23 June 2017

Loving The Grey!!!

Absolutely loving the grey cloud and the cool breeze. No rain to speak of although I have just noticed a puddle on top of the little tool shed so it must have rained in the night. I didn't hear it....I slept like a log with it being cooler.

I must thank Marlene at Simple Living for her meal suggestion of the bacon and egg salad. We had it last night and it was absolutely gorgeous....a big hit with us all.
I did glaze the bacon with maple syrup before grilling it and made a mustard mayo to drizzle over the salad.
We will definitely be having that again.
For tonight I have pulled some portions of leftover Lasagne out of the freezer which we will have with salad and some rather nice Red Leicester Mature Cheddar and Balsamic Red Onion flatbread.
I will also be getting a head start on some Jerk Chicken for our tea tomorrow as DD and I are going to have a ride out to Trentham Gardens in the morning and the chicken can be marinating while we are out ready to pop in the oven when we get back.

Just waiting for Andy to get up before I start on the Friday clean to get the house ready for the weekend. He came in at 4:30am this morning so I had expected him to be up by now but he must be sleeping well with it being I'll have a late coffee and hopefully he will be up by the time I have finished it.

Have a happy weekend.

22 June 2017

Oh Yes!!!

This morning I woke up to the dreaded bright, hot sunshine and my heart sank just a little bit......but now we have thick grey cloud, a nice breeze and the thermometer is dropping slowly downwards.
If it carries on I will crank the pootling up a notch and go out and get the windows cleaned as they are looking very dusty and cobwebby.

Still not keen to have the cooker on for long so today we will have hard boiled eggs and crispy maple glazed bacon with a fridge bottom salad, homemade mustard mayo dressing and some crusty bread.
We have got through a lot of salad this week so I will need to go out for fresh supplies tonight.

I think I have found some suitable fabric to add to Andy's quilt so once my jobs are done I'll lay all the bits out and see if it works and then start the sewing if I have time.

Yay....the thermometer has just dropped another degree so I can go and change out of my floaty frock and put my working clobber on for the first time in a few days.

Hope you all have a fab day.


21 June 2017

Just Pootling!!!

The plan is drawn for the quilt and some fabric has been chopped up but I think I am going to see if I can find another shirt to replace the white one I had bought. Looking at it I think the white will be too much.....and let's not forget that this quilt is for Andy.
Andy + white is not a good
I am amazed at how much fabric you get out of one shirt.....there will even be some left over to make him a cushion.
........and for anyone interested....soaking in starch and air drying before steam ironing really does work. The fabric was beautifully crisp and cut like a dream.

Today will be spent just pootling about doing odd jobs that require little effort and this afternoon I will attempt to blow up the little paddling pool DD managed to find the other night and I'll put it on the back yard ready for when Ruby gets here. She will love it.....and I may also find time to go and have a sit, dabble my toes and sip a cold drink.

Stay cool....and don't forget your sunscreen.

20 June 2017

Fabric Preparation!!!

......and this morning I present to you the most boring photograph in the history of blog photographs.........

.......just to prove that I did actually do something in the vile heat of yesterday.
I finished stripping the charity shop shirts after they had been washed, soaked them all with spray starch and left them to air dry.
Today I will iron them and start to cut them into strips to see how much fabric I will have and how big a quilt I will be able to make.
I'm going to plan this one out on paper before I do any sewing so I also pulled out some suitable fat quarters just in case I don't have enough shirt fabric.

 I must admit that apart from doing that and some laundry I didn't do much else as the heat gave me such a bad headache.
I'm hoping today will be better as we do at least have a breeze blowing.

Another simple tea of salad today with some fish.
Yesterday I prepped the salad into individual containers and there is still plenty left so I will mix it all up in a bowl and add some chopped red cabbage and maybe some sweetcorn so that it at least seems a little The grated raw beetroot will have some balsamic vinegar sprinkled onto it instead of just having it plain so it should be quite a tasty offering tonight.

I haven't had a coffee for a couple of days so I think I'll go and make myself one and then I'll crack on with ironing and chopping up this fabric.

Hope it's a bit cooler for you all today.


19 June 2017

An Executive Decision!!!

Just after nine in the morning and it is already 27C here so being the kitchen boss I have made the decision that there will be no hot meals this week unless it cools down drastically. It's salad all the way which makes DD and I happy.....Andy.....not so much but never mind it will do him good.

I am expecting the laundry to bake on the line rather than blow in the breeze as we don't have even a whisper of one. It's just very still and very hot.

So glad I ran the hoover round yesterday after lunch as that means I won't have to do it today.
Just a little tidying in the dining room and I can pretty much do as I please for the rest of the day......something gentle and not too far away from the fan would be

Keep cool and enjoy your day.