Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Woman On A Mission!!!

Thanks to everyone for their comments yesterday.

After the kitchen cupboard sort out I found I had a few packets and things that need using up. One find was a packet of instant custard mix. I don't know where it came from as it is not something I buy so I can only assume that it was bought by hubby to take with something for his pack up on night shift......he takes some weird stuff. Anyhoo there was also an unopened pack of frozen mixed fruits which had been in the freezer forever so I set too and made a fruit crumble to have after a very simple tea of oven baked sausages with tomatoes. We don't normally have puddings but it went down well.
I am on a mission to use up any half packets of stuff and things that have been in the freezer for a good while
Today I am making pork and leek pies. One for tea and one for the freezer. Ruby is here for tea and she loves ganma's pie with lots of gravy. I must remember to leave her carrots raw though as she will not eat them cooked.

No major jobs to do today except a clean up after hubby has raked out the fireplace and laid a new fire. With the mess he makes it is just not worth doing anything beforehand.

DD and I are nearly at the end of season five of Downton Abbey. We now have the complete collection and wanted to watch the whole thing from start to finish. I do love it so much. Although I am not much of a one for clothes I have seen so many beautiful outfits that I would definitely wear now. Long simple jackets with exquisite embellishments, gorgeous loose dresses and wonderful duster coats. I wish I could get hold of patterns to make some of them.

Well I had best go and get this pie filling on the go and prepare the pastry. I might make enough to do some mince pies as I have a jar of mincemeat that could do with using up.
Tara for now and thanks for stopping by.


  1. I like to have a good rootle round in my cupboards to make sure that I get things used before they become too iffy to touch. I do keep a pack of instant custard for the days when only custard will do and I am low on milk, mind you I do slosh cream into it I never run out of that.

  2. I've got all sorts of packets of odd stuff and I swear I didn't buy some of them. There are packets of croutons which I know I didn't buy as I make my own and enough jelly to sink a flippin' ship. I think I'll go and make one up for Ruby-x-

  3. I go through 'freezer purging' sessions. We eat very strange combinations until the freezer is empty then I fill it again. My son wouldn't eat any veg cooked. He had raw everything except mashed potatoes


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