Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Just One Cold Day...Please!!!

I am so over this heat now and I would love just one cold day to rack my energy levels up a bit and to not feel like my clothes are strangling me. DD and I are finding that the new sofa and chairs are not conducive to evening tv watching while it is so warm so there is absolutely zero snuggling going on and I miss going to bed with my hot water bottle.
I am a Winter girl through and through.

Household jobs are getting done in a rather flopsy manner with more than usual breaks for cold drinks and life behind closed curtains is becoming rather boring as I try to keep the house cooler.

Andy is still demanding cooked meals at lunchtime. I cannot persuade him to have salad no matter how hard I try. This is one thing I won't miss when he retires in September.

Looking forward to seeing Ruby later this afternoon and as usual there is chicken on the menu....fajitas today with a lovely cool salad....bliss......followed by fruit in jelly with ice cream....but not for me as I'm not a fan of jelly unless I really, really fancy it.

So....I will go and chop up some salad and run the hoover over then I can stitch for an hour until she arrives.

Hope you are having a great day today.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Another Weekend Gone!!!

I did the mad thing again yesterday and had the oven on for a roast lunch. Luckily it was quite a bit cooler so not quite as hot as I expected in the kitchen. The afternoon got pretty warm but by then lunch was over and done with.

We went a wander up to the garden centre after lunch for a bit of fresh air and I came away with bargains in the shape of several heavily reduced Dylon dyes from the craft shop to add to my collection for dying my cross stitch fabrics.
We sat and had a cone of local farm ice cream (naughty but very nice) while admiring the most beautiful vintage car parked on the car park.

I didn't start the laundry when I got back as I just couldn't be bothered so that is being done now with a bit of stitching in between loads.
Andy is on afternoon shifts so that means lovely simple meals in the evenings for DD and I. Today will be two small slices of toast with Mexicana cheese and a side salad to clear out the salad drawer before I go and replenish it tomorrow.
The Mexicana cheese is a recent discovery for us and is absolutely delicious......cheese on toast with a good old kick to it contains jalapeno chillies.

Something is beeping in the kitchen so that will be another load done.
Do all these beeping things drive you nuts?
The fridge beeps if I leave the door open too long, the washing machine beeps as does the microwave....grrrrrr!!!

Have a lovely day.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Sitting By An Open Window!!!

I was up late this morning as I only just fell asleep as it was getting light after another hot and bothered night.
I do so loathe this heat.
This morning though there is a very slight cool breeze which I am taking full advantage of by sitting by the open window and sipping my morning tea.
It is quite lovely.
For the moment the house is blissfully quiet as Andy and DD are both out. I have no plans to go anywhere today and only have a few jobs to complete before I can get back to my stitching which I am finding so relaxing that I don't know why I ever stopped doing it.

The peace is shattered....Mr Whirlwind is back (now I know where Marlowe gets it and causing mayhem in my kitchen.....I'll add clearing up after him to my list then.

Hope you all have a lovely and peaceful weekend.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

I Must Have Been Quite Mad.......!!! have done a cooked meal last night....crikey it was hot in that kitchen.
Salad all the way today as it is already 26C in the sewing room.

The girls were an absolute dream while they were here. I was worried Marlowe wouldn't eat her tea but I needn't have been.......she loved her chicken pie and ate so many carrots I thought she'd turn
They are so different my girls....Ruby avoids veg like the plague but Marlowe hoovers it up....cooked or raw....she doesn't mind as long as there is some at least with her meal.
Her request for tea on sleepover day at the end of the fingers and salad.....bless her.

I have a couple of jobs that could be done today but they are upstairs and involve a little noise. Andy is in bed so they will have to wait.......and once I have had a quick tidy in the living room the day is mine. I think it will be a stitching day with maybe a bit of a nanna nap this afternoon as I was up way too early this morning after a hot and bothered night.
First though I need some breakfast, a coffee and a read of my newspapers.

Have a fabulous day.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

It's Looking Like Another Good Day!!!

It's warm and dry but very little in the way of sun today although the light outside is that weird bright that makes you squint.
I'm happy though. The last load of laundry for this week is whirring around in the machine and while I am waiting for that to finish I have a big bowl of dye on the side with aida fabric soaking to turn it from white and cream into a gorgeous grey that will be perfect for some wintery stitching.
I'd like to have a good collection of dyes so that I can make my fabrics whatever colour I like and don't have to trawl the internet looking for just the right colour as I can never find just what I want.

Tomorrow will be named Whirlwind Wednesday as Marlowe is coming for tea along with Ruby. Oh my....that little girl is an actual whirlwind.....she is never still unless she is asleep. 
It will be fun.....once I have Marlowe-proofed the

Right....I will go and see if that fabric has taken up enough colour and give a rinse and an iron and it will be all ready for use when I have finished my current project.

Have a lovely day.