Thursday, 21 January 2016

Looking Back!!!

In 1989 hubby and I took our children to Alton Towers to the first Christmas ice show they did there. I knew it would be quite magical so I hired a video recorder to capture some live action memories. A couple of years ago my sons wife got it put onto a disc for me. Last week I told Ruby about it and she wanted to watch it. She is fascinated with seeing her daddy at the same age as she is now and would rather watch that than Frozen or Cinderella at the moment.
The video footage is mostly of the children and surroundings but with the odd shot of hubby and myself. It's weird to see my thirty two year old self.......with a 'OMG what was I thinking' perm and Deirdre Barlow hubby with hair and a moustache.......just hilarious.
My children are now 36 and nearly 33. Where did all that time go?

Last week we tried Nigella's Roast Potatoes with Antipasti Peppers.......they were so good. I had bought a jar of antipasti for the first try of the recipe and found that we could have done with two jars. At £1.75 a jar.....I don't think so.....not just for a side dish.
So last night I picked up a couple of packs of mixed peppers and today I am going to char grill them and pack them into a jar with garlic and olive oil. I'll see how they turn out and how far they will stretch.

It's bloomin' chilly here this morning which I think may call for a baking session to warm up the kitchen and so that we have cake for the weekend. Not sure if we might have visitors or not but at least I will be prepared.
After the baking I will get on with some more sewing. I have cut out a dress for the doll in Christmas fabric. Once that is made I really ought to get on with some sewing for myself seeing as how I have the fabric in.
Hope you are all managing to stay warm.
Thanks for your visit today.


  1. Yup - I had a perm and big glasses too! Can't believe I thought I looked good!

  2. I didn't need glasses back then but I definitely had the perm, my husband had the moustache too.

  3. I was horrified when hubby shaved his moustache off MM but I now actually prefer him without it or


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