Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I am proper worn out today. Miss Doodle has been a right old crosspatch for most of the day. Not sure why. She hasn't been chomping on her fingers so I don't think it was another tooth. Maybe she just fancied being in a bad mood for a change.
Way too tired to even contemplate the journey up to the attic so I am off to veg on the sofa with DD ,watch Cold Mountain and eat ice cream........some low fat stuff which will probably be disgusting but never mind.
I have six days off now so there will be something to post pretty soon.

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  1. Hi Shelia, Hope Wee Ruby is back yo het bubble self soon.

    A wee tip if the low fat ice cream was pants, put your fav low fat yogurt in the freezer and have that, it is yum yum, I have done it with cherry and I am going to try the muller lite vanilla oh cant wait lolol


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