20 April 2018

Just As I Thought.....!!!

.......the dress fabric is proving to be a little tricksy but starching it and lots of pinning seem to be helping things along nicely.
The front is finished, part of the back is done and I am getting near to having to sew in the zip. It is years since I sewed a zip in so wish me luck with
I probably won't get any more done today as Andy is off....again!!! He's out at a hospital appointment at the moment so I am getting some tidying up done and having a good clean out in the fridge and seeing what we have before I go and do a shop.
His Nibs is fancying a burger for his tea tonight so that is what he will be getting along with yet another bowl of salad. I'll pass on the burgers and have something else with the salad.

Well that's about it for today. Nothing planned for the weekend. DD has some furniture shifting she wants to do in her room and we may have a shufty up to the garden centre....otherwise it's looking like a quiet weekend.

Have a good one.

19 April 2018

A Doing Day!!!

The brightness of the sun had me up and ready to get going at a ridiculous hour this morning so I aim to get some more of the windows washed inside and out, give the kitchen floor a good mop and feed Andy something nice before he goes to work.
Once he is gone I will be settling down and making a start on turning this.......

.....into a dress for Ruby.
The pattern took hours to prepare yesterday as there are a lot of pieces. I am making the sleeveless version at the top.
If it all works out nicely this will be an absolute bargain of a dress as the fabric....just under three metres....cost £4 for the lot from The Rag Market last year. It's quite floppy so I might try starching it a little before I start any cutting.

I'll probably whip up a salad to use up what's left in the fridge and find something to go with it for tea today....I quite fancy an omelette.

Hope you are all having a lovely sunny day.

18 April 2018


No results yet on the latest blood test but they are expected today and my GP has said she will phone if there is anything showing up. I have decided not to spend the day worrying and getting meself all of a frazzle.

I have pulled out a beautiful piece of fabric this morning and found the perfect pattern for a summer dress for Ruby so I think I will make a start on that today. It's a bit...well no actually.....a lot......more complicated than anything I have done before but if I don't rush it I'm sure it will turn out OK.

The beans on toast we were having last night got scooted over to today so I don't have to spend much time in the kitchen today making a mess. It's all nice and tidy in there for the minute so it's good to know it will stay like that for a little longer.

We have sunshine today.....not a lot but at least it's brighter than it has been. I'm still cold though as I have the back door open for Smudge dog and there is a chilly breeze wafting around. The perfect drying day but I have no laundry to hang out.

Hope the sun is shining on you all today.

17 April 2018

The Stash Is Stashed!!!

Yesterday I spent a little time getting all of my new fabric onto boards ready for storing away.
I am embarrassed to say that all of my boxes are now chock-a-block so there can be no more fabric buying until I have freed up some space.
I'll be spending some time looking through my books and patterns to see what I want to make.

Not a very good start to the day today. I got an early morning call from the surgery to go back and have another blood test as something had shown up on the one I had last week that had never shown up before.
I'm hoping it is just a glitch. I really can't cope with anything else right now.

I'm not sure if Ruby will be here today after school so I am just planning a simple tea of beans on toast for DD and I. If Ruby does arrive she will be very happy with tomato soup as she hasn't had it for ages.
If we have to drop her home tonight I'll nip and do a little top up shop for some veg and milk but if not it can wait until tomorrow and DD and I will have a snuggly evening watching more 24.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.

16 April 2018

What A Weekend!!! (Picture Heavy)

You may well want to get a cup of coffee and maybe a snack as today I am sharing my delicious stash from the quilt show.

I have to say that it may have been a small quilt show compared to the likes of The NEC but it was absolutely fantastic and I wish now that I had taken a camera to take photos of some of the awesome quilts in both the competition and on the stalls. If I had a pound for every time I said 'oh how beautiful' I could pretty much have bought up everything there was to buy.
Ruby loved it and didn't want to leave when it was time to go home and she already wants to know if she can come next year. Her joy in everything she saw really made the day very special for me and I am so glad she didn't get bored at all.
Her special task was to find Ganma beautiful Christmas fabric and the girl did very good indeed.
So here we go with the pics.........

Anything to do with Christmas is a

I've been wanting the Quilt As You Go book for a while and I would rather like to make a house quilt so these just had to come home with me.

I love Jenny Doan and am considering a subscription to this magazine.

Ruby's little stash....we are going to make her a pin cushion and a little pouch for her scissors with some of this when she comes for her next sleepover.

Traditional Christmas fabric to go with others already in my stash.

Moda Merrily....which I hope will go with the Winterlude layer cake I already have but if not ther is a metre of each which would make a good sized quilt on it's own.

Funky Christmas fabric to make some small gift bags.

This was a very special surprise purchase by DD. Michael Miller-Fairy Frost which really needs to be seen in real life. She was willing to buy me a half metre of every colour there but to be honest some were not really my kind of colours......purples, copper etc.

General stash. The post cartale fabric will probably become a bag.

My most favourite colour combination and will most likely become a quilt for me 😁

12 fat quarters....haven't a clue what I am going to do with

Boring purchases which don't really need a picture....3 metres of 120" wide 80/20 batting, four packets of machine needles and a fabric glue pen plus a pack of refills.

I love everything and can't wait to start working with it all.

One of the best things for me was the fact that once we had had enough we just nipped up the road to drop Ruby home and then ten minutes and we were home and soon tucking in to a gorgeous Sunday lunch cooked by Andy.
......and to end the emergency call out from The Doodle House where Marlowe had decided it would be great fun to stuff raisins up her nose and DDIL was worried she may have to take her to A&E. By the time we got there the raisins had broken down and made their escape back round into her mouth so crisis averted. She loved having me look up her nose with a torch so I hope to gawd she doesn't do it again for the sheer fun of it.....the little scallywag.

I expect you are all thoroughly bored now so I will finish up and go and leave you in peace.
Have a lovely day.