03 December 2016

Saturday Doings!!!

Up and out this morning to go and do a shop for the local food banks as it is the last day for collecting in T***o........ and a top up shop of veg and bread for us.
Back home and DD has gone off to work, Andy and I have just had a spot of lunch and once I have tidied that away I will use up the leftover bread from the week to make my bread sauce for the freezer. I have to make loads as my lot love it.

Andy has been and fetched the Boxing Day beef from the butchers although we won't actually have it on Boxing Day as I can't face two roast dinners on the trot. We'll just have cold meats and salad on the day and maybe have the roast beef later in the week.

I need to move all of the frozen meat from the inside to the outside freezer and I am not looking forward to that as it's very cold here today.......damp cold rather than frosty cold.
There is also a print I need to frame and get wrapped up for a Christmas gift and the finishing touches to put to the snowman wreath.

DD is off out to her work Christmas do tonight and will be eating out so we have treated ourselves to some gammon which we will have with a few chips and some mushrooms and pineapple.....lovely.

Heaven knows what we will watch when we settle down for the night tonight. We do have loads of dvd's but have watched some of them so many times that they are just about worn out. I was going to have a troll around the charity shops this morning to see if I could pick up any cheapo ones but we had to get back with DD being at work.

Break time is over so I'll go and whizz up some breadcrumbs and I shall see you tomorrow.
Hope you are having a fab weekend.


02 December 2016

Slowly Going Crazy!!!

My daily routine is shot to pieces and has been really since Andy came out of hospital. I am missing it badly.
The house which is almost always tidy until he walks through the door is a permanent tip as he is sooooo untidy.
All my lovely cushions are in a squashed heap on one sofa instead of being nicely plumped and arranged on both sofas because he sits on them to try and stop his backside from going numb.
He is eating like a pig and drinking like a fish. The kettle is always on and wherever I am and whatever I am doing he always finds me and dumps a drink by my elbow. I tell ya......I am so full of tea I can see it swishing round in my eyeballs.....lol.
A threat has been issued that I am going to burn his shoes if he doesn't stop leaving them where I can break my neck over them......totally ignored as I nearly went flying over his slippers this morning.
I am going crazy.......and if anybody wants me I am sitting in the corner rocking and talking to myself.....lol.
P.S.....I love him really 😘

Called in to see the Doodle family last night and luckily arrived before Marlowe went to bed and we had a lovely cuppa along with lots of cuddles. Ruby was thrilled with the little set of Christmas lights I found.......her name and some stars. Daddy had to immediately find Blutack and fix them to her bedhead. I would love to find some where you can get individual letters to make up a name as obviously the name Marlowe is a tad unusual.

Well I suppose I had better go and find something to do......I don't know what. There's plenty wants doing but I have woken up in a 'can't be bothered' mood this morning unfortunately so I will just have to see what takes me fancy.

Have a lovely weekend.

01 December 2016

Ruddy T'internet Shopping!!!

My day today has been spent trying to find those last minute bits and bobs of gifts on t'internet as I just can't face trekking around the shops. From a list of five things I have found one and I feel as knackered as if I had been round the shops.
Ruby asked me last night if I thought Santa could bring her some grey stretch trousers for school.........can I find any?........no.
I bought just about the last DesignAFriend doll at Argos for my niece and wanted another outfit to go with it......not a single one left in stock to collect and I am not paying four quid to have a faffing tiny little box delivered so I went with the hairdressing set.
I really hate internet shopping.....lol.

We have just sat down to eat a lovely beef stew that been simmering all day long. Mine's a bit hot so I am letting it cool a bit while I write this.
Once tea is done with DD and I are off down to the Doodles to deliver presents to be taken down to London at the weekend. I hope they like them when they open them on Christmas morning.

Right.....I'll go and scoff me tea.
Thanks for dropping by today.

30 November 2016

Getting Me Wriggle On!!!

Good morning all 😁

Goodness me....I have overslept this morning. I went to bed at some ridiculous hour....I think it was about 2am. Usually I can get up at my normal time but not this morning so I am going to have to get some serious wriggle going to get everything done that I want to get done.

First up is to wrap all the tiny presents to go in the Advent calendar. That needs to get done so that Ruby can take it home tonight ready for tomorrow and wouldn't you just know.....I have no red tissue paper. Andy to the rescue.....he is in town so I phoned him and he will pick me some up.

Next job will be to finish the wreath. I was a bit late starting it last night as I couldn't find enough of any ribbon for wrapping the polystyrene base and so had to resort to tearing strips of a blue and white spotty fabric.....which is actually perfect so that turned out well. It may not be completely finished today but I can live with that.

Another job I have on my list which may or may not get done is to paint some papier mache cone trees. I have three and want to paint them in cream, soft blue and green and then print white spots onto them. I'd love to get them done but they aren't urgent.

Luckily there is no major cooking to do today.....just a bowl of salad to prepare and some fish to cook. Andy and Ruby will have theirs at teatime as they like their fish hot but DD and I will have ours after we take Ruby home as we like ours cold.

Thank you for your comments yesterday. It's good to know that I am not alone in losing my crafting mojo. Let's hope we all get it back soon.
Jackie asked which garden centre we went to....it was Byrkley Park at Rangemore Jackie.

The red tissue has arrived so I will go and get that job done. It would be nice if I could have some music to help me get a jig on but Andy doesn't like my music and I don't want to drive him mad....lol.

Back tomorrow.


29 November 2016

Winter Wonderland!!!

Well it's not quite the snow I would love to see but we did wake up to a very heavy frost this morning. Very nipsy on the fingers, toes and noses but very pretty too. It has stayed all day.....the lawn is till white.

Andy and I went for a ride up to the garden centre to pick up part of DD's Christmas gift and we were very surprised by how quiet it was. We were there just before lunchtime and we expected there to be a few coaches of OAP's but there wasn't even one. I was quite disappointed as I do love to hear the old ladies marvelling over the modern Christmas decorations and light up things.
When I used to work there I had the most darling old lady come up to me and ask if I would look at a fibre optic tree with her and tell her if I thought it would look OK in the corner of her living room. I managed to keep a straight face and tell her that I wasn't sure what her living room was like but if she liked it then it would probably be fine. I'll never forget the joy on her face as she told her friend that she was going all mod and having a plug in tree....it was priceless.

The fire is lit now and we are starting to get cosy although my hands are freezing still. I bet DD's will be even colder so I will go and put the kettle on and make a cup of tea for when she gets in to warm her up.

After tea I am going to try and finish the snowman wreath so that I can give it to Ruby tomorrow. I have failed big time on getting the Advent calendars sewn up so Ruby will have the one I made last year and as Marlowe is too young to know what is going on I will just give her the money I was going to put in hers. My crafting mojo has well and truly disappeared this year which I am very sad about.

I hope you are all keeping warm and cosy today.
Thanks for stopping by.