Friday, 19 October 2018

Thank You!!!

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments yesterday.
I am just about firing on all cylinders again after a trip out this morning and a good old intake of farm fresh air.
A few weeks ago our favourite butcher a few villages away retired and closed his shop but yesterday one of the young butchers who worked for him opened his own a shop on a farm in the same village.
This morning we have been up to order the meat for the party. The shop is small (we had to queue outside) but absolutely wonderful. They are stocking a fabulous range of the meats we are used to as well as veg and bakery so they will now become our go to butcher.

The heating has been fixed too this morning thank goodness as we will have Miss Doodle staying tonight.
The thermostat had actually come down in price to £68 and the plumber just charged us £10 for sorting it out so not as bad as we anticipated.

Now I am just having a bit of peace and quiet for five minutes before I go and do some prep for our evening meal. I am copying the Cajun chicken meal I have at the local pub and am hoping it turns out as nice as theirs.

Hope you have a lovely day and a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Me Pesky Head!!!

Three lots of zig zags between yesterday morning and tea time. No headache so I nipped out to The Range, got home and boy did I feel bad.It felt like someone was knocking nails into my shoulders and then the headache started.
It's still here this morning so I am going to have a quiet day and see if I can get rid of it.
Ruby will be here tomorrow and I don't want to be under par for her visit.

Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


I was so cold last night that I decided against going out and had a hot bath and snuggled under a blanket on the sofa instead.
Winter PJ's, fluffy socks and a hot water bottle kept me lovely and toasty when I went to bed and I had a fairly good night's sleep but got up this morning with the nasty zig zag migraine warning in my eye.
I am just waiting to see if it turns into the full blown headache.....hopefully it won't.

Also waiting for delivery of the new thermostat which the plumber has ordered. Ninety flippin' quid for a little white box. This one had better last a bit longer than eighteen months.

.....and waiting for the delivery of my order from a cake decorating company of some of the things I need for the birthday cupcakes including a new cupcake stand as ours has developed a distinct wobble.

My burst of energy yesterday seems to have pretty much seen off the job list for now so I think today may just be a lazy pottering day until it's time to cook tea. I'm not going looking for jobs to

It doesn't look too bad outside today......there may even be a bit of sun.
Have a lovely day.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Happy Days!!!

I'm a bit later blogging today as I woke up with another excess of energy this morning and I cracked on with some housework as soon as I got up which is just not like me.
The kitchen got some attention and managed to stay clean and tidy until Andy got up. Now there is spilt tea and water all over one worktop which I will go and wipe up shortly as he never does.
The turkey mince is still in the freezer as I forgot to take it out last night so they will get done tomorrow.

Still no heating. The company the plumber spoke to about the faulty thermostat hadn't got back to him by teatime yesterday and I have heard nothing so far today.
The fluffy socks and hot water bottles are out and the sofa blankets are in use. I just hope it doesn't take too long.

I was hoping to have Ruby for tea on Thursday this week so that we could take her to the garden centre's Christmas Open Evening but forgot That Thursday is Brownie night. Instead she is staying over again on Friday night and DD and I will take her up for breakfast on Saturday morning. I want her to see the amazing miniature Christmas village set up they have this year. Usually they just display their Lemax pieces on a shelf with one out of it's box and working but this year they have an absolutely gorgeous set up. I am entranced by it and I think Ruby will be too.. I'll try and take some photos.

Cold as it is today we are just having a salad for tea. Nice and quick as I need to go to The Range tonight for a couple of things.

I hope you are having a lovely day.

Monday, 15 October 2018

The Weekend.......!!!

.....can be summed up in very few rained, I cooked, we ate and the heating packed up.
How boring is that?

Friday afternoon was quite cold and as I was expecting Ruby I thought I would put the heating on to take the chill off a bit.
It didn't come on although we had hot water.
A quick call to the plumber and he came out on Saturday. The boiler is fine so the problem lies with the thermostat not communicating with the boiler. He will hopefully sort it for us today......I hope so anyway as it is another wet and cold day.
I did get a bonus of an unexpected sleepover with Ruby. We snuggled under the blankets and watched Harry Potter.
She had to go home straight after breakfast but it was lovely to have her for those extra hours.

The candle jars are almost finished and this picture is one of each of the colours I've done........

......and a close up of the leaf........

They have been stamped and triple embossed with a sprinkle of gold in each layer of clear. I am quite pleased with them.
Not bad for a load of old pickle

Today I have one and a half kilos of minced beef which I took out of the freezer last night and I will be turning that into some meals. A minced beef pie for tea tonight and one for the freezer and a couple of cottage pies for the freezer. Tomorrow I will make a couple of batches of turkey meatballs. They will all be handy to pull out as we get busy leading up to the party.

So cooking and laundry today.
What are you up to?

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.