Friday, 8 January 2016

Oh Dear!!!

Bit of a late start this morning as I overslept........again. I didn't get out of bed until 9am which is very late for me. Obviously I am now playing catch up with jobs.
I was late going up last night as when we went shopping I found some dolly pegs in Poundland and had the idea that I would wind all of my lace trims onto them. It became quite addictive and before I knew it, it was knocking on for 3am. The job wasn't finished but I had made a good start on it.
The house is all tidy now for the weekend and meals are planned so I should be able to carry on with my organising of my sewing things. The fabric is done and the lace is partly done so I just need to sort out things like my Heat'n'Bond, interfacings, elastics, Velcro, zips and handle webbing then hopefully I will be able to put my hand on anything I need straight away.........that's the theory

Today the weather couldn't be more different to what it was yesterday. Lovely blue sky and a stiff breeze but very cold. I am just about to light the fire now that I have stopped rushing about.
Hope it's dry where you are.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I painted some old dolly pegs to wrap my lace on they actually look quite effective, so I do know how addictive it can become. It has been cold here too but at least the rain has stopped for a short while anyway.

  2. I very nearly pinched the wooden ones that had bought for Ruby to make peg dolls from with the thought of painting them vintage colours but couldn't quite bring myself to steal from her crafting The ones I got from Poundland are plastic and quite hideous colours bt they are doing the job.


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