Wednesday, 12 January 2011

More Simples!!!

Just a trio of simple cards tonight. I have been cutting up offcuts to see what I could make out of even the smallest piece of paper.
The heart on the front card isn't actually black it's silver but this is the best pic I could get with a daylight lamp. I didn't get upstairs until nearly nine 'o' clock.

Ruby has been a little tinker today......but oh so cute with it. Her second tooth is just cutting through now and the cold is on it's way out. At nap time this morning she wouldn't settle in her cot so I had to rock her to sleep and hold her for the duration.........two flippin' hours she slept and the arm she was laying on was almost dead by the time she woke up but worth every pin and needle for the smile she gave me.

Watch this space for another little giveaway soon. I am sorting some stuff out at the moment. I bring it downstairs and do it while I am watching something on IPlayer which is something that never entered my head before.....stupid woman. I can get quite a lot done while watching Escape To The Country or a cookery programme so I shall have to get myself organised and maybe bring down cutting out and stuff once I have finished the sorting out.

It's a bit warmer here tonight so I am going to get a cold drink and then crack on for a while with sorting.
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  1. Now Sheila, you know you only wanted an excuse to watch her while she was sleeping, Lol! It always brings a lump to my throat when I watch my two. I thought I'd become cynical and a bit unsentimental until they were born, Lol!

    Love the cards. I really must sort my bit boxes out by colour as using them up would be much easier then.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Lovely cards Sheila, it's amazing what you can conjure up even with the smallest bits and pieces. Sounds like Miss Ruby has you wrapped around her little finger....quite right too ! Sue x

  3. What fabulous cards to make - I am green with envy


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