Monday, 11 January 2016

Back To Normal!!!

Today I get my house back. DD has gone back to work today and I can get back into my routine in the house and make plans for bigger jobs that need doing. I find it impossible to even think straight when other people are lolling about while I try and get my chores done and I haven't had the house to myself since about December 18th when hubby broke up from work. I am a very happy bunny this morning.
First job on the list is to get a chilli on the go when hubby gets back with my green pepper. That can simmer away while I have a bit of a declutter on the top of the kitchen cupboards.
This afternoon is my time so the sewing machine will be coming out as I have two skirts cut out for the doll. Once they are done I may cut out one of the pairs of trousers I am making for myself.

Although I am pretty happy today I can't help but feel a little sad at the news that David Bowie has passed away. He was one of my idols in my teenage years and I still love his music now. RIP David and tell Freddy Mercury and Marc Bolan that I said hello -x-

........and on that sad note I am off to chop onions.
Thanks for your visit today.



  1. Sad news indeed, a great idol from my childhood. Hope you have a great day, on your own.

  2. Like you, I enjoy having the house to myself and everything back to normal. Yes, sad news about David Bowie.


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