Tuesday, 5 January 2016

From One Extreme To The Other!!!

From a late post on Saturday to a very early post today.
I have been up since just after 4am woken by a loud noise which I thought was the dog falling downstairs.....he had knocked a book off from a pile that I hadn't got a spare hand to carry up last night.
Once awake I followed him down to find he had wee'd on the kitchen floor and so out came the disinfectant, mop and bucket. After cleaning up I was wide awake and needing a cuppa so that's it. I thought I may as well stay up.

Later I am off to Derby to shop for dressmaking fabric for myself...not the doll. I have my notebook with pattern numbers and fabric/notion requirements all ready. I need fabric for two different kinds of casual and one a bit smarter, a long summer dress and if there is any suitable fabric I can afford seven metres of......a poncho coat. I don't know why it's called a poncho coat as it looks nothing like a poncho but there you go.

Hubby is back at work now and has his main meal before he goes out to his afternoon shift so DD and I will be having cheese, salad and crusty rolls for our evening meal today.....yummy.

Right......I can hear someone else stirring so I'll go and put the kettle on again.
Thanks for your visit today.

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