Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bits 'n' Bobs!!!

Another card.
Very simple using Cricut cut letters and Pink Petticoat papers.
The buttons I have had squirreled away forever. I think they came in a box of Papermania embellishments years ago when Debs' shop was still in Tutbury.
I shall be glad when this snow has gone now. I love it until it starts looking filthy and that is how it's looking now. Mind you...DD and I were up in the hills here earlier today and I was shocked at how much more there was up there. Massive drifts still about where the sun doesn't quite get to it.
My little angel has been very poorly this last week with a cold and the most horrendous cough which has been stopping her sleeping.
Hopefully she was able to go to her Easter party at pre-school this morning. I haven't spoken to DS yet today. I hope the injury I sustained while making her Easter bonnet weren't in vain. I took a chunk out of the side of my finger with hot glue. Oh my word it hurts. Very dangerous stuff this ganma!!!
DS is taking me out for a meal on Saturday night to give me a night off cooking and washing up. Bless him. It will be nice to spend a bit of time with him.
I thought I would nip into town and have my hair trimmed to tidy it up a bit and ended up going mad and having it restyled to a chin length bob. I love it. Hubby didn't even notice when he came home from was only about six inches!!!
Well I am off for a major cardmaking session. No Ruby until next Wednesday so once the housey jobs are done my time is my own....yay!!!
Happy Easter.......have a good weekend.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning!!!

.......and what might I ask is easy about Sunday morning when you've been up since the crack of dawn? Six thirty am and I have already had a shower and cleaned the bathroom, tidied Ruby's bedroom and sorted the laundry. I forsee an early night!!!
The reason for my unusual activity is a visit later by the Doodle Clan who are coming for lunch......well if they can get out onto the road that is. They were snowed in yesterday. I think the farmer has cleared the roads but it's a bit tricky getting down the track from the cottage to the road. Hopefully they can make it. they can't make it. They are blocked in by huge snow drifts. I have plated their dinner up and DD and I are going to drive down to meet DS who is going to walk down to the road.
I soooo wanted a hug with my Doodle Bird today as she isn't very well......well they all have pretty bad colds and DS has tonsilitis too. Not sure if DDIL will be able to get out for work tomorrow so it's a bit of a waiting game. 
My card today is made using some seed packet images from Dover Pictura. The background is stamped using an image which I think is PSX and Peeled Paint Distress Ink. The card is 8x8.
I'm off to crank up the old oven ready for it's days work. First a batch of scones and then a roast pork dinner with all the trimmings.
Bye for now.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Card To Share At Last!!!

I was beginning to think I would never post another picture on here. After promising to take some pics of the Easter cards before they went down to the shop Mr Manic was taken very ill and I have been nursing him back to health along with still taking care of Ruby and cooking for two households. No wonder I am feeling rather ragged around the edges!!! I would kill to have my bath back right now and have a good soak in some Badedas. at last is a card. I am rather enjoying using my Sweet Shoppe collections at the moment and for this one I have used a free kit called One For The Road (car and traffic lights) and a kit called Best Dad Ever for the papers.
I had good news when I went for my annual diabetic review last week. Not only have I lost more weight but my blood sugars have come down dramatically and my cholesterol too. I want to try and lose another two stones before we go to New York. The healthy eating is coming along nicely but I do need to do more exercise so I am going to try and get out and walk every day.
I'm afraid that I have had to disable the ability to leave anonymous comments due to the horrendous amount of spam comments I have been getting. Blogger usually copes with them quite well but lately a lot have been getting through and my e mail inbox has been inundated with them.
Right.....I am off to make some paper roses for my Darling Doodle's Easter bonnet........or I might cut up some paper ready for card fronts. I shall decide after a nice cuppa.
Thanks to anyone who is still dropping by.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hanging My Head In Shame!!!

Goodness me......what a lousy blogger I have been this past few weeks.
To be honest it's been a bit busy here at Manic Towers and I am just the skin of my teeth to get through the lists of card orders and keep the shop topped up. I'm doing inserts and packing as I go and just not getting any time to take pics although I will try my best to take some this weekend of the Easter cards that don't need to go until Monday.
The Doodle Bird is keeping me very busy. As I don't drive and there isn't always a driver available we do spend most of our time at home so I like to have activities to keep her busy. Today we baked fairy cakes and sowed cress seeds before having a dressing up session as it wasn't fit to go out for a walk.
Both DDIL and we have had expensive car troubles. One car didn't pass it's MOT until some jobs had been done and the other had the exhaust drop off the day before a trip to London. Sometimes I curse the flippin' things but none of us can do without one out here in the sticks.
The counter is ticking down to our trip to New York and we are getting more excited by the day. I'm like a kid being offered a trip to a sweet shop......and DD is just as!!! Every Friday we go out and do the weekly shop and treat ourselves to a Starbucks and every Friday we say 'ooooh.......two hundred odd days until we are drinking our first Starbucks in New sad is!!!
Anyhoo I had best go and finish off this batch of Easter cards and then get to bed.
Tara for now.