19 June 2013

Plagues And Pestilence-Chapter 2!!!

Well Manic Towers is still the germiest residence on the!!!
DD now has tonsillitis, I have bronchitis and Mr Manic got called in to the doctors today for the result of his hip and spine xray. He needs to go for an MRI scan.
Smudge is still fine but we got a call from the vet who operated on him with the results of tests on the mass that was removed from his throat and indications are that it is likely to return so we have to keep our eye on him now.
Miss Doodle is just about back to her old self. The cold sore has cleared up very quickly for saying that it was such a huge one.
I am making a few cards but they are of the quick and easy variety and repeats of older designs in newer nothing you would want to see.
I'm just waiting for a ham to finish cooking and then I am going to chuck myself in bed and read for a bit. Hopefully I will get a lie in in the morning as we don't have to pick Ruby up until 11am and the ham is tea for tomorrow so all I need to do is a bowl of salad and bake some rolls.....get me......Mrs!!!
So tara for now.

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