Saturday, 30 January 2016

Chewed Up And Spat Out!!!

I have been shopping for clothes with a five (going on fifteen) year old....I feel like I have been chewed up and spat out. My back and legs ache like hell and I have a headache. Ruby on the other hand is over the moon with her new leather (faux) jacket, jeggings, boots and t shirts and we now have a fashion show going on.
I'm not surprised everything in the shops is so expensive. Their heating bills must be through the roof judging by how hot it was everywhere in the shopping centre. It was just too much and we got out as soon as we could.
No chance of any crafting today with the Doodle Bird in the house so I think it will be movies and snuggling again this evening.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.
Thanks for your visit today.


  1. The last time that I shopped with a little girl I held up a pale peach outfit and asked what she thought. Her hands zoomed onto her minuscule hips and in quite a stern voice she said "It is disgusting Nanny, you know I only wear pink or blue" Every one in the shops was smiling, I was speechless, and the 3 year old carried on regardless.

  2. I hate shopping! Shops are too hot! They make me all crotchety! I avoid them all costs!

  3. OMG Pam that sounds just like my Ruby. She definitely knows her own mind.

    Rachel....I was in a foul mood by the time we'd done. The shops were over heated and I couldn't think straight.


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