Sunday, 31 January 2016

Too Much Sleep!!!

I have had way too much sleep this weekend. Ruby likes me to go to bed at the same time as she does and even though she goes late for her.....10pm is just too early for me so consequently my poor head is suffering. I will probably not be good for much today except a look at the papers and will probably perk up at about 9pm tonight. I speak from experience.
It has been a lovely weekend with Ruby though. I love having her here. She'll be here again tomorrow and Wednesday for tea.

I did manage to pick up some fabric remnants and some webbing for bags yesterday but I think I will give sewing a miss today. With my head all fuddled I am bound to make mistakes which have to be undone.

Sunday lunch is cooking so I had best go and have a look how everything is doing.
Thanks for dropping by today.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Chewed Up And Spat Out!!!

I have been shopping for clothes with a five (going on fifteen) year old....I feel like I have been chewed up and spat out. My back and legs ache like hell and I have a headache. Ruby on the other hand is over the moon with her new leather (faux) jacket, jeggings, boots and t shirts and we now have a fashion show going on.
I'm not surprised everything in the shops is so expensive. Their heating bills must be through the roof judging by how hot it was everywhere in the shopping centre. It was just too much and we got out as soon as we could.
No chance of any crafting today with the Doodle Bird in the house so I think it will be movies and snuggling again this evening.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.
Thanks for your visit today.

Friday, 29 January 2016

In & Out!!!

Just a quick post this morning. Hubby and I are off out shortly running errands. First stop the solicitor to sign our wills and then we are off to buy some foreign currency for hubby who is going to South Africa in a fortnight and to pick up any bits and bobs he might need to take with him. We may go for lunch while we are out but I have to make sure and be back for Little Miss Doodle who is coming to stay for the weekend. Daddy is dropping her off straight after school.
Tonight will be a simple tea...pasta and tomato sauce for Ruby and probably something with chips for the rest of us. After that we have the serious business of snuggling to attend to.....a film and popcorn while snuggling under the quilts.
Well I had best go and get dressed.
Thanks for your visit.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Oh What A Night!!!

Ruby still seems to be a bit under the weather. She wasn't her usual sparkly little self last night, didn't eat much and wasn't interested in doing much either. Poor little sausage.

We didn't light the fire yesterday as it was quite mild...ha....a very different story when DD and I sat down to watch Downton. We were freezing so we snuggled under the quilts and weren't too bad. I had to take a hot water bottle to bed which was sheer bliss and I slept like a log...........only to wake up this morning to find a pile of dog sick in the bedroom, two piles on the landing and one by the back door. Whatever Smudge had eaten when he went out ferreting in the garden obviously didn't agree with him. Luckily DD with her steel lined stomach was there and she cleaned it up for me. One pile I could have coped with but four was just beyond the pale. I'm afraid I am useless with sick, blood and poop. Hubby cut his finger badly last week and I was screaming at the blood while I put his dressing on. Good job I never wanted to be a nurse.

Cupboard use ups packet of instant whip for pudding for Ruby and one small jar of cranberry and apple sauce which I added between layers of meat in the pie. It was absolutely gorgeous.
Today I will be using another pack of pork from the freezer to make meatballs in tomato sauce to serve with roasted garlic potatoes and sauteed green beans. I don't fancy pasta today which is what we would normally have.

Not many jobs to do today so I am going to read the papers before I decide what crafty things I will get up to.....but first I need to go and find my's freezing.
Thanks for your visit.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Woman On A Mission!!!

Thanks to everyone for their comments yesterday.

After the kitchen cupboard sort out I found I had a few packets and things that need using up. One find was a packet of instant custard mix. I don't know where it came from as it is not something I buy so I can only assume that it was bought by hubby to take with something for his pack up on night shift......he takes some weird stuff. Anyhoo there was also an unopened pack of frozen mixed fruits which had been in the freezer forever so I set too and made a fruit crumble to have after a very simple tea of oven baked sausages with tomatoes. We don't normally have puddings but it went down well.
I am on a mission to use up any half packets of stuff and things that have been in the freezer for a good while
Today I am making pork and leek pies. One for tea and one for the freezer. Ruby is here for tea and she loves ganma's pie with lots of gravy. I must remember to leave her carrots raw though as she will not eat them cooked.

No major jobs to do today except a clean up after hubby has raked out the fireplace and laid a new fire. With the mess he makes it is just not worth doing anything beforehand.

DD and I are nearly at the end of season five of Downton Abbey. We now have the complete collection and wanted to watch the whole thing from start to finish. I do love it so much. Although I am not much of a one for clothes I have seen so many beautiful outfits that I would definitely wear now. Long simple jackets with exquisite embellishments, gorgeous loose dresses and wonderful duster coats. I wish I could get hold of patterns to make some of them.

Well I had best go and get this pie filling on the go and prepare the pastry. I might make enough to do some mince pies as I have a jar of mincemeat that could do with using up.
Tara for now and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How Embarrassing!!!

Today I have removed the pictures and text regarding the antipasti peppers. They didn't work out very fact they were a complete disaster. I went to get them out for tea yesterday and found my cupboard full of oil and the contents of the jars bubbling. I am glad I went to them yesterday.....any longer and they may well have exploded.
In future I will use fresh peppers added to the potatoes just before cooking.
So as the saying goes.......Don't try this at home!!!

Well it looks like it's going to be a pretty miserable day today. At the moment we have drizzly rain, thick clouds and a stiff breeze but those clouds look like they have more to give. Poor DD....she will be out in it too.

I have no major jobs to do today just a bit of tidying and a run round with the hoover when hubby gets up this afternoon. I think I'll give my hands a bit of attention today as they feel very dry. I'll use a hand scrub and then a good slathering of hand cream and that should do the trick.
So....not a very exciting day here today at Tea Towel Towers.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Where Did That Go?!!!

A Christmas party dress.
A ribbon sash.
Good Monday morning blogland.
So where has January gone? 25th already. They say that as you get older time goes quicker and it is so true. At this rate our new grandchild will be here before we know it. Due date is around 24th March so two months to go.......and I haven't bought a thing yet. Mind you I remember the obscene amount of stuff Ruby was gifted when she was born. So much stuff that never got worn and ended up at the charity shop. I am having a good think as to what to buy.

My little Doodle has been poorly this weekend. DDIL got called to fetch her back from school on Friday and she is at home today. Sounds like a virus. She has a sore throat and no energy. Grandad has delivered ice lollies and a comic this morning to help the healing process.

I am very pleased with how the dress turned out and I love the fabric. It was a in a remnant pack from Always Knitting and Sewing. There was so much fabric in the pack that this dress must have only cost pennies to make.
A pair of shoes was started in felt but I didn't like them so I will go back to the drawing board on those.

Chicken and salad for tea tonight so not a lot to do in the kitchen today. All the beds were changed at the weekend so just the laundry to do really and a whizz round with a duster and the hoover and a tidy up in the dining room. Later in the week I have to make up the bed for Doodle who is coming to stay for the weekend on Friday. I hope she is over her illness as she is very excited about going shopping for her birthday present on Saturday. Her birthday isn't until 11th February but she wants a denim jacket and some jeans so I thought it best to start the search early. She will also get a surprise to unwrap on the day.

Well that's me for today.
Hope you have all had a fab weekend. I spent mine wishing that I was in New York to see all that snow.
Thanks for your visit today.


Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sew Sunday!!!

What a different day weatherwise to wake up to this morning. Dull and overcast. I expect we shall have buckets of rain before the day is out. It won't bother me much as I have no plans to go anywhere.

There is a lovely piece of beef roasting in the oven and DD has just prepped the vegetables for me so hubby will be a happy bunny come lunch time. I can take or leave a roast dinner. I enjoy it when we have one but I find I am no longer bothered about having one every Sunday. I only do it because hubby loves it so much.

A heads up for you if you have a Poundstretcher near you. They have a range of knitting and sewing stuff in at the moment. All priced at 49p. There are bamboo knitting needles in sizes 3mm and 4mm, crochet hooks size 3mm (couldn't see any other sizes), needles, pins,stitch rippers etc. A great price if you need to stock up on anything.

I had a wander out to the garden centre yesterday as I needed to get some fresh air and stretch my legs. Ended up in the craft shop as you do and bought a few bits. Nothing exciting just red foam as I need to make a pair of red shoes for the doll, some fabric glue and some more snaps for the dresses. Most of the patterns call for velcro but me and velcro just don't get on at all so I use the snaps instead.
There was still some Christmas tat left reduced to half price but still too expensive to consider buying anything to put away for next Christmas I thought.
I love looking around the food hall while I am there and have my eye on a bottle of Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar which I am thinking would be good with a spinach and feta salad with fresh raspberries.....oh yum.....I really do fancy that.

Well I am off to finish off this dress for the doll. Just have to sew the skirt to the bodice and finish it off with snaps and a ribbon sash and that's another outfit for the box. The doll box is always the first port of call for Ruby now when she comes for tea on Wednesday.....just to see if there are any new additions to the

Have a peaceful day and thanks for visiting.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Stock Up Saturday!!!

What a lovely morning it looks out there today. Blue skies and sunshine. The birds are out in full force and chattering away but it is still very cold.

DD has just gone out to do a freezer shop for me to stock up on some essentials. I was going myself but I'm still having trouble with the shoulder that I hurt when I was cleaning the kitchen so carrying heavy bags is not an option for me today.
We are still using the LovetoShop card which we always have at Christmas. I am hoping to get another two freezer shops out of it so we've done well this year.

There isn't much to do in the way of housework this morning so I think I will have a day of sewing. Our evening meal is already prepared......homemade sausagemeat burgers which we will have in buns with some onions and a side salad.....yummy.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Another Day!!!

Hubby has just left for work and I have the house to myself until four thirty when DD gets home. I just need to tidy and hoover and then my time is my own.

Today I am thinking of the victim of a car accident on main road that runs along the front of our small estate. About 2pm I could hear a lot of sirens and helicopters and wondered what on earth was going on. DD struggled to get home as the road was closed in both directions. We later heard that a car had overturned and the lady involved had been air lifted to hospital with serious injuries. So if you have a prayer to spare today please pray for her recovery.

Thank you for dropping by today.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Looking Back!!!

In 1989 hubby and I took our children to Alton Towers to the first Christmas ice show they did there. I knew it would be quite magical so I hired a video recorder to capture some live action memories. A couple of years ago my sons wife got it put onto a disc for me. Last week I told Ruby about it and she wanted to watch it. She is fascinated with seeing her daddy at the same age as she is now and would rather watch that than Frozen or Cinderella at the moment.
The video footage is mostly of the children and surroundings but with the odd shot of hubby and myself. It's weird to see my thirty two year old self.......with a 'OMG what was I thinking' perm and Deirdre Barlow hubby with hair and a moustache.......just hilarious.
My children are now 36 and nearly 33. Where did all that time go?

Last week we tried Nigella's Roast Potatoes with Antipasti Peppers.......they were so good. I had bought a jar of antipasti for the first try of the recipe and found that we could have done with two jars. At £1.75 a jar.....I don't think so.....not just for a side dish.
So last night I picked up a couple of packs of mixed peppers and today I am going to char grill them and pack them into a jar with garlic and olive oil. I'll see how they turn out and how far they will stretch.

It's bloomin' chilly here this morning which I think may call for a baking session to warm up the kitchen and so that we have cake for the weekend. Not sure if we might have visitors or not but at least I will be prepared.
After the baking I will get on with some more sewing. I have cut out a dress for the doll in Christmas fabric. Once that is made I really ought to get on with some sewing for myself seeing as how I have the fabric in.
Hope you are all managing to stay warm.
Thanks for your visit today.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

More Mini Fashion!!!

Cropped trousers and a top with matching shoes.
A close up of the shoes.
I don't like being out of action as I was on Monday so it was lovely  to get all my jobs done yesterday and and then spend the afternoon sewing.
The fabric I used came from a fat quarter stack that I seem to have had for ever and the lace used to trim the top must be at least seven years old.
The shoes turned out way better this time. I used a knife for cutting the foam and it is so much neater and a different glue (Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue) made a huge difference. I just hope I can get hold of some more as I only have half a pot left after hanging on to it for probably eight years.
The ribbons, laces and glues are all being used from stuff I have left from my cardmaking business. I'm glad I hung on to them.

Not much to do in the way of chores today except a quick tidy up of the dining room and a buzz round with the hoover. Ruby is here for tea again tonight so I am spoiling her with her what she calls her best tea......chicken wraps with a side of corn on the cob and trifle for dessert.
When we take her home tonight I will nip into town and do a small top up shop for milk and veg. This will save DD and I having to go out again tomorrow night which is my usual shopping day. I don't know why I haven't thought to do this before as it saves an extra journey.

Well I'll go and get on. The quicker I get my couple of jobs done.....the quicker I can get back to my sewing.
Thanks for your visit today.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What A Pain!!!

So the yucky feeling yesterday turned out to be a migraine and I ended up having to spend some time just lying on the sofa and trying not to move my head which felt like it was going to explode. I fully expected to be out of action for a couple of days but thank goodness it had gone by late afternoon. I think that was because I gave in and lay down instead of trying to soldier on through it as I normally do and lots of hugs and kisses from Ruby helped as well. Still feeling a bit washed out this morning but I think I'll live.
A very unexciting day then with nothing to show from either the kitchen or the craft room. Hopefully today will be more productive.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Back To Brown Acres!!!

No more sparkly white winter wonderland. It's all gone except for a bit in odd corners and we are back to looking at the soggy brown fields. Ah well it was lovely while it lasted.
All this wet has highlighted a few problems in the back garden which will need putting right in the spring/summer. Namely the garden path which has some loose slabs. If you put your foot on the wrong one you get a horrible shower of mud up the back of your legs. Not so bad if you are coming in but not good if you are on your way out in your good clothes.......and guess who always manages to step on the wrong!!!

I don't know what I slept on last night but it doesn't feel like it was a bed....more like rocks as I have woken up aching all over. I don't feel ill.....just a bit out of sorts. Luckily there is not too much to do today in the way of housework so I can take it easy. Just have to feed hubby before he goes to work and sort out an easy evening meal for DD, Ruby and myself.

Thanks for dropping by today.


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Room With A View!!!

The view from my dining room.
It started after dark so there was no standing at the window watching it with my hands snuggled around a cup of coffee but I did manage to catch it swirling magically around the street lamp.
Everywhere looks clean and fresh and even if it only lasts for the day at least my eyes have had a break from the never ending sight of the acres of brown mud which surround us.

Dinner today will be a 'stick to your ribs' beef casserole with big fluffy dumplings for hubby and smaller crispy dumplings for DD and myself. It will be a later meal today as DD has to go into work shortly and will be back at about 3:30pm. I will have time to bake a cake to have with a cuppa while we watch Call The Midwife. A perfect Sunday.

I did some sewing yesterday but it ended up in the bin. I think I just wasn't really in the mood. The fabric was only from an old pair of jeans so I don't feel to bad about chucking it out. Today I will use some new fabric and make myself concentrate.

Just giggling at hubby trying to make the dog go for a walk. As soon as Smudge hears the rattle of the lead he shoots off to find a corner to hide in. He's getting old bless him and he really doesn't want to go out but we can't just let him lie about all day.....which he would do as he loves his snoozes.

Rightio.....I will get my act together now that I have gawped at the snow for long enough.
Thanks for visiting today.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cupcakes And Frost!!!

Coconut cupcakes with lime icing.
Actually got round to baking the cupcakes yesterday. They turned out light and moist and the lime icing was a lovely contrast to the sweet cake. These cases are quite big so I used a 6, 6, 6, 3 Victoria sponge recipe with a good handful of coconut and two tablespoons of milk. The icing was the juice of one lime and I added icing sugar until it reached the right consistency for dribbling. I like a little icing but not a solid block.
I will add that there were 12 cakes but I only photographed the five.

Last night I took a bag of chicken breast fillets out of the freezer and this morning one half has been put into a dish with a marinade of chipotle and cola (B&M 69p). This will be served with Nigella's potatoes roasted with antipasti peppers and a side salad of spinach, tomato and cucumber. The other half is poaching in chicken stock and then will be frozen to use at a later date as filling for a chicken pie.

Another frost but no snow......again. All I would like is a couple of days of big fat flakes falling gently while I snuggle up in the kitchen baking. I would stand at the window watching it with a cup of coffee and marvel at how beautiful it makes everything look. Once I've had that it can go and I would be quite happy. Not too much to ask is it?

Hubby cooked a good breakfast this morning so we won't need lunch. Once I have slung the hoover round my time is my own until it's time to prepare tea so I may well get some sewing done.

Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Fashion On A Friday!!!

Pink Flip Flops
Crochet Flower Sandals
Denim Skirt
Purple Pleats
Well......we got some snow in the night. It wasn't much and looks just like a sprinkle of icing sugar on a Victoria sponge. There are some rather dark clouds rolling in now that look like they may bring a bit more.....fingers crossed.

The shoes are only practice efforts and there are things that need to be changed such as the glue I am using. The video I found on You Tube uses hot glue which I thought might make them a bit lumpy looking so I used a tacky wet glue and weighed them down while they dried. Not ideal as there are some small gaps around the edges which I don't like. I need to find a glue which grips quickly and dries flatter. Also I will do the cutting out with a knife next time. Cutting through two layers of fun foam with scissors leaves a bit of a funky edge no matter how careful I am which needs to be lightly sanded with an emery board. I am very pernickety but I'm sure Ruby will love the shoes as they are.

The denim skirt went down a treat even though to me it looks a little lumpy around the waistband. I am going to make another and see if I can do a different kind of waistband which will lie a bit I said....I am pernickety.
Ruby was in raptures over the purple skirt which I made with a very small remnant from a scrap bag and no pattern as none of the skirt patterns I had would fit onto the fabric. I am going to take in a bit on the back seam to make it fit a little tighter.

Yesterday I made a rod for my own back with the homemade stuffing. They loved it.....and so did I. No more packet stuffing from now

Tonight is an easy with jacket potatoes and coleslaw as I am going to do some baking later. Coconut cupcakes with a lime icing and maybe some ginger biscuits as I still have some stem ginger that needs using up. I also need to tidy off the dining table of all my crafting stuff......and then I'll start again and make another it keeps me out of mischief.

Thanks for your visit today.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Organised & Stuffing!!!

Neat and tidy cupboard tops using boxes and baskets from Poundland.
Homemade Sage and Onion Stuffing.

I still don't like stuff on the top of my cupboards but if it has to be there I am pleased that it is now organised and tidy.
All of the storage up there is baking stuff. Colourings, flavourings, sprinkles, icing cutters, biscuit cutters, icing bags and nozzles, pastry cutters, a biscuit gun and an obscene amount of cupcake cases.....I have a 'thing' about cupcake cases. No more hunting in drawers and cupboards it's all together ready for baking sessions.

Today we are having pork chops for our evening meal with veg and roasties but I had no stuffing mix. What I did have was about a quarter of a small stale bloomer loaf and an onion so I set about making my own. It tastes lovely as it is but hopefully will be even better when it's all golden and crusty from a while in the oven. As you can buy a box of stuffing from T**co for 15p it's not any cheaper as the onion was 20p or so but as there are no preservatives other than what may be in the bread......I think I can live with that.

My crafty job for today is making doll shoes. I will have to show them to you tomorrow as the glue is still drying and they are not finished off. They are so cute and Ruby will love them.

Bitterly cold here today and hubby lit the fire when he got in from work. He said there was snow on his van this morning but I have not seen any evidence of any here at home although we are predicted to have some today and tomorrow. Knowing my luck it will rain first so that the snow won't settle.

Okey dokey.........I'm off to peel potatoes and see what veg we have left. I am just hoping the dog hasn't eaten all of the carrots as I really fancy carrots.
Bye for now and thanks for your visit.


Wednesday, 13 January 2016


If anyone needs proof that housework is not at all good for you...I have it here in the shape of a very sore shoulder and neck. So today I will take it a bit easier doing a little baking.....letting the machines take the strain as the shoulder is the one at the top of my beating arm.

I am not much of a complainer but yesterday I had to phone an order in to our coal merchant and I decided to let them know that I wasn't happy with our last delivery which contained a very high proportion of slack. They were very apologetic and it resulted in a £10 reduction on our bill for the delivery today. Result!!!
Not that £10 covers the constant cleaning because of the dust and the very near loss of eyebrows when the fire whooshes out when you add a shovel full of slack but hey ho.

My little Ruby will be here tonight for tea. It seems ages since last Wednesday and I can't wait to see her. It will be a shorter visit tonight though as pick up from school is later than usual and we have to have her home just after 6pm so that she has time for her reading and bath before bed time. She'll be happy tonight though as she asked for a denim skirt for dolly and that is one of the skirts I have made for her. I just need to get the snaps sewn on before she comes so that she can play with it.

I haven't even thought about our evening meal yet but I have some sausages left over from last night which could be whipped up into something different so I will probably go with that. As long as it's hot and tasty my lot will be happy.

Thanks so much for your visit today.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Outside And Inside!!!

Woke up to a right old storm this morning. High winds and horizontal rain. I nearly turned over and went back to sleep....but I didn't. Instead I came down and had a bowl of porridge. So outside is cold and nasty but my insides are nice and warm after that.

I got plenty of jobs done yesterday but didn't get to the decluttering of the top of the kitchen cupboards during my normal day. So guess what time I started doing was about 10:30pm and I finally went up to bed at 2:30am. Honestly I am stark, staring mad I tell you. Very satisfying to have it done though. Slightly embarrassed at the amount of cobwebs up there......if I was a knitter I could have made myself a new jumper. But all is now clean and tidy and I can make a start on cleaning out all of the cupboards and clearing the worktop clutter.

The doll skirts got made. One is finished and one just needs snap fasteners sewing on and then I need to start on making some tops I will need to alter the patterns for those though as everything seems rather big for the DesignAFriend doll and her bolster boobs are level with her shoulders. She's a very strange shape.

Well I had best go and start on the kitchen again. This morning I will be dealing with the cupboard where I keep all of the plastic boxes I use for lunches and freezing etc. I swear those boxes multiply when I'm not looking. If you never hear from me again you know I have been smothered by the lunch
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Back To Normal!!!

Today I get my house back. DD has gone back to work today and I can get back into my routine in the house and make plans for bigger jobs that need doing. I find it impossible to even think straight when other people are lolling about while I try and get my chores done and I haven't had the house to myself since about December 18th when hubby broke up from work. I am a very happy bunny this morning.
First job on the list is to get a chilli on the go when hubby gets back with my green pepper. That can simmer away while I have a bit of a declutter on the top of the kitchen cupboards.
This afternoon is my time so the sewing machine will be coming out as I have two skirts cut out for the doll. Once they are done I may cut out one of the pairs of trousers I am making for myself.

Although I am pretty happy today I can't help but feel a little sad at the news that David Bowie has passed away. He was one of my idols in my teenage years and I still love his music now. RIP David and tell Freddy Mercury and Marc Bolan that I said hello -x-

........and on that sad note I am off to chop onions.
Thanks for your visit today.


Sunday, 10 January 2016

Hubble Bubble & Buttons!!!

Hubbling and bubbling.....Winter Pork Casserole.
Button storage.
It's nice and sunny here today but pretty chilly so I have a Winter Pork Casserole bubbling away on the stove in my witches cauldron as my hubby calls it. It's quite a big stock pot as I am cooking enough to eat today and for two further meals for the freezer. I am using three packs of cubed pork which I bought with vouchers from T**co just before Christmas. Today we will have it with roasted Charlotte potatoes and roasted brussels.

Still sorting out my sewing stuff and I thought I would show you the fabric basket I made for my buttons. The house would be filled with these baskets if I had my way. I love making them and find them so useful. The buttons are sorted by type into small bags.

Back to my one hour a week of tv tonight with Call The Midwife starting again. I do love it when there is something worth watching just for that hour on Sunday. I don't bother with tv otherwise.'s next week it starts so DD has just told disappointed.

Well back to my sorting.
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Decluttering Day!!!

Armed with lots of strong bin bags and a bit of gung ho spirit DD and I have just finished having a decluttering session up in the attic bedroom/storage area. It's a job that has needed to be done for a good long time and we are down to the bones of it.
This year our Christmas tree was my most favourite ever so everything surplus to the theme has gone off to the charity shop in two huge bin bags and several shopping bags so I am now down to two large lidded boxes for decorations, one flatter lidded box for packaging and another for Christmas crafting. There is also a box of Halloween decorations. All have fit nicely into the alcove and I know nothing under there has to be touched now until late October.
The charity shop will also receive several bags of card blanks and paper pads leftover from my cardmaking days so that is another couple of empty boxes up in the attic.
A job well done and I think we now deserve a coffee.

Raining again here today but it is very cold. There is definitely ice in the air.

More tidying to do now as I still have sewing stuff to sort out and I have bought more down from upstairs.
Keep warm and dry.
Thanks for your visit.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Oh Dear!!!

Bit of a late start this morning as I overslept........again. I didn't get out of bed until 9am which is very late for me. Obviously I am now playing catch up with jobs.
I was late going up last night as when we went shopping I found some dolly pegs in Poundland and had the idea that I would wind all of my lace trims onto them. It became quite addictive and before I knew it, it was knocking on for 3am. The job wasn't finished but I had made a good start on it.
The house is all tidy now for the weekend and meals are planned so I should be able to carry on with my organising of my sewing things. The fabric is done and the lace is partly done so I just need to sort out things like my Heat'n'Bond, interfacings, elastics, Velcro, zips and handle webbing then hopefully I will be able to put my hand on anything I need straight away.........that's the theory

Today the weather couldn't be more different to what it was yesterday. Lovely blue sky and a stiff breeze but very cold. I am just about to light the fire now that I have stopped rushing about.
Hope it's dry where you are.
Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Floodin' Eck!!!

Well that was a bit scary to say the least.
We've just got back from shopping and have had to drive through a very deep lake across our main road into town. It wasn't so bad when we went and it had stopped raining but I think the water was still flowing down off the hill and it was considerably worse when we returned. As it's our only way to get home we had to just cross our fingers that the car didn't conk out half way across.....and here we are safely home. Obviously it is nowhere near the scale of what some people have had to put up with.
I managed to get everything on my list......even from T**co which was a bit of a shock as ours is I won't have to go out again this next week or so.
DD and I are now doing our own thing for a couple of hours until it's time for tea and another couple of episodes of Downton season six.
Hope you are all dry and safe.
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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A Sea Of Fabric!!!

This will become my new summer dress.
Two pairs of trousers for £10. I will be making the narrow leg pair on the right.
I had to take a walk round and ponder on this purchase but there was no way it wasn't coming home with me so I could have saved the wear on my
Two remnants at a pound each. The background doesn't show true to colour is a very acid lime green and will make a beautiful bag.
So as you can fabric shopping trip went well yesterday. I had seen the dress fabric before Christmas and didn't dare hope that they had any left but they did and I am chuffed to little mint balls.
The black fabric I have used before to make skirts and it's lovely to work with, doesn't crease and washes beautifully. For £2.50 a metre you can't go wrong.
I daren't tell you how much the fabric was for the aprons etc. Suffice it to say I gave up buying fabric for casual trousers to be able to buy it.
I also got net fabric for making dolls petticoats and fur fabric for trimming dolls boots and making little furry waistcoats. Five colours for £1 per largish square.
I just need to get back in to my routine now once DD goes back to work and I can get sewing again. I'm not doing much at the minute because DD keeps wanting me to do other things......which I don't mind really.

The salad tea went out of the window as we gave in to the urge for noodles at the noodle bar at lunchtime. So we just had a sandwich for tea.

Just a bit of tidying to do today before Ruby comes for tea after school. Then when we take her home we have to nip to B&Q to pick up a toilet seat which we have had to order to replace ours which has broken.
We will definitely have salad today once we get back and we will be watching season six of Downton Abbey which DD has treated us to on DVD.
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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

From One Extreme To The Other!!!

From a late post on Saturday to a very early post today.
I have been up since just after 4am woken by a loud noise which I thought was the dog falling downstairs.....he had knocked a book off from a pile that I hadn't got a spare hand to carry up last night.
Once awake I followed him down to find he had wee'd on the kitchen floor and so out came the disinfectant, mop and bucket. After cleaning up I was wide awake and needing a cuppa so that's it. I thought I may as well stay up.

Later I am off to Derby to shop for dressmaking fabric for myself...not the doll. I have my notebook with pattern numbers and fabric/notion requirements all ready. I need fabric for two different kinds of casual and one a bit smarter, a long summer dress and if there is any suitable fabric I can afford seven metres of......a poncho coat. I don't know why it's called a poncho coat as it looks nothing like a poncho but there you go.

Hubby is back at work now and has his main meal before he goes out to his afternoon shift so DD and I will be having cheese, salad and crusty rolls for our evening meal today.....yummy.

Right......I can hear someone else stirring so I'll go and put the kettle on again.
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Monday, 4 January 2016

Stashing The Stash!!!

Yesterday I found this fabulous video.........

It shows you how to fold your fabric stash if you have various cuts so that they all come out roughly the same size and they store easily.
The top drawer is part of my everyday fabrics and the bottom is my Christmas stash which I still have a bit of sorting out to I have three more drawers to go after that.
Both drawers have a mixture of everything from fat quarters to over a metre length and everything in between.
Once everything is folded I will be able to open the drawer and just get what I need instead of ferreting through a whole pile of fabrics. That makes me very happy.

Today we have Miss Ruby in da house as her school has an inset day and mummy is trying not to book holiday time from work so that she can make the most of adding it to her maternity leave which she will start in about eight weeks. It's a lovely bonus day and especially nice as DD is on holiday from work so is here to spend the day with Ruby. She is taking her for an aunty and niece lunch later..........gandmas not allowed.
Not sure what I will be doing after she goes home at 5pm....probably more sorting of fabric.

It's very dull, grey and still here today after the horrendous rain yesterday. It's also a bit nippy so I shall light the fire I think.
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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Sleep Deprived!!!

Well so much for thinking I would sleep well last night. I was really tired and went up earlier than normal, read for a bit and then snuggled down. Could I get Eventually managed to nod off only to wake up an hour later and that was how the night went on. I woke up because I was hot then woke up because I was cold. I think the first hour was the longest I slept so here I am with gritty eyes feeling rather lacksadaisical. Just what I needed on what was going to be a busy day. Oh well there is always tomorrow for the jobs I don't get done today.

The fabric stash stayed firmly where I left it. It didn't get sorted and stored so I may just potter about and do that after lunch. We are having roast lamb today as it is DD's favourite and it's her birthday so she got to chose.

Most of the Christmas decs are down now. Just the tree to do tomorrow and hubby will fetch the outside lights in later when he gets back from wherever he's gone this morning. I'm ready for a really good sort out and clean now. I have lots of stuff I want to send to the charity shop so I must remember to get some bags to put it in.
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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Lovely Saturday!!!

I'm rather late blogging today as we have had Ruby for a few hours while mummy and daddy went off to use a spa day voucher.
When she arrived I was just finishing off baking some biscuits and then we got ready and took a trip to the local patchwork and quilting shop to use the voucher I had from DD for Christmas. Ruby chose a piece of fabric for a doll dress and I spent the rest and a little bit of cash on some mouthwatering fabric goodness to fill out my stash. Tonight I will drool over it for a bit and then reorganise the storage drawers to make room for favourite job.

Tea tonight is chicken and baby spinach wrap with chipotle mayo, garlic and herb sweet potato wedges and corn on the cob...mmm....mmm....mmm. Love this meal. Simple and so tasty.
36 years ago I was in hospital waiting to be induced and my tea was fishcake, mashed potato, bullet peas and awful carrots with black bits in....that was it, no parsley sauce or anything. It was vile.

I think I shall sleep well tonight. Fabric shopping with the princess in tow is
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Friday, 1 January 2016

A New Year!!!

Well here we are........2016.
Happy New Year to you all. I hope you are blessed with all that you need and a bit of what you want.
I am looking forward to a new grandchild in March. We don't know what it is yet so that will be a lovely surprise.

Today as usual I am going to be sewing but taking a break from tiny clothes to make an infinity scarf from a beautiful piece of fabric I got in a remnant bag. It was frosty when we got up this morning so another scarf will not go amiss.

I don't know how it happened but on Sunday I will be momma to a 36 year old as it's DD's birthday. Where did all that time go and how did I get to be so old. Hubby and I celebrate our Ruby Wedding in September........40 blummin' years. I can still remember my grandparents 40th vividly from when I was about 14 years old.

I am doing no housework today as most of it was done yesterday but DD is thumping about in her room having a sort out.
I'm off to rev up the sewing machine.
Bye for now and thanks for your visit.