Friday, 29 January 2016

In & Out!!!

Just a quick post this morning. Hubby and I are off out shortly running errands. First stop the solicitor to sign our wills and then we are off to buy some foreign currency for hubby who is going to South Africa in a fortnight and to pick up any bits and bobs he might need to take with him. We may go for lunch while we are out but I have to make sure and be back for Little Miss Doodle who is coming to stay for the weekend. Daddy is dropping her off straight after school.
Tonight will be a simple tea...pasta and tomato sauce for Ruby and probably something with chips for the rest of us. After that we have the serious business of snuggling to attend to.....a film and popcorn while snuggling under the quilts.
Well I had best go and get dressed.
Thanks for your visit.


  1. Hope you are doing your Power of Attorney at the same time as your wills? We learned a lesson when Mum died as she did not have one so DH and I created ours 5 years ago so that our daughter will know exactly what do if we are unable to make decisions for ourselves. Have a lovely weekend with your grandaughter-my 40 year old thinks you are the best dolls clothes maker ever as my attempts were not quite up to your standard when she was a liitle girl! Catriona

  2. Hi thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
    Yes we sorted out Power of Attorney this morning when we went to sign the wills.
    Awww thank your daughter for her kindness.
    We hope to have a fab weekend with Ruby. We are taking her shopping for clothes so that should be fun-x-


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