Sunday, 17 January 2016

Room With A View!!!

The view from my dining room.
It started after dark so there was no standing at the window watching it with my hands snuggled around a cup of coffee but I did manage to catch it swirling magically around the street lamp.
Everywhere looks clean and fresh and even if it only lasts for the day at least my eyes have had a break from the never ending sight of the acres of brown mud which surround us.

Dinner today will be a 'stick to your ribs' beef casserole with big fluffy dumplings for hubby and smaller crispy dumplings for DD and myself. It will be a later meal today as DD has to go into work shortly and will be back at about 3:30pm. I will have time to bake a cake to have with a cuppa while we watch Call The Midwife. A perfect Sunday.

I did some sewing yesterday but it ended up in the bin. I think I just wasn't really in the mood. The fabric was only from an old pair of jeans so I don't feel to bad about chucking it out. Today I will use some new fabric and make myself concentrate.

Just giggling at hubby trying to make the dog go for a walk. As soon as Smudge hears the rattle of the lead he shoots off to find a corner to hide in. He's getting old bless him and he really doesn't want to go out but we can't just let him lie about all day.....which he would do as he loves his snoozes.

Rightio.....I will get my act together now that I have gawped at the snow for long enough.
Thanks for visiting today.


  1. Temperatures have dropped, but still no snow here. I live in hope. The stew sounds good.

  2. I love looking at the snow, but don't like going out in it!

  3. Just enough snow to look pretty but not be a bother. Happy for you and your food sounds lovely.

  4. Yes Sandy....just enough to look pretty. We've had a few little flurries this morning but now it's starting to come a bit heavier.

  5. It was gorgeous watching the snow from the cosy front room. It settled but this afternoon it rained and it's all gone away! Not even the nasty sludge left x

  6. Ours is nearly gone now too Rachel. Would have liked it for another day or so-x-

  7. Stick to the ribs food is so good in the winter. I make what my Gran called Crunchy Pudding, SR Four, half as much suet, 1 egg to every 4 oz flour and enough milk to make a stiff batter. Cook as for Yorkshire Pudding, for a really cheap meal she would add diced onion and bacon and serve with thick gravy and cabbage. We all loved it and would often beg to have it for dinner.


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