Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Spanners In The Works!!!

So I goes off upstairs last night to swap over the desks thinking it would take all of half an hour and it would have done if I had been left to my own devices. Unfortunately I had to call Mr Manic for assistance when one of the nuts on the new desk just wouldn't do as it was told. Behind where I had moved out the old desks was a redundant storage heater which he decided to take out while he could get to it. Oh my life you should have seen the mess that created. That all had to be cleared up before I could even think of putting things back and then the night just ran away with me and I got no crafting done which annoyed me because I was really in the mood.
There is still a bit of stuff wants putting away but I am determined to do something tonight.
For now I am just doing my domestic goddess impersonation. I have a beef casserole simmering away for tea and after a little trip out this afternoon I shall be making chocolate cupcakes with lime frosting and some dumplings for Mr Manic.
Miss Doodle is just having a nap after a very busy morning playing and chatting so I am off for a cup of coffee.
Thanks for dropping by........sorry about the!!!

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