Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How Embarrassing!!!

Today I have removed the pictures and text regarding the antipasti peppers. They didn't work out very fact they were a complete disaster. I went to get them out for tea yesterday and found my cupboard full of oil and the contents of the jars bubbling. I am glad I went to them yesterday.....any longer and they may well have exploded.
In future I will use fresh peppers added to the potatoes just before cooking.
So as the saying goes.......Don't try this at home!!!

Well it looks like it's going to be a pretty miserable day today. At the moment we have drizzly rain, thick clouds and a stiff breeze but those clouds look like they have more to give. Poor DD....she will be out in it too.

I have no major jobs to do today just a bit of tidying and a run round with the hoover when hubby gets up this afternoon. I think I'll give my hands a bit of attention today as they feel very dry. I'll use a hand scrub and then a good slathering of hand cream and that should do the trick.
So....not a very exciting day here today at Tea Towel Towers.
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  1. So proud of your heroic failure , sometimes cooking feels a bit like alchemy , you hope its going to work and sometimes you get pure gold , othertimes its best to hide the results

  2. hey Ho, we live and learn, at least you tried. You could always try a small batch and keep them in the fridge for a few days to let the flavours meld.

  3. Lol Katie.....these are now well hidden at the bottom of the bin.

    Yes I think I may do that Pam. I will keep trying as the end results are gorgeous.

  4. My 'sundried tomatoes' did the same a few years ago. I clearly had done something wrong but it was such a waste of olive oil that I haven't tried again

  5. No Cherie....I won't be trying that method again.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment-x-

  6. Imagine the mess had they exploded!

  7. It doesn't bear thinking about Rachel :(

  8. Oops! I had exploded treacle to clean up once...amazing how far it flew...and mighty sticky to boot! Jackie x


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