Monday, 24 January 2011


Been a bit of a numpty and come to do a find that I have deleted the pic I was going to use from the gig stick. Ah well you might be glad of the reprieve as it was another Valentine's card. Thankfully I have finished with them now so it's back to normal cards and Mother's Day cards.
I've spent a busy day today cutting out, printing, making card blanks and sorting out my 'suitable for printing on' cardstock then sat down for half an hour and experimented with something I wanted to do on some big cards. It's looking good so I may make some cards up tomorrow.
Had a wonderful surprise visit from DS and Miss Doodle. They only stayed for an hour. We had a cup of tea and Ruby had juice which she insists is tea. She stood there grinning like a Cheshire cat shouting teeeeeeeeeeea!!! It's her favourite word at the moment but the one that makes my heart melt is teef. When I put her on the changing mat after her meals I always give her a toothbrush with a tiny bead of baby toothpaste on it for her to clean her teef and now as soon as I lay her down she says it over and over until I give her the brush. Just sooooo cute.
I've been asked to make her first birthday cake and she is having a party for all of her little friends. Goodness knows what present we will buy her as she had nearly everything for Christmas.
Another lovely surprise today was a blog award from a lovely lady. I am going to sort that out tomorrow as I have to pass it on and I am going to do it properly.
For now I am off to watch a film with Mr Manic and DD.
Thanks for your visit.

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