had nothing better to do I could have devoured it in one sitting. It is so good. If you like MDK (murder, death,kill) you will love it. American Devil by Oliver Stark. A tad gory and very frightening....I've nearly had to read it from behind a!!!

Well as I don't have to get up early in the morning if I don't want to...I think I shall watch something on IPlayer before I snuggle down to read.
Thanks for coming to see me.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Simple Sunday!!!

Simple is all I have had time for today.
Mr Manic was at work until 12pm so I had to cook the Sunday lunch......bit of a shock to the system that was I tell you. Mr M always does Sunday lunch but with this new job he has to work three Sunday mornings in a row. By the time he was home and we had eaten, washed up and had a cuppa it was 4pm gone and I still had a couple of things to tidy upstairs. Ah well at least it's finished now and I can just make cards when I get up there.
So the card is made from a scrap of paper found in my box which I put with some lovely pear green card that I have had for ages....waiting for the right project.
The stamp is from a clear set by Artemio. Stamped in Tea Leaves Versamagic ink and twinkled with Stardust Stickles.
After the glitter dried I decided to add a bit of chalk to the background. It stuck to the glitter as well and turned it a gorgeous colour.

I am so happy that Dancing On Ice is back tonight. I am just off to cut some sandwiches for tea and then I shall veg out on the sofa and watch that.
Thanks for your visit.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Me Drawers!!!

You see the two stacked drawer sets in this photograph from when I moved upstairs. Well I have three sets and I have had them for years and have always intended to do something to pretty them up a bit..........and I have finally got around to doing it...........
Ta da.....................

I have used papers from a stack by My Minds Eye and all it took was two sheets of each pattern. The carcasses need a coat of cream paint and a bit of a shabby treatment and I am going to make some label holders for the fronts of the drawers so that I can find everything. Once the adhesive is dry I will give the fronts a coat of varnish to protect the papers. I think they look gorgeous and go so well with the pink chairs.
Just a couple of corners to finish off and the floor to hoover and then I am done for today.
Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 7 January 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like........!!!

Woke up at 7:15am and not a speck of snow anywhere. It started at 7:30am and by 10am looked like this. It absolutely thrashed it down. Now at just after 6pm it's thrashing down with rain and washing it all away. Ah well it was nice while it lasted.
Now this next pic is not for the faint hearted. Yes I do believe they are Christmas cards and yes they have been made today....all sixteen of them. There are only fifteen in the pic as the odd one ruined my!!!
I will explain my slightly mad behaviour. It all began when I rediscovered the holly embossed card during my move round/sort out. I must have had that card for four or five years. It's been stroked and admired then put away again so many times. So I sat down today, cut it all up and made the cards before I could change my mind and put it back in the drawer.
I've had a lovely peaceful day. Snug in my little eyrie at the top of the house. My batteries are fully recharged and I am off back up there to try and make some everyday cards now until it's time for a bath and then a DVD with DD......Gone With The Wind tonight......heaven!!!
Bye for now and thanks for your visit.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Nearly Done!!!

Pheweee........I have been upstairs since I got up this morning...apart from an hour or so when I minced a shepherd to make a pie ready for tea. Sorry that is a family joke......DD when she was a little girl used to think that shepherds pie was made from actual shepherds like the ones that watched their flocks by!!!
Anyway...I digress. The room makeover is coming along nicely and since the pic was taken I have tidied that awful mess in the background...nearly. It would have been finished but Mr Manic decided on an early night and didn't want me tromping about above his head while he was trying to get to sleep. An hour in the morning should see it sorted and then I shall be away with the crafting fairies.
Please excuse the dreadful curtains.....they will be changed as soon as funds allow.........but do you like my chairs? I love them...yes even the colour which is a bit of a shock.
Well I'm off to catch up on Blogland for a bit and then I am gagging to get back to my new book I started last night. It's called American Devil by Oliver Stark and so far so good.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

There Is Space.......!!!

........But not a!!!
Actually I have quite a lot more room than I originally thought I would because I decided...after seeing it in the have just one table. It was much larger than I imagined so I also got some chairs......oh my you should see my chairs.....they are pink and they were in the sale knocked down from £24.99 to £9.99 each. It's not often I get a bargain so I am chuffed to little mint balls. I need chairs for the odd time when clients call in or us girls....DD, DDIL and myself go upstairs for a chinwag.
So everything is assembled and put in place and now it's just a case of getting all the stuff sorted out and put back. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.....and getting rid of a load of rubbish at the same time.
I sorted one drawer out and found card fronts that I had put paper onto ready to decorate from 2006!!!
Well I have come down now after a nice hot bath and I am going to chill out with DD and watch Fried Green Tomatoes on DVD. I love that film and haven't seen it for ages.
Bye for now.....and thanks for your visit.

What Have I Started?!!!

I says to Mr Manic today....."do you think I could have some new tables for my workroom?"........"yes" says he......"when" says I....."tomorrow" says he. Tomorrow.....whoo I was thinking maybe two years if I was lucky. Anyway I have really started something now because with the ones I have chosen I have to get rid of some other furniture and have a shift around. That's what I have been doing tonight and I have come to the conclusion that I am an untidy, disorganised madam....gawd you should see the mess I've made. I have managed to make myself a corner for diecutting with an old desk and a bookshelf for the dies and the computer is now living on my old worktable instead of the scruffy old thing it was on and that's about it. To get from one side of the room to the other I have to go on tippy toes to avoid squashing anything.
DD and I are off to Ikea in the morning to fetch the tables and hopefully the fairies will have been in while I'm away and sorted it all out.....yes and I am the new Kate Moss........ha ha ha!!!
As you can guess this means nothing is getting made at the moment.....sorry.......but once the mess is tidied tomorrow afternoon it will be all systems go.
Thanks for your visit.

Monday, 3 January 2011

We Have A Winner!!!

The winner of the bag of brads is......
Please e mail me your address so that I can post your parcel out to you.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Odd Sunday!!!

Today has felt like such a weird day....nothing like a Sunday at all.
I think that is mostly because Mr Manic was at work from six 'til six and I am so used to him being here at home and the smell of Sunday lunch cooking rather than spaghetti bolognese which is what we had today. It was very nice but just not right.
Also my thoughts of having a full day upstairs didn't work out. By the time I had made the sauce for tea and washed up, cleaned out the fireplace and laid a new fire, dusted and hoovered the lounge, made DD's birthday cake and cards and wrapped her presents it was time for Mr M to arrive home and be fed and watered and then bath time. I won't get any time tomorrow either as I shall have to have a quick tidy round ready for the arrival of Miss Doodle and her Mummy who are coming to see DD and have lunch with us. I expect they will be here until after tea time too as DS doesn't finish work until late-ish. Whatever happened to all the free time I thought I would be having when I finished work?

So now I am having to take a rest as my back is playing up a little bit and I think I shall check out IPlayer for something to watch as I am not in the mood for a DVD.

Thanks for dropping by......hopefully soon there will be something for you to look!!!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Look What Grandma Did!!!

I don't know....Mummy delivers me to Grandma's house at 8:15am yesterday and by 9:00am I am in a right mess. Hopefully bathing in Weetabix will keep my skin looking!!!

That photograph was taken with my new camera and is just as taken apart from the soft edges I added. I am so pleased with it.

Although I have been up in my workroom all day today I am afraid I have no finished projects as I have been doing prep work. I had a bag of one and a half inch squares of patterned paper from a Cosmo Cricket kit that I wanted to use up and have spent the day making up layers for the fronts of cards. With DD in bed all day and Mr Manic at work tomorrow I should have another full day of playing and get something made......once I have prepared a bolognese sauce for tea that is.

With all that goes on here now I have had to buy one of those family organiser calendars to keep track of us all so that's my job for this evening........filling it all in........oh!!!

Thanks for dropping by.


Happy New Year
May it be all you hope for.

Sorry I've no cards to post tonight. I have had Miss Doodle all day and wonderful as she has been I was just a teensie bit shattered by the time she went home. I fell asleep in the bath and just missed the new year being rung in.........Mr Manic didn't think to come and give me a nudge.......the numpty. So here I am in the first hour of the new year looking like a flippin' prune and freezing cold too.
Anyhow......hope you all have a fabulous new year. I am looking forward to getting into a better routine with Ruby now (it's been somewhat hectic to say the least since the wedding) and having more time to craft.
Thanks for your visit.

Don't forget to put your name down on the post below if you want to win a bag of large brads.
Draw is on Monday 3rd January.