Thursday, 20 January 2011

Stampin' Me Little Heart Out!!!

I have had such a productive day today. Started off reducing a large pile of plain white paper into smaller neater piles of inserts ready for various sizes of cards. That's a job that has needed doing for a good while. After that I did a mock up of a card design I was planning on doing and after a bit of messing with it everything came together so I made three of those up. Had to leave them to dry so they will have to be photographed and posted tomorrow. Did some punching ready for another card I want to try out and then some stamping with some stamps I haven't used for ages.......bliss!!!
And I have just spent a very cosy couple of hours with DD watching 27 Dresses......again. I love that film.....old softie that I!!!
Now I am going to snuggle up and read for a while before bed.
Night Night.......and thanks for dropping in.

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