Thursday, 13 January 2011

Poor Miss Doodle!!!

Ruby has been quite poorly again today and has demanded much attention so I am a bit shattered to say the least. I've been upstairs briefly to start on a card order but just hadn't the energy so I've come back downstairs to flop and fiddle about.
One bright note in the day. Smudge Dog....never one to miss an opportunity to eat.....spends Ruby's meal times sat underneath her chair scoffing anything that might drop over the side. Today Ruby decided that she would like to sample his food and went like a bolt of lightening from the lounge to the back room. I found her sat with a mouthful of Bakers Complete, chomping away and grinning like a little imp. Mr Manic was immediately despatched to Argos to fetch a safety gate needless to say.....but it did tickle me that she knew where she was going and what she was after and her not one until next month.....amazing.

Have you seen Tim Holtz's blog? The new dies being launched at CHA are gorgeous. I might have to get me one or two of those when they come out although I'm not sure which as I pretty much liked them all.

Well it's IPlayer for me and a spot more sorting so I'll say goodnight.
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  1. Ha! Ha! Been there with the dog food Sheila although not at my house thank goodness. Izzy decided she loved dog food as soon as she could crawl. Dog food is rarely in the dish long enough at my house for the kiddies to get at it, Lol!

    I know what you mean about those TH/Sizzix dies. I've just been drooling over them all for the umpteenth time not two minutes ago.

    Lesley Xx


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