Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Runaway Day!!!

All day long I have been meaning to take pictures of a couple of finished projects but have been sidetracked by jobs and watching a wren playing in the garden. Such a cute little thing. She looked like a little piece of paper fluttering about.
Then at around 4:30pm Ruby called with some very exciting news and all thoughts of taking pictures just flew out the window.
The exciting news............Ruby is going to be a big sister....which means I am going to be a ganma again. Baby is due towards the end of March......squeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 
I am already planning a quilt to welcome the little bean. I'll make one that will be suitable for a boy or a girl and then once he or she arrives I will make one to suit. Just need to find some gorgeous fabric now but I have three other quilts to make before I can start that one.
The two sofa quilts are almost finished....well one is finished and already in use and I am just hand sewing the binding onto the second one and then I can start on Rubys' quilt using squares I have cut from a beautiful dress she had from New York when she was little. I have also bought some lovely fabrics to go with it so I can't wait to start on that.
Anyhoo.......a little more sewing then I am off to bed.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Christmas Is Coming!!!

What to do on a miserable wet Bank Holiday Monday?
Well my thoughts turned to Christmas and the fact that this year I would like to make my tree look completely different. I usually have red and gold. One year we tried teal, silver and white (colours I love but it just didn't work for me on our green tree) but this year I am going for a candy/snowman/top hat theme and everything will be handmade I hope.
So I have made a good start with Christmas puddings and candy canes. There are three top hats made but not yet decorated and six snowballs cut but not yet sewn and decorated. Once I have them all made and the shops catch up with me in getting the decorations out I will be looking for crusty white baubles and frosted picks to pad it all out. I'm loving it.

Thanks for dropping by.