Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cupcakes And Frost!!!

Coconut cupcakes with lime icing.
Actually got round to baking the cupcakes yesterday. They turned out light and moist and the lime icing was a lovely contrast to the sweet cake. These cases are quite big so I used a 6, 6, 6, 3 Victoria sponge recipe with a good handful of coconut and two tablespoons of milk. The icing was the juice of one lime and I added icing sugar until it reached the right consistency for dribbling. I like a little icing but not a solid block.
I will add that there were 12 cakes but I only photographed the five.

Last night I took a bag of chicken breast fillets out of the freezer and this morning one half has been put into a dish with a marinade of chipotle and cola (B&M 69p). This will be served with Nigella's potatoes roasted with antipasti peppers and a side salad of spinach, tomato and cucumber. The other half is poaching in chicken stock and then will be frozen to use at a later date as filling for a chicken pie.

Another frost but no snow......again. All I would like is a couple of days of big fat flakes falling gently while I snuggle up in the kitchen baking. I would stand at the window watching it with a cup of coffee and marvel at how beautiful it makes everything look. Once I've had that it can go and I would be quite happy. Not too much to ask is it?

Hubby cooked a good breakfast this morning so we won't need lunch. Once I have slung the hoover round my time is my own until it's time to prepare tea so I may well get some sewing done.

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  1. Oh it sounds so romantic, you in your kitchen looking wistfully out of the window at the fat fluffy snowflakes falling! I hope you get your wish! You are going to have to make the dolly a fur coat - and some boots! Flip flops and cute sandals are no good in this weather!!

  2. It does sound so good, dreaming whilst looking out the window watching the snow fall. The temperatures are dropping again for tonight according to the forecast so I think we will have to make do with a hard frost.

  3. I have stood and watched the fat snowflakes fall past the window, now I need to get some of those cupcakes on the go. I love coconut and am partial to a zingy drizzle of icing as well. mmm, I am sure that they would help me recover.

  4. Lol Rachel. I do have some fur in but I have never sewn with it before so am putting it off.
    It looks like a hard frost again here tonight :(

  5. Go on Pam....get that oven on. Dr Sheila prescribes cupcakes for your poorlies :)

    Very jealous of your snowflake watching. The last time we had any snow here was Boxing Day 2014.
    Keep warm-x-


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