Friday, 15 January 2016

Fashion On A Friday!!!

Pink Flip Flops
Crochet Flower Sandals
Denim Skirt
Purple Pleats
Well......we got some snow in the night. It wasn't much and looks just like a sprinkle of icing sugar on a Victoria sponge. There are some rather dark clouds rolling in now that look like they may bring a bit more.....fingers crossed.

The shoes are only practice efforts and there are things that need to be changed such as the glue I am using. The video I found on You Tube uses hot glue which I thought might make them a bit lumpy looking so I used a tacky wet glue and weighed them down while they dried. Not ideal as there are some small gaps around the edges which I don't like. I need to find a glue which grips quickly and dries flatter. Also I will do the cutting out with a knife next time. Cutting through two layers of fun foam with scissors leaves a bit of a funky edge no matter how careful I am which needs to be lightly sanded with an emery board. I am very pernickety but I'm sure Ruby will love the shoes as they are.

The denim skirt went down a treat even though to me it looks a little lumpy around the waistband. I am going to make another and see if I can do a different kind of waistband which will lie a bit I said....I am pernickety.
Ruby was in raptures over the purple skirt which I made with a very small remnant from a scrap bag and no pattern as none of the skirt patterns I had would fit onto the fabric. I am going to take in a bit on the back seam to make it fit a little tighter.

Yesterday I made a rod for my own back with the homemade stuffing. They loved it.....and so did I. No more packet stuffing from now

Tonight is an easy with jacket potatoes and coleslaw as I am going to do some baking later. Coconut cupcakes with a lime icing and maybe some ginger biscuits as I still have some stem ginger that needs using up. I also need to tidy off the dining table of all my crafting stuff......and then I'll start again and make another it keeps me out of mischief.

Thanks for your visit today.


  1. I have some limes, I may copy your idea

  2. They are lovely! The denim skirt is great too!

  3. Oh do Rachel.......they are delicious-x-

  4. Thanks Liz.....they are a work in progress-x-

  5. I love all of it, but the shoes are a real delight they are amazing! Take care.

  6. Awww thank you. You are kind.

  7. Those sandals are so brilliant, can you scale up to people size!! :-)

  8. Lol Sue.....I bet I could with the right materials.


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