Saturday, 9 January 2016

Decluttering Day!!!

Armed with lots of strong bin bags and a bit of gung ho spirit DD and I have just finished having a decluttering session up in the attic bedroom/storage area. It's a job that has needed to be done for a good long time and we are down to the bones of it.
This year our Christmas tree was my most favourite ever so everything surplus to the theme has gone off to the charity shop in two huge bin bags and several shopping bags so I am now down to two large lidded boxes for decorations, one flatter lidded box for packaging and another for Christmas crafting. There is also a box of Halloween decorations. All have fit nicely into the alcove and I know nothing under there has to be touched now until late October.
The charity shop will also receive several bags of card blanks and paper pads leftover from my cardmaking days so that is another couple of empty boxes up in the attic.
A job well done and I think we now deserve a coffee.

Raining again here today but it is very cold. There is definitely ice in the air.

More tidying to do now as I still have sewing stuff to sort out and I have bought more down from upstairs.
Keep warm and dry.
Thanks for your visit.


  1. The tidying bug seems to have grabbed a lot of bloggers lately, I just wish it would grab me, I'm failing miserably at housework.

  2. You certainly seem to have made short work of the decluttering, I can never make a decision so that in the end very little goes.

  3. I still have a long way to go Hester before the room can be classed as tidy but I am getting there.
    Although I made short work of bagging up the stuff and getting it out of the house today I have prevaricated over getting rid of my cardmaking stuff for over twelve months. I'm glad it's gone now though.

  4. Just discovered your blog - love the name. Good to find someone else who doesn't iron tea towels!


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