Friday, 22 January 2016

Another Day!!!

Hubby has just left for work and I have the house to myself until four thirty when DD gets home. I just need to tidy and hoover and then my time is my own.

Today I am thinking of the victim of a car accident on main road that runs along the front of our small estate. About 2pm I could hear a lot of sirens and helicopters and wondered what on earth was going on. DD struggled to get home as the road was closed in both directions. We later heard that a car had overturned and the lady involved had been air lifted to hospital with serious injuries. So if you have a prayer to spare today please pray for her recovery.

Thank you for dropping by today.


  1. Love your money-saving idea. Have never tried this with peppers before.

  2. Thanks Liz.
    I am hoping that they turn out to be tastier than the T**co ones. They already smell delicious-x-

  3. Hi, may I just add a word of warning? I won't waffle on but please google the keywords 'botulism oil preservation'. Just to be on the safe side, regarding safe storage.
    Also, Lidl sell a similar product but much cheaper than Tesco. :-)


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