24 September 2017

Heavenly Day!!!

After my busy week today has been like heaven.
Some time spent in the kitchen this morning getting an early lunch ready while Andy and DD pottered about doing their own things. Then just a fairly lazy day surfing the internet for Christmas ideas in between loading and unloading the washing machine and dryer which means I won't be at it all day tomorrow. Just two loads of bedding left to do now.
The fabric panels have been sprayed and soaked with starch and should be dry enough to iron tomorrow. Steaming them just didn't get the creases out.
I might also get the Poundland decoration sorted this week as Andy picked me up some new wood filler after finding ours had gone hard in it's tube.

The plumber came on Friday and now we have a nice neat outside loo and basin. The old loo was so cracked that Andy had wrapped it in duct tape to stop it breaking any Just need to replace the loo roll holder and do away with the towel and soap holders. I don't keep a towel in there as spiders hide in them.

I think our next expense is going to have to be a new cooker as my top oven/grill has just about had it and all the control knobs keep breaking and having to be mended with wire and superglue.
We are trying to work out if we can fit in an all electric range cooker by removing a small piece of worktop.
I will be one very happy cook if we can......especially if we can do it before Christmas.

Well I think I will do a bit of blog browsing and then have an earlier night......I quite fancy a reading session before I go to sleep.

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday too.

23 September 2017

Grubbing About!!!

Sorry for the short absence but I have been a tad busy doing some sorting out in the attic bedroom trying to relieve DD of several boxes of my crafting stuff which are cluttering up the eaves storage area. It's all cardmaking stuff some of which will come downstairs but much of which will have to stay in it's boxes on the landing sideboard for now.
Lots of ferreting in boxes under beds looking for stuff I know I have but didn't have the foggiest idea where it was and total shame at the dust bunnies found living under therešŸ˜²

The Christmas packaging/card boxes have also been dragged out and checked and a list made of what we need. Definitely no cards this year apart from family ones as we picked some up in the sale last year and they will probably last me for five years.
Some gorgeous gift boxes have been purchased from B&M for The Doodle Family's gifts so I just need to stock up on gift bags now and I will be ready to wrap everything as we get it to save a mega wrapping session later on.

The guinea pigs have been moved up into their Winter quarters. They are now in the shelter of the house where the rain and wind doesn't tend to reach so they should be nice and cosy.

So several jobs done that have been wanting doing for a long time.

I am a bit over traditional Sunday lunches for the moment and have decided that this week we will have a lovely lamb stew with mashed potatoes and cabbage. The stew is simmering away now and then will be cooled and put in the fridge overnight so dinner will be fairly quick and easy tomorrow.
Tonight is a simple tea of pasta with tomato sauce and a grating of Parmesan with tear and share garlic bread so now the jobs are done and the meals sorted I might get some time to myself tomorrow to make a start on these flippin' Advent Calendars.

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.

20 September 2017

The Conkers Are Primed!!!

Cobwebs are vanquished and the conkers are in position ready to frighten off the eight legged monsters.
I really hope they work. Some people swear by them and some say they don't have much effect so we will see.

I've had a bit of a lazy day today after all that swishing about with the feather duster and dragging the hoover round yesterday.
I have been watching You Tube videos on overlocking for beginners as Andy will be buying me an overlocker on October 8th when they have them in at Lidl.....although I will only have one if it's a Singer like my other two machines.
They usually are from there so my fingers are crossed and I am proper excited.

The Advent calendars are out of their box but they need a bit of prep work before I can get sewing. Neither one had been folded very well on to their card bolts and they are very creased. A good spray of starch which I will let dry and then a good steam iron should put that right but I didn't feel like hunting the clothes airer out of the shed to hang them on to dry.

To go with my lazy day....a lazy tea of cold meat, salad and crusty rolls while we watch some more Lucifer.....lovely.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.

19 September 2017

Too Much Of A Good Thing!!!

I like nature....I really do but there is far too much of it making itself at home inside my house for comfort at the moment. Not so many flies now but spiders....huge spiders and my least favourite.....Daddy Long Legs.
There were two flying around around in the kitchen last night. DD was kind and tried to catch them to put them outside while I was screeching in a corner. I would just have whacked them if she had let me.
Today I will be ferreting in corners to remove all cobwebs and placing pierced conkers in all the nooks and crannies. It may work or it may not.

Miss Doodle is coming for her tea today as there will be nobody to drop her off tomorrow. Just a simple tea of tomato soup followed by trifle for her and beans on toast for DD and me as she will be going out shortly after getting home.....the cinema visit was rearranged for tonight.
Daddy will have to pick Ruby up so once she has gone home I am going to see if I can summon up the mojo to get out the Advent calendars I need to make for my girls so that I can then start filling them ready for the start of December. It's very hard finding small things that don't cost a fortune to fill them up so I like to make an early start.

I must admit to having already bought a Christmas decoration from Poundland. It's so beautiful that I knew if I didn't get it they would all be gone. I do need to alter it slightly as I don't like the fact that it says Merry X-mas but that will be easily remedied.
I'll show before and after pics when it's done.

Just need Andy out from under my feet now so that I can get on with my spider hunt and do some tidying before Ruby gets here.....if the dining table is tidy I will be more likely to get the sewing out.

Hope you are all enjoying a sunny day today as we are here.

18 September 2017

Sunday And Monday!!!

I was going to blog yesterday when I got back from watching the girls....honest I was......but just ended up with no time again.
When DDIL is on call she can't really take the girls out very far so she asked if Ruby could come back to our house for lunch and a play so that she got a change of scenery to ward off the boredom.
Unexpected but lovely just the same although she wasn't in the best of moods.
By the time we had taken her home in a very scary thunderstorm, had another squidge or two with the gorgeous Marlowe and got home again I wasn't fit for much.

Today....well today is Monday so that means laundry and clearing up after the weekend so nothing really exciting.
Tea will be one of DD and my favourites....leftover veg and roast potatoes from Sunday lunch with some lamb gravy and mint sauce. We eat it out of a bowl with a spoon so we call it Sunday Dinner Soup.....very comforting and warming.
I'm sure DD will appreciate it today as it is very chilly.

At the moment I am just trying to organise everybody's holiday bookings for next year as we want to take Ruby away for a week to the seaside in Cornwall. Andy wants him and me to go away on our own for a week and then DD and I will go away for a week and take Ruby so I need to get all the dates sorted out before I can book anything. It's a bit of a nightmare but we'll get there in the end.

Anyhoo....there's washing to fold and more to dry so I had best get on with that. No chance of line drying today so It's all been tumble dried which means very little ironing...yay.

Have a good week.