Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A Sea Of Fabric!!!

This will become my new summer dress.
Two pairs of trousers for £10. I will be making the narrow leg pair on the right.
I had to take a walk round and ponder on this purchase but there was no way it wasn't coming home with me so I could have saved the wear on my
Two remnants at a pound each. The background doesn't show true to colour is a very acid lime green and will make a beautiful bag.
So as you can fabric shopping trip went well yesterday. I had seen the dress fabric before Christmas and didn't dare hope that they had any left but they did and I am chuffed to little mint balls.
The black fabric I have used before to make skirts and it's lovely to work with, doesn't crease and washes beautifully. For £2.50 a metre you can't go wrong.
I daren't tell you how much the fabric was for the aprons etc. Suffice it to say I gave up buying fabric for casual trousers to be able to buy it.
I also got net fabric for making dolls petticoats and fur fabric for trimming dolls boots and making little furry waistcoats. Five colours for £1 per largish square.
I just need to get back in to my routine now once DD goes back to work and I can get sewing again. I'm not doing much at the minute because DD keeps wanting me to do other things......which I don't mind really.

The salad tea went out of the window as we gave in to the urge for noodles at the noodle bar at lunchtime. So we just had a sandwich for tea.

Just a bit of tidying to do today before Ruby comes for tea after school. Then when we take her home we have to nip to B&Q to pick up a toilet seat which we have had to order to replace ours which has broken.
We will definitely have salad today once we get back and we will be watching season six of Downton Abbey which DD has treated us to on DVD.
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  1. Great buys, I dare not go near a fabric shop right now, I did buy 6 balls of yarn in poundland this morning, £4, not a real need but a definite want.

  2. I am avoiding craft shops at the moment, particularly fabric until I get through some of my stash.

  3. As I have only just taken up sewing again after quite a long absence I do need to build up my stash a bit....especially dressmaking fabrics.


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