25 May 2013

It Never Rains Without it Pours!!!

Ruby has recovered nicely from her bout of tonsillitis and ear infection thank goodness. Hopefully she will have a lovely long weekend down in London with her other grandma and grandad.
So now we have Smudge in the wars again. He has had his usual (for this time of year) itchy tummy which he has to have medication for but he has also been having breathing troubles. The antibiotics prescribed didn't do any good at all so yesterday he had to spend the day at the vets having an exploratory operation and he has a growth on one of his tonsils which is flapping across his airway. He is going to Lichfield to have an operation to remove it next Thursday which I hope will be the end of it but they will have to send it away for analysis to see if it's anything nasty.
My poor little fella. It's only just over eighteen months since he got attacked and nearly lost his leg and now this.
It's been a nice sunny day here although too warm for me. Fingers crossed it will be nice tomorrow as it's car boot day again. The last couple have been a bit chilly to say the least.
Ah well back to the cardmaking for a bit before I have to see to tea.
Tara for now.

20 May 2013

Poorly Girl!!!

When I picked Ruby up from pre-school today she was complaining about a sore ear and so knowing that she had been swimming quite a lot last week I thought she may have an ear infection. I managed to get her in to see the doctor this evening and yes....she has an ear infection and tonsilitis. Apparently they no longer give antibiotics for an ear infection but as she had tonsilitis too she was prescribed some.
The doctor confirmed what I have always known.......Ruby has the hugest tonsils. She takes after her daddy.
After explaining to her what would happen at the doctors she was as good as gold. I'm so proud of my little munchkin.
No pre-school for her tomorrow. We are going to snuggle up and watch a film and there will be ice cream and freezer pops on tap if she should need them.......hang on a slight feeling of deja vu here this is exactly what we used to do when her daddy was little and had an attack of the killer!!!
I'm off for an early night ready to play nurse ganma. Tomorrow may be a long!!!
Tara for now.

Hello Blog Land!!!

So much for all the plans I had for last week.
None of the big housey jobs got done as I was having some major trouble with my shoulder. It hurts most days but it hurt and then some over the last week.
I have done a bit of cardmaking although most need a finishing touch or two before I can take any pics.
Excited today as I get to pick my little Doodle up from pre-school and I haven't seen her for over a week. I hope she still remembers!!!
Can't decide what to cook for tea today so I had best go and have a ferret in the freezers.
Tara for now.

11 May 2013

Morning All!!!

Well that was a busy week!!!
When it's so busy in the house and with Ruby there is not much time for crafting so I have to do my queezy cards. Now though there will be time to do some Cricuting and maybe even some stamping as there will be no gorgeous, mischievous little girl here this next week. They are off on holiday to Centre Parcs for a few days. Once all the sofa shifting, window cleaning and oven cleaning (bleurgh) are out of the way my time will be my own..yay!!!
DD and I nipped out to get my carry on bag for the plane when we go to New York. I've gone for a back pack which then can be used out and about for shopping......although I am not sure I got one big!!! All I really need to buy now is a new coat but I will leave that until later in the year.
Tomorrow is car boot day so today we will be loading up the van ready for off at ridiculous 'o' clock in the morning.
Have a great weekend.
Tara for now.

02 May 2013

Sunny Day Shennanigans!!!

Inks and stamps........a very rare event in the workroom these days.
The Hero Arts butterfly is stamped onto a background inked with distress inks.
Foliage stamp is Kaisercraft and the sentiment is Inkadinkado.

It's a beautiful sunny day far anyway.....and I am going to spend the morning preparing a picnic as Mr Manic and I are taking Miss Ruby to the Play Barn at Amerton after we pick her up from preschool. She loves it there so she got a one year pass for her birthday and we are all making the most of it. Either mummy and daddy or we take her at least three times a week which combined with being at pre-school every day is tiring her out and making her eat and sleep better than she has ever done. After a game of football I'm not sleeping too bad!!!

The migraine didn't nobble me too badly yesterday and I managed to keep going until Ruby went home before I needed a lie down.
I must remember to take my sunglasses out with me today so that I don't end up with another one. to give my bread buttering arm a workout.
Tara for now.

01 May 2013

Spring Birthday!!!

A 'queezy' (quick and easy) card this morning.
I bought the felt flowers from Hobbycraft just because I liked them with no idea of what I was going to do with them but they came in handy for a batch of quick cards.
Sentiment is from a pack which I got from The Works.

Well it's bright and sunny outside this morning and I had plans for being outside but I shall have to see how things go as I have woken up with the start of a migraine. I haven't had one for ages.
Luckily I've planned a simple evening meal which Mr Manic can cook if I am laid up with it.

Right......I'll get off and see if I can get something done before this head of mine scuppers me.
Tara for now.