Saturday, 25 May 2013

It Never Rains Without it Pours!!!

Ruby has recovered nicely from her bout of tonsillitis and ear infection thank goodness. Hopefully she will have a lovely long weekend down in London with her other grandma and grandad.
So now we have Smudge in the wars again. He has had his usual (for this time of year) itchy tummy which he has to have medication for but he has also been having breathing troubles. The antibiotics prescribed didn't do any good at all so yesterday he had to spend the day at the vets having an exploratory operation and he has a growth on one of his tonsils which is flapping across his airway. He is going to Lichfield to have an operation to remove it next Thursday which I hope will be the end of it but they will have to send it away for analysis to see if it's anything nasty.
My poor little fella. It's only just over eighteen months since he got attacked and nearly lost his leg and now this.
It's been a nice sunny day here although too warm for me. Fingers crossed it will be nice tomorrow as it's car boot day again. The last couple have been a bit chilly to say the least.
Ah well back to the cardmaking for a bit before I have to see to tea.
Tara for now.

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