27 October 2016


After a phonecall from the urology nurse at Derby this morning there is not a cat in hells chance that Andy will be having his catheter out tomorrow. It is too soon apparently so he now has to wait until Tuesday.
He is sore and grumpy and somehow this becomes my fault and I am getting grunted at. I am pee'd off with him. He will be lucky to get his lunch in a bowl and not over his head....lol.
Luckily I have broad shoulders and can take it.
I have phoned our surgery to get a prescription sorted out for some anaesthetic gel for him. Prescription is done but they don't keep the gel in so it will have to be collected tomorrow morning.
Another few hours of grunting won't kill me.

I was hoping to be able to go out and do a little food shopping this weekend but that won't be happening so meals are based around whatever is left in the freezer at the moment.
Today will be homemade burgers in a bun with some fried onions for His Nibs and the last of the salad for DD and me.

It was so wonderful to see my Ruby yesterday although not for as long as I hoped. She chose to go out for tea and then on to the cinema with Aunty DD for a treat.
I had to pretend to be shocked that she had had her hair dyed when she turned up in a pink and silver wig. She kept it going for nearly two hours before revealing that Ganma had been pranked. Oh we had such a laugh about it and even more of one when I tried the wig on. Pink and silver are so not my colour....lol.

Okey Dokey........burgers to make and onions to slice so I'll go and get on with it.
Thanks for stopping by today.


26 October 2016

It's Wednesday....so it's Ruby Day!!!

The best day of the week.
My gorgeous Ruby will be here soon for a play and some tea. A little earlier than usual as she is on half term holidays.
As she will be here earlier there may be time for Aunty DD to take her to the cinema. I won't be able to go as I will be looking after Andy (hubby) but she will love it...espescially as it will be a surprise.

I've had quite a busy morning throwing myself around doing house jobs. I've given the fire a good old rout out, cleaned the doors and the hearth. Andy was watching me so I hope he was taking note as when he does the fire he just gets out the ash and that's it....no door or hearth cleaning.
We have been having discussions about changing our heating system to either oil or LPG.
Has anyone ever done this while actually living in the house and if so what was involved? There is no chance of us moving out while the work is being done.
I'd be grateful for any information.

Not in the mood for any involved cooking tonight so we will be having sausage and chips. Ruby will be happy as she loves Ganma's chips. I am not ashamed to say that they are proper thick cut chips made in a deep fat fryer. We don't have them that often so I go by the maxim that a little of what you fancy does you good.

Andy is coming on in leaps and bounds. The bruising on his stomach is fading by the day and he is sleeping a lot better. There is still some internal pain but that is well managed with painkillers. The only thing is his not being able to get comfortable when sitting due to the catheter so he has to keep doing the rounds of different chairs and cushions to help with that. I'm sure that situation will improve greatly after Friday.

I expect Ruby will be wanting the dolls out today so I will go and get them out ready for her.

Hope you are all having a fab day.


25 October 2016

Another Day.........!!!

.......pretty much the same as the last few days have been but today it is really cold and we have the fire lit already. We have to have the fire to be able to run the central heating. We do have an immersion heater for hot water but if we want to be warm then we have to have the fire lit.
I have fetched enough coal up to last us for the day so the patient is happy.

Most of my time seems to spent feeding him, making him drinks, washing up, dressing him and emptying his leg bag. I shall be glad when that comes off on Friday.
He was going crazy for some fresh air so last night I took him a short walk up the road. We must have looked mad....me, him and the dog. Good job nobody was about.

I'm just about to give him lunch and then I am going to put some chicken to cook in a tomato sauce. We'll have that with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and roasted Charlotte potatoes....yummy.

Well I can hear his belly rumbling from in this back room so I had best go and get him fed.

Thanks for stopping by.



24 October 2016

He's Excited..........!!!

.........about going back to hospital.
We have had a letter this morning to say that he will be admitted as a day patient this Friday to have his catheter removed....a lot earlier than we first thought. He can't wait so if this week flies by you know who it is wishing the days away.
He will also be having his staples removed from the six holes in his stomach which is great news.
He still won't be able to drive but at least he will be able to get out with DD driving so we may take him somewhere at the weekend. Maybe Carsington for a gentle walk. It's lovely up there for blowing the cobwebs away and we are all ready for it I think.

All the housework has been done in a whirling dervish kind of way this morning as we thought the district nurse was supposed to be coming. Due to a lack of communication she now isn't. The rest of the day is ours then but I still can't settle to my sewing...probably because I still have to keep getting up to empty his leg bag....so I might take my work basket into the lounge and sit and make pom poms for the snowman wreath I want to make. At least I will be doing something crafty.

Just a simple tea tonight of a crunchy tuna cocktail with salad and crusty bread....and keeping up to hospital standards His Nibs will get his jelly and ice cream...lol.

Hope you are all having a fab day.

23 October 2016

He's Getting Cheeky!!!

You can tell he is getting on the road to recovery as he is getting cheeky now.
Apparently I am letting the side down by not providing jelly and ice cream as they do in hospital....I have threatened to put a clamp on the tube to his leg bag and drown him.....lol.
I duly sent DD out this morning to buy jellies and vanilla ice cream so that should shut him up for a bit.

Today he will get his beef stew and dumplings but he'll have to wait until tea time as DD is at work until 3pm so I am just about to make him a ham sandwich to keep him going. His appetite seems to be as good as ever.

After lunch I am going to cut his hair and help him to have a shower to freshen him up a bit. He's not liking all this sitting about at all. I think I may try and get his jogging bottoms on later and take him for a short walk down the road for some fresh air.

Thank you so much for all of your visits and kind comments.
Yes 50 and Counting he is taking water tablets.