Saturday, 15 January 2011

Kraft And Black!!!

Ooooh I am loving this Kraft cardstock with black ink.....yum, yum, yum. I've been very good and gone to my bits folders instead of reaching for a new sheet and found enough to make this 5x7 card.
The spotted background is a Kars stamp I had for Christmas from DD. The piece of card measures four and a half by six and a half and I just had to fill in a small area at one end. It's one whopping great stamp......and doesn't it look pretty?
The shoe stamp by Clarity is stamped straight onto the card strip and coloured with Promarkers then I added a swirl with a Quickie glue pen and covered it with fine black glitter.
The sentiment....I haven't a clue who made it. I know I bought it from a Paper Mill outlet years ago but I unmounted it from it's wooden block.
I punched the card strip and tied the ribbon and then added black flatback beads to finish it off.
This is one of my most favourite cards I have made for ages.

Managed to clear some of my job list this morning in between playing doorman to the dog who had a bad case of Garbage Guts. I don't know what he had eaten but I got through about half a can of air freshener during the course of the!!!
Once Mr Manic was home I put a Sweet and Sour Chicken casserole on to simmer and shot upstairs to do some die cutting. Got quite a lot done and cleared a huge pile of offcuts. It's so satisfying when you get a job like that done.
Tomorrow HRH Princess Doodle is visiting with Mummy and Daddy for lunch so I shall be up early to bake as I just wasn't in the mood for it today.

Well I was watching Edwardian Farm on IPlayer. Got to episode eight last night and the next one available is eleven so I don't know where nine and ten got to. How annoying!!!
Oh well I shall find something to watch no doubt.
Tara for now.
Thanks for your visit.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant - love the shoe sentiment too - what a classic


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