Monday, 3 June 2013

Plagues And Pestilence!!!

Honestly.......Manic Towers has  been like the setting for a medical drama this last week or so.
During the night on Wednesday Miss Doodle was sick. Just the once no other upset tummy symptoms or anything. She came to me for her last day on Thursday and was as right as rain. Seven am on Friday I get a phone call from DS.....could I have Ruby as DDIL had been up all night and was very poorly. We had to take a trip to Lichfield to sign a form for the vet who operated on Smudge so on the way back we called at Morrison's and took Ruby for breakfast and a bit of shopping and by the time we got home I felt so ill I could barely stand up. Luckily for me DDIL rang early afternoon to say she felt better and Ruby could come home. I slept all afternoon until about seven pm and then from ten pm until 8am. The bug then went back to Doodles house to her daddy. Hope we are all done with that one now. DD and Mr Manic missed out on it but DD has a nasty cough and cold and today Mr Manic has come home with a bad leg.......gawd you couldn't make it up could you?
The most cheerful bod in our house at the minute is our Smudgie who sailed through his op, came home the same day and is now eating like a horse and jumping about like a little puppy.
It turned out he had a polyp. It was huge and yet he hadn't had any symptoms or breathing difficulties up until three weeks before he had his op. The vet very kindly took photos for us which in my humble opinion was just too much information. Thankfully he didn't do us a little photo wallet to bring!!!
Anyway tomorrow should see us back to normal. We are planning on an afternoon in the garden after we pick Ruby up from school and if we can rig up a bit of shade for her....we shall get the paddling pool out if it doesn't leak after several months in the shed.
Tara for now then.

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