Thursday, 7 March 2013

Hanging My Head In Shame!!!

Goodness me......what a lousy blogger I have been this past few weeks.
To be honest it's been a bit busy here at Manic Towers and I am just the skin of my teeth to get through the lists of card orders and keep the shop topped up. I'm doing inserts and packing as I go and just not getting any time to take pics although I will try my best to take some this weekend of the Easter cards that don't need to go until Monday.
The Doodle Bird is keeping me very busy. As I don't drive and there isn't always a driver available we do spend most of our time at home so I like to have activities to keep her busy. Today we baked fairy cakes and sowed cress seeds before having a dressing up session as it wasn't fit to go out for a walk.
Both DDIL and we have had expensive car troubles. One car didn't pass it's MOT until some jobs had been done and the other had the exhaust drop off the day before a trip to London. Sometimes I curse the flippin' things but none of us can do without one out here in the sticks.
The counter is ticking down to our trip to New York and we are getting more excited by the day. I'm like a kid being offered a trip to a sweet shop......and DD is just as!!! Every Friday we go out and do the weekly shop and treat ourselves to a Starbucks and every Friday we say 'ooooh.......two hundred odd days until we are drinking our first Starbucks in New sad is!!!
Anyhoo I had best go and finish off this batch of Easter cards and then get to bed.
Tara for now.

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