Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Outside And Inside!!!

Woke up to a right old storm this morning. High winds and horizontal rain. I nearly turned over and went back to sleep....but I didn't. Instead I came down and had a bowl of porridge. So outside is cold and nasty but my insides are nice and warm after that.

I got plenty of jobs done yesterday but didn't get to the decluttering of the top of the kitchen cupboards during my normal day. So guess what time I started doing was about 10:30pm and I finally went up to bed at 2:30am. Honestly I am stark, staring mad I tell you. Very satisfying to have it done though. Slightly embarrassed at the amount of cobwebs up there......if I was a knitter I could have made myself a new jumper. But all is now clean and tidy and I can make a start on cleaning out all of the cupboards and clearing the worktop clutter.

The doll skirts got made. One is finished and one just needs snap fasteners sewing on and then I need to start on making some tops I will need to alter the patterns for those though as everything seems rather big for the DesignAFriend doll and her bolster boobs are level with her shoulders. She's a very strange shape.

Well I had best go and start on the kitchen again. This morning I will be dealing with the cupboard where I keep all of the plastic boxes I use for lunches and freezing etc. I swear those boxes multiply when I'm not looking. If you never hear from me again you know I have been smothered by the lunch
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  1. You are a domestic goddess, just reading your post is making feel tired.

  2. I bet you had lids missing or boxes missing! I also have a desiccated spider in my box drawer too lol


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