21 February 2017

The Perfect Day!!!

They don't come along too often but yesterday was an absolutely perfect day. Just the right balance of getting house jobs done and having time to work on the quilts while listening to some jollifying music.

One hand tied quilt....finished and the binding added to the second ready for hand finishing today....hopefully.....if I don't get too many distractions. 
There could be many distractions as Andy is home and outside putting up a handrail along the side of the garden steps where the shed used to provide a barrier to the drop on that side. I will most likely be called many times to hold things and check that things are straight and I will be called upon to keep him stoked up with coffee......aaaaand right now I will be calling him in as it has started raining....doesn't it always?

Tea tonight will be the crunchy tuna salad that DD and I didn't have last night because she said that as we had to go out and do a top up shop she might as well treat me to tea out and very nice it was too.
As it is quite cold I might do a small jacket potato with the salad.

Tomorrow we will have workmen here getting the area for the oil tank ready. I need to start looking at oil prices ready for when it has to be filled up but I'll go and see a couple of neighbours who have oil to see who they use first.

Well he won't come in so I had better go and make him the first of the many cups of coffee he will be having.....good job it's decaf else gawd knows what we would end up with out

Thanks for dropping by today.


20 February 2017

All Aboard The Merry-Go-Round!!!

Another weekend over and back onto the merry-go-round of the household jobs.
I am very excited because today I will clean the living room and it will stay tidy until at least 9pm......the longest it has stayed tidy for months. Once Andy comes home from work that will be it and it will all have to be done again tomorrow 😒
Shortly there will be a line of washing drying in the breeze as it is quite pleasant out today. Not sunny but at least it is dry.

The shed got moved yesterday...thank goodness... so Andy and I won't have to dismantle and rebuild it. It's looking a little tatty now it has been pulled out so I have broached the subject of painting it a nice bright colour when the weather is better in the spring. Some nice paving slabs between the shed and the oil tank will give us a lovely space for the rabbit/guinea pig hutch when we get them for Ruby and that side of the garden should start to look quite smart although we still have the seriously revolting lawn to contend with and there may have to be a conversation about doing away with it altogether.

I haven't the faintest idea what DD and I will be having for our meal tonight. Andy has already been fed so I am thinking maybe a nice crunchy tuna salad with peppers, red onion and sweetcorn on a bed of lettuce but I will have to wait and see what DD will fancy.

I won't be lighting a fire today as it has been rather warm for the last couple of nights. We will need to use up what is left of the coal before the oil heating kicks in though so that we can get rid of the coal bunker.

Right hubby is off to work....the music is going on and I am off to do me jobs.

Have a great day.

19 February 2017

The Sounds Of Spring!!!

The weather yesterday was nice enough to bring neighbours out into their gardens to start getting ready for the spring ahead.
It was lovely to hear the sounds of people being busy after all the weeks of watching them just scurrying from the car to the house door.
Lawns were being mown. logs were being split and cars were being washed. All signs that our little corner of the world is coming slowly back to life after what seems like a long grey few months.
Today we are expecting Andy's friend to arrive with his forklift to help move the shed down to the bottom of the garden now that it is emptied out. If he forgets to turn up then Andy and I will dismantle it and rebuild it on Tuesday when he is at home.

Today I have binding to sew on one little quilt and then I need to get the other one done which I am going to do in a different style....hand tied rather than machine quilted. I like a bit of variety in my

First I need to put the pork in to start cooking for lunch....late again as DD is at work. She'll be glad when it is Friday next week for sure although we have a very busy weekend lined up next weekend as she has asked if she can swap her bedroom up to the attic so she has a bit more space. I'm up for it but there will be a lot of shifting to do. I may ask if we can go out for our meal next Sunday.

Well that's about it from me today. Weekends here aren't very exciting....but they are our kind of weekends and we love them.

Hope you are all having a lovely day today.

18 February 2017

Here We Go Again!!!

Can you remember the saga of the scaffolding that kept us prisoner in the house last year? Well here we go again but this time it is a stonking great boiler dropped just outside the back door. In fairness they did check to make sure we could actually open the door and we can so it's not quite as bad.
There is also a very large green tank plonked on the lawn. Much bigger than I expected it to be. I'm thinking I could turn it into a sewing we just have to wait for the work to start.

I can't remember if I told you that DD is taking me to the Sewing For Pleasure/Hobbycrafts show at the NEC as part of my birthday present. Well this morning I have been having a browse through the exhibitors in the sewing area and to say I am now as excited as a child going to the seaside would be a bit of an understatement.
When I used to go there for cardmaking materials and equipment I would know what I wanted and have the budget in place to spend. We would be in at opening time and gone before lunch....I think we will be staying much longer this time.
Bring it on. It's so long since I have had something so nice to look forward to.

Once this post is done I am going to be switching the laptop off and the sewing machine is coming out. I have faffed about enough this week and now it's time to get some serious sewing started.
Everywhere is tidy so the only other thing I will be doing is tea which will be homemade fish in beer batter to serve with some homemade chips and mushy peas which is a request from Andy. I may have salad with my fish.

The sun is trying to shine here so I hope it is for you too.
Happy Weekend.

17 February 2017

Just Another Tea Towel Mansion Friday!!!

I have just noticed that I have a couple of new followers.
You are very welcome.....the kettle is nearly always on but at the moment the biscuit tin is empty....sorry about

There was going to be a bit of wandering in the little town this morning but we are having to wait in for the delivery of the oil tank and boiler so meanwhile Andy is sorting out in the sheds and I tidying and pottering inside as he says he can manage by himself. I think it's probably a case of self preservation for his ears as there are some blooming great spiders in them there sheds which give me a fit of the screaming heebie jeebies.

Last night I sorted all the new fabric and all my other fabrics into the new drawer set and some smaller storage boxes so that now all of my stash is accessible without having to do to much digging around in huge boxes.
Today I am sorting out on top of the cabinets and putting stuff away that I don't use all the time. I can't settle to any sewing until the delivery is done so this will be a good use of my time until I can hunker down this afternoon.

Just a simple tea tonight. I have some enormous baking potatoes that need using up so cheese and beanie jackets are on the menu today and we will be complete slobs and eat them in front of the tv as DD is watching Broadchurch again ready for when the new series starts at the end of the month. She likes to really know the characters. No hardship for me as I get to ogle David Tennant

DD will be at work again this weekend covering for someone off sick so I won't be able to get on with the jobs I had planned for upstairs which involve a bit of furniture shifting and cobweb removal. That will have to wait until next weekend if she has the energy because by then she will have worked three weeks in a row with only one day off.

The kettle is going on now.....Andy looks like he is flagging a bit so I'll make him a coffee before I run the hoover over everywhere and then get on with this tidying.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.