Thursday, 6 January 2011

Nearly Done!!!

Pheweee........I have been upstairs since I got up this morning...apart from an hour or so when I minced a shepherd to make a pie ready for tea. Sorry that is a family joke......DD when she was a little girl used to think that shepherds pie was made from actual shepherds like the ones that watched their flocks by!!!
Anyway...I digress. The room makeover is coming along nicely and since the pic was taken I have tidied that awful mess in the background...nearly. It would have been finished but Mr Manic decided on an early night and didn't want me tromping about above his head while he was trying to get to sleep. An hour in the morning should see it sorted and then I shall be away with the crafting fairies.
Please excuse the dreadful curtains.....they will be changed as soon as funds allow.........but do you like my chairs? I love them...yes even the colour which is a bit of a shock.
Well I'm off to catch up on Blogland for a bit and then I am gagging to get back to my new book I started last night. It's called American Devil by Oliver Stark and so far so good.
Thanks for dropping by.


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  2. sorry i messed the first one up, not unusual for me lol,i wanted to say that your room is looking good and i LOVE the chairs, how cool are you Sheila?luv Georginaxx


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