20 October 2017

Thursday And Friday!!!

Sorry there was no post yesterday but I was determined to get all this stuff sorted and shifted in the dining room.
I didn't finish completely but at least the overlocker has a resting place while I am using the table for other things.
There were one or two scary moments when I couldn't find anywhere to store some fabric but I squished and squashed and managed to fit it in to my already bursting drawers.
I think there may have to be some serious sewing soon to reduce what I have before I can buy any more.....I have just over a month before I go to Birmingham....arrrrrrgh.

Today I am cleaning through ready for me Ruby who is visiting tonight after school. She didn't come on Wednesday as there were transport problems.
As usual tea will be something I am sure Ruby will eat so it's chicken and spinach wraps with corn on the cob.....nice and easy = less time in the kitchen and more time for cuddles.
We're hoping to spend half an hour or so with Marlowe when we drop Ruby off tonight as we won't see either of them for a week. They are away until next Friday but then Ruby will come to us for a couple of nights. 
I need to plan a sleepover theme.....probably Halloween with films to match.....more than likely Hocus Pocus and the Transylvania films for 1,000th

Tomorrow the cooker will be fitted and I will be trying that out baking some pies to use some of the minced beef I have in the freezer. All but one pie will have to go back in the freezer but at least they will be there for when I can't be bothered to cook from scratch. comes the weekend.
Have you got anything exciting planned.

18 October 2017

Delivery Central!!!

Judging by the amount of parcels our poor postie had to drag to our door this morning I think I know what DD is up to when she goes up to bed at night....Christmas shopping online.
Five parcels for her and one for me.
The biggest delivery of the day has just arrived in the shape of my new cooker and that will be decorating the corner of the living room until the weekend when it gets installed.

Now that the fabric and pattern have arrived for my nightdress I need to have a shufty round and find somewhere for the overlocker to sit while I use the table to cut out my pattern and then cut out the fabric.
There is never enough room in here to do something without shifting something first.

I can't do anything at the moment as I am currently dealing with two massive cauliflowers that Andy picked up from the veg shop this morning. They are being turned into tubs of cauli in white sauce for the freezer. I know I am trying to empty them but you can't pass up massive caulis at 59p each and they won't be too long getting used up as it is one of our favourite side dishes.

So I will go and crack on with the making of the white sauce and then I am ready for a cuppa.

Hope you are all having a good day.

17 October 2017

Just What I Need!!!

I don't know where it has come from but I have woken up this morning with a bad case of the sniffles and a head that feels like it's full of cotton wool and aches like the devil.
Well it can just bu**er off. I don't want it.
Now Andy has gone to work I think I will go and run myself a hot bath and have a soak to see if that will make me feel better.

We were very lucky here in our part of the Midlands to escape the attentions of Ophelia. Just some very odd looking skies yesterday and a bit of wind towards the later part of the evening and nothing damaged as far as we can see.
Today we have blue skies, sunshine and a good stiff wind....ideal for drying but no laundry to do.

No cooking as such today. DD and I are immersed in a new box set called Vikings. It's brilliant so tonight we will be watching it while we have toasted three cheese bloomer with beans and a cup of tea.

Last week I bought myself a couple of new nightdresses and I am not very pleased that what started out as nice below the knee and comfortable after washing they are now twisted and only just inches south of indecent. I have decided to make my own and have found a lovely simple pattern and some gorgeous fabric which should be here tomorrow. I have also ordered a pattern for Marlowe to make her some new dresses. Not a baby any more....I had to order toddler size 😕
I will pick up some suitable fabrics for her when I go to The Rag Markets at the end of next month.....DD is taking me as my Christmas present with spending money and I know I'll be able to find lots of lovely fabrics for very little money.

.......and now I am off to wash Andy's lunch pots and then go and run myself that bath.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.

16 October 2017

Hoping For A Crafty Week!!!

Well....that was a 'blink and you miss it' kind of weekend wasn't it?
It seemed like no sooner had we had our Sunday lunch than it was time for bed and here we are back at Monday.
Up early this morning and I am already on laundry load number three. Unfortunately no line drying today as it's very mizzly outside and it looks like the clouds might be chucking something a bit heavier down on us sometime during the day.

Andy is on an afternoon shift this week so I am feeding him an early lunch. My kitchen currently smells disgusting as I am cooking some spare ribs he bought from the butchers ready marinaded and they stink of Chinese five spice powder which I just cannot abide.
Once I have washed up and seen him off I shall have some time to crack on with some crafting until it's time to make the Cheats Chicken Parmegianna that DD and I are having for our evening meal. Cheats because I am using some battered chicken breast steaks instead of fresh chicken to get them used up out of the freezer.
Talking of cooking......the cooker has finally blown a gasket and we are now limited to the main oven and two rings. DD soldiered on very bravely yesterday and produced a beautiful Sunday lunch but it has got to go.
We are not really at the stage where we can start any kitchen renovations so the range cooker has been put on the back boiler and this will be arriving at The Mansion sometime on Wednesday...........

........and moving swiftly

Remember this from Poundland........

Loved the decoration but just not that Merry X-mas so I took these..........

........and turned it into this.........

I like it much better now.

If you want to alter your own I would advise filling in the lettering with wood filler before you add any paper......and any questions.....just let me know.

There is stuff cut out to make the gifts for the girls so I am going to sit and do some hand sewing this afternoon with something on catch up on the computer. I have not done that for so long so if the dog behaves himself it should be a blissful afternoon.

Hope you have a gorgeous day doing what you want to do.

14 October 2017

Crafty Minx!!!

I am spending some time this weekend crafting but not neccessarily working on the calendars. I have to admit that I have seriously gone off them and am considering bagging them up as kits and sending them to the charity shop although I am not sure I really want to foist them on somebody
So far I have completed the altering of the Poundland wall decoration and will shortly be starting on a gift each for the girls involving felt and metal buckets.
I was very excited to see that Poundland had the beer crates back in HERE but on close inspection every single one of the ones in stock at our Poundland was either broken or very badly made. Not a good base for an altering project so I am moving on to another idea which I will show and tell when it's done.

So just a pottering weekend here.
Andy has cleaned out the gigglies and I have given them a brush and tidy up. 
DD poddled off to Derby for a wander round and a haircut and also popped to Hobbycraft to pick up the last coupl of bits for Ruby's Christmas gifts.
She is now giving Smudge a haircut as he is badly overdue.
All in all a happy at home rushing and no big jobs......bliss!!!

Hope you are having just as good a weekend.