Sunday, 10 February 2013

Party Time!!!

What a fabulous day we had yesterday at Ruby's third birthday party. These are the cakes I made for her.......sixty of the flippin'!!!
I can't say they were the easiest things I've ever made as to start off with a lot of the cones were broken when I opened the boxes. The first batch didn't work out as the blog where I had seen the idea had posted the wrong oven temperature and timings but eventually got there with sixty perfectly cooked ones. The first two batches of buttercream went well but then disaster struck on the third when my mixer decided to die and it had to be finished off by hand. The silver balls wouldn't stick to the icing so I had to insert them with tweezers and then the sugar wouldn't stick so I had to gently spray them with water. Finally got to the wrapping stage which started off as a nightmare until I discovered a packet of white chocolate buttons in the fridge which I melted and used to glue the cones to the silver card. Luckily I only had to wrap twenty five which were to be given to the children with their party bags. The rest were piled onto the cupcake stand with candles in the top tier.
I started them at 10am on Friday and wrapped the last one at 3.30am on Saturday with a two hour break for food shopping and well deserved Starbucks
The party itself was fantastic. DS and DDIL hired the village hall and it was all set out with a crafting table and lots of toys and balloons. DDIL's sister did face painting and her partner who is a fabulous artist drew a caricature of every child for them to take home. So proud of all them for the brilliant job they did.
Today I ache beyond belief but it is so worth it for my beautiful grandaughter.
I think gentle pottering is called for today. There is Sunday lunch to be cooked and tidying to do so I shall go and get on.
Tara for now.


  1. Oh Sheila, it sound like a lot of trials and tribulations but it was worth it in the end because your little cakes look wonderful. I’d have been pulling my hair out and heading to the nearest bakers after the first hitch, lol.
    I bet there were none left by the end of the day!

    Happy Crafting!

  2. Wow Sheila, that's what I call dedication ! They were obviously worth it and who knew melted chocolate would stick card !! Sue C x

  3. Poor you Sheila, sounds like a lot of kitchen time! It was worth it in the end though because the finished result looked fab!!
    Laura xx


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