10 January 2016

Hubble Bubble & Buttons!!!

Hubbling and bubbling.....Winter Pork Casserole.
Button storage.
It's nice and sunny here today but pretty chilly so I have a Winter Pork Casserole bubbling away on the stove in my witches cauldron as my hubby calls it. It's quite a big stock pot as I am cooking enough to eat today and for two further meals for the freezer. I am using three packs of cubed pork which I bought with vouchers from T**co just before Christmas. Today we will have it with roasted Charlotte potatoes and roasted brussels.

Still sorting out my sewing stuff and I thought I would show you the fabric basket I made for my buttons. The house would be filled with these baskets if I had my way. I love making them and find them so useful. The buttons are sorted by type into small bags.

Back to my one hour a week of tv tonight with Call The Midwife starting again. I do love it when there is something worth watching just for that hour on Sunday. I don't bother with tv otherwise.'s next week it starts so DD has just told disappointed.

Well back to my sorting.
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


  1. Casserole looks delicious! Can't wait for Call the Midwife to start, it's one of my favourites too!

  2. Love the button storage! Of all the to progs I watch, and there are many! CTM is not one of them

  3. Liz....I have been making this casserole for over twenty years and we never get tired of it. It's so tasty and warming.
    Rachel....what is your most favourite programme?

  4. Love the button storage, I LOVE buttons and have a vast collection. The casserole looks delicious, I usually do something similar but use cubed beef, pork would make a nice change.


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