Sunday, 16 January 2011

Workaday Views!!!

The new workroom layout is working very well........or at least it is when I get chance to get up!!!
I now have a large space to stand at for various jobs when I don't want to be sitting down and on here I have made myself a sort of infinity board for taking pics on.

It is a large piece of white canvas taped to the wall and when not in use the bottom end slides down behind the worktop out of the way. This saves me having a separate contraption which usually ends up getting squished or inked on. It works rather well with my daylight lamp.
This is where I store some of my ink pads. I would need another bookcase to be able to have them all out as besides these I have another five drawers and two boxes embarrassing.
Next to the ink pad storage is die storage on the lower shelves with embossing powders, Promarkers and other odds and ends above. The rail holds bags containing die cuts. I sit at a desk just underneath here to do my assembling when I don't want to stand at the worktop. At the moment it is two old computer desks but tomorrow it is being replaced with an old bank desk which hubby picked up this morning for nothing when he went to the cash machine. The bank was being refurbished and the desk was on the the pavement outside and when hubby asked what they were doing with it he was told to just take he did. It's nothing posh just basically a wooden topped table with metal legs but very sturdy.
This unit is storage for all of my stamps. The orange drawers hold all of my clear stamps and then UM rubber is in some of the storage boxes. On here there are also things like  alcohol inks, H2O's, embellishments and tools that I don't use so often.
The bag hanging on the curtain rail is the 'dispatches bag'. When I need something from downstairs I phone down and request the said something. The call comes back.......'send down t'dispatches' and I chuck the bag out of the window to be filled and then haul it back up by the long string on it. This may seem incredibly lazy but if you knew just how many times a day I find I need things from  downstairs you would understand.

I got my baking done early this morning and then cooked a roast beef dinner for the hungry hoards. Ruby was a little star and is getting better now. She had me rolling on the floor nearly when she was dancing to the music DS was playing to her from his was thrash metal for goodness sake and she was loving it and really giving it some with a great big grin on her face. I'm sure I have said this before but I just adore that little!!!

Anyhoo.....I have had a bit of quiet time with hubby and watched Dancing On Ice so now I think I'll have an early night to get my strength up for another day with Ruby tomorrow.
Bye for now.....and thanks for visiting today.

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  1. well!!! how organised is that,i'm so inpressed Sheila,and your little Ruby is delicious,luv Georginaxxx


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