Sunday, 3 January 2016

Sleep Deprived!!!

Well so much for thinking I would sleep well last night. I was really tired and went up earlier than normal, read for a bit and then snuggled down. Could I get Eventually managed to nod off only to wake up an hour later and that was how the night went on. I woke up because I was hot then woke up because I was cold. I think the first hour was the longest I slept so here I am with gritty eyes feeling rather lacksadaisical. Just what I needed on what was going to be a busy day. Oh well there is always tomorrow for the jobs I don't get done today.

The fabric stash stayed firmly where I left it. It didn't get sorted and stored so I may just potter about and do that after lunch. We are having roast lamb today as it is DD's favourite and it's her birthday so she got to chose.

Most of the Christmas decs are down now. Just the tree to do tomorrow and hubby will fetch the outside lights in later when he gets back from wherever he's gone this morning. I'm ready for a really good sort out and clean now. I have lots of stuff I want to send to the charity shop so I must remember to get some bags to put it in.
Thanks for dropping by today.


  1. Oh no there's nothing worse than wanting to sleep and you can't! Happy Birthday DD! I love roast lamb. Yum! We are having left over roast beef chips and gravy! Easy tea. It's chucking it down here, so more knitt g for me!! Just as I love it lol

  2. I was "walking the boards" for a couple of hours during the night but managed 3 hours solid sleep to finish the night. It poured down all night but is dry now so I am off for a walk soon. Then it will be a little crochet methinks. Roast Pork for dinner later, soup for lunch after my walk.

  3. DD says thanks for the Birthday wish Rachel-x-
    It is absolutely thrashing it down here and has highlighted another fixing job that needs doing....the guttering isn't coping too well. Good job we had planned on replacing it in the spring.
    Enjoy your knitting and crocheting girls-x-


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