Thursday, 21 June 2018

A Welcome Wind!!!

It seems strange to say....with the sun blazing and a bright blue sky....but I am absolutely freezing this morning.
There is a strongish breeze blowing which is keeping the temperature down and I am not complaining one little's lovely 😃

Most jobs are done for the day except for the hoovering as Andy is in bed. Normally that drives me mad but it wasn't done until later on yesterday and it's not too bad. I am just turning a blind eye to the carrot
Tea will be easy again...salad and something. There are bits to use up in the fridge so it could be quite interesting.

Ruby's dress has been soaked in spray starch to stiffen the fabric up a bit before I start mending. Just waiting for it to dry before I iron it and get started.....and until then....I am cutting out shoe bases.

Hope you all have a smashing day.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Happy Feet!!!

Well for saying I didn't feel on top form yesterday I managed to get quite a bit done and also snuck in some shoemaking time.
The dolls now have happy feet..........

Hairbands, ribbon and funky foam and they are quite quick to make when I am organised enough to have the bases cut out ready.
Ruby will be here shortly so we'll see what she thinks of them. I know I definitely want a pair of the red

I've been quite mad and had the oven on baking for our tea and one for The Doodle House. I reckon I could have baked them in the heat outside has been very hot and I feel slightly melted around the edges.

Tomorrow I have to get the sewing machine out as Ruby's black dress I made for her needs mending. She caught it on something and one of the seams has come adrift. I would much rather make than mend but it's for my little angel so I don't mind.

Hope you are all having a fabulous day.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Loooong Weekend!!!

Happy giggly time spent with my two girls and emotional time spent with BIL. It has been a long weekend and I am looking forward to a more normal one this weekend.....apart from the fact that Andy has to work on Saturday.
Yesterday I just took a day laundry no cleaning and just a simple Ploughman's Lunch for today I have to catch up with everything that hasn't been done and make some time to do some sewing or shoemaking as I haven't touched anything in my sewing room for several days.
The trouble is that I don't seem to have an ounce of energy this morning. Isn't that always the way? Still I'll just crack on and see how much I manage to get done.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Getting Ready For The Weekend!!!

As I am going to be busy this weekend I have started my clean up jobs a day early. Furniture is being shifted and wiped over, the hoover is on turbo and my cobweb ridding arm is in overdrive.....then I looked at the curtains, whipped them down and they are currently being washed and dried before being ironed and rehung. I would love to have hung them out on the line with this lovely wind we have to day but they need to be done quickly as I am out shopping tonight so the tumble dryer it is today.
Woe betide anyone who makes a mess of any kind before 11am on Saturday when BIL arrives.
I do have to have a sit down in between jobs as my back plays up when I am shifting stuff and stretching so while I am resting it I am cutting out doll shoes ready to assemble when I have time to make them.

Something quick for tea tonight before we go out but I haven't made my mind up what yet. I may just see what DD fancies when she comes in and I'll just go with the flow.

After a cloudy start we now have a bit of sun so I hope you are enjoying some too.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Planning At The Pub!!!

Poor old Andy.....he came in from work last night to find his wife had gone off to the
I very rarely go out at night unless it's to do shopping or go to the cinema so it was really nice to be whisked off to the pub for our planning meeting.
DDIL, her Mum and planned....or at least the food is and the world put to rights between us. It was lovely.

Today Andy has requested Toad in the Hole for his lunch so I will make that and then I am taking the rest of the day off and doing some sewing....just for a DD comes in and wants feeding.

What are you up to today?