Monday, 18 January 2016

Back To Brown Acres!!!

No more sparkly white winter wonderland. It's all gone except for a bit in odd corners and we are back to looking at the soggy brown fields. Ah well it was lovely while it lasted.
All this wet has highlighted a few problems in the back garden which will need putting right in the spring/summer. Namely the garden path which has some loose slabs. If you put your foot on the wrong one you get a horrible shower of mud up the back of your legs. Not so bad if you are coming in but not good if you are on your way out in your good clothes.......and guess who always manages to step on the wrong!!!

I don't know what I slept on last night but it doesn't feel like it was a bed....more like rocks as I have woken up aching all over. I don't feel ill.....just a bit out of sorts. Luckily there is not too much to do today in the way of housework so I can take it easy. Just have to feed hubby before he goes to work and sort out an easy evening meal for DD, Ruby and myself.

Thanks for dropping by today.



  1. Hope you feel better as the day goes on.

  2. Thank you Liz. Not feeling too bad now-x-

  3. Lets hope its not one of these awful bugs that seem to be doing the rounds.

  4. Fingers crossed that you are not brewing a nasty lurgy, there are so many varieties around. We have plenty of mud here, as does most of the country.

  5. I've disinfected my fingers before typing this to not spread my germs to you! Hope it's nowt nasty X


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