Monday, 25 January 2016

Where Did That Go?!!!

A Christmas party dress.
A ribbon sash.
Good Monday morning blogland.
So where has January gone? 25th already. They say that as you get older time goes quicker and it is so true. At this rate our new grandchild will be here before we know it. Due date is around 24th March so two months to go.......and I haven't bought a thing yet. Mind you I remember the obscene amount of stuff Ruby was gifted when she was born. So much stuff that never got worn and ended up at the charity shop. I am having a good think as to what to buy.

My little Doodle has been poorly this weekend. DDIL got called to fetch her back from school on Friday and she is at home today. Sounds like a virus. She has a sore throat and no energy. Grandad has delivered ice lollies and a comic this morning to help the healing process.

I am very pleased with how the dress turned out and I love the fabric. It was a in a remnant pack from Always Knitting and Sewing. There was so much fabric in the pack that this dress must have only cost pennies to make.
A pair of shoes was started in felt but I didn't like them so I will go back to the drawing board on those.

Chicken and salad for tea tonight so not a lot to do in the kitchen today. All the beds were changed at the weekend so just the laundry to do really and a whizz round with a duster and the hoover and a tidy up in the dining room. Later in the week I have to make up the bed for Doodle who is coming to stay for the weekend on Friday. I hope she is over her illness as she is very excited about going shopping for her birthday present on Saturday. Her birthday isn't until 11th February but she wants a denim jacket and some jeans so I thought it best to start the search early. She will also get a surprise to unwrap on the day.

Well that's me for today.
Hope you have all had a fab weekend. I spent mine wishing that I was in New York to see all that snow.
Thanks for your visit today.



  1. People are really generous with gifts for a new baby. I tend to buy larger sizes and a little more practical. I did do a nappy cake once and put loads of baby bath etc into it which went down well and is always of use. I have been making burp cloths, bibs and bandanas for the two new babies expected with oddments of fabric.

  2. Some very good ideas there MM. I was thinking of a good supply of nappies and I love the idea of the burp cloths and bibs.......thank you-x-


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