Monday, 4 January 2016

Stashing The Stash!!!

Yesterday I found this fabulous video.........

It shows you how to fold your fabric stash if you have various cuts so that they all come out roughly the same size and they store easily.
The top drawer is part of my everyday fabrics and the bottom is my Christmas stash which I still have a bit of sorting out to I have three more drawers to go after that.
Both drawers have a mixture of everything from fat quarters to over a metre length and everything in between.
Once everything is folded I will be able to open the drawer and just get what I need instead of ferreting through a whole pile of fabrics. That makes me very happy.

Today we have Miss Ruby in da house as her school has an inset day and mummy is trying not to book holiday time from work so that she can make the most of adding it to her maternity leave which she will start in about eight weeks. It's a lovely bonus day and especially nice as DD is on holiday from work so is here to spend the day with Ruby. She is taking her for an aunty and niece lunch later..........gandmas not allowed.
Not sure what I will be doing after she goes home at 5pm....probably more sorting of fabric.

It's very dull, grey and still here today after the horrendous rain yesterday. It's also a bit nippy so I shall light the fire I think.
Thank you for dropping by today.


  1. Some beautiful fabric, I really do need to get all my sorted.

  2. Oooooooooohhhh Sheila, need to come round and stroke your stash!!!!! Eight weeks until the new baby!! Do you know if it's a boy or a girl

  3. I needed to get my stash sorted too. I'm so glad it's done.

    You can stroke my stash Rachel........just don't try to take any
    Baby is due in 12 weeks but DIL finishes in eight as she has some accumulated holiday and toil time I think. We don't know what baby is so it's very exciting. When we had Ruby I predicted 11th February and a girl and I was spot on so this time I am predicting 23rd March and another girl-x-


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