27 August 2016

So Now We Know!!!

At his post biopsy appointment yesterday they were able to give hubby his results and he does have the dreaded C word.
They think that they have caught it early and he was given three options for treatment....1) Leave it (yeah right). 2) Have it removed and 3) Radiotherapy. He has gone for the remove option and they said that once it's removed that will be that unless it comes back in the future.
He needs to heal completely from his biopsy before they operate as he was very badly bruised and then he will go in, have his operation and be in for five days.
I offered to cancel the party tomorrow but he wants it to go ahead and have a fun day before all the serious stuff starts so have fun we will.

I'll be back tomorrow. I'm just too emotional to write much more today.
Thanks so much for visiting.

26 August 2016

Daft Weather!!!

We had torrential rain nearly all day yesterday but this morning we have bright sunshine with a chilly little breeze. I have to hope that it stays like this now until Sunday to dry out the lawn else we will be either wearing wellies for our party or having it indoors.

Hubby has just gone off to Derby Hospital for his post biopsy check up and then he has to wait until September 16th for his results. I will be so glad when we know whether we have to deal with anything or not.

The chicken I made for tea last night was a huge hit so I will definitely be making that again. I had never used sun dried tomatoes before but they will become a store cupboard staple now along with a jar of chargrilled peppers.
No cooking tonight as hubbby is treating us to fish and chips. He just fancied them and who am I to argue when it gives me a night off.......although I do have to make a blackberry pie for him with some berries he collected the other day.

Not a lot to do today. Everywhere is clean and tidy apart from some carrot crumbs to hoover up but I might do some laundry today instead of tomorrow so that it can be hung out......just in case we are back to rain again.
I just have the hem to do on my dress now. Not my most favourite part if I am honest. It has to be done by hand rather than machine as it is a flared dress and has to be eased in. It's a long way round the bottom of it so it could take some time.

Right....I am off to start my day with a cup of tea and some toast as I didn't want breakfast when I first got up.
Hope you all have a fab day.


25 August 2016


It's a blissfully cool and damp start to the day here today and I love it. DD will be grateful for it I know as she spends all day outside even in the blistering heat we have been having and she comes home at night totally done in.

Ruby arrived rather later than expected yesterday as she had been out all afternoon meeting up with school friends and parents for a mass picnic at Sudbury Hall. We had a nice couple of hours though and she loved the meatballs. Some plans were made for next week and I think she is looking forward to spending some time at home. She has had a very busy few weeks of holiday and I think she will enjoy some time just kicking back and relaxing.

I had a dig in the bottom of the meat freezer yesterday and found a tray of four chicken breasts. They will be stuffed with peppers, sundried tomatoes, garlic and herbs, roasted and then topped with a slice of Mozarella and returned to the oven until melted. I'll serve it with some roasted baby potatoes and a small spinach salad.
The freezers are going down slowly. Yesterday I used up one and a half bags of meatballs so loads for tea and packed lunches.
I can't wait until I can start refilling as I saw a fantastic tip for onions on You Tube the other day using a spiraliser. You just peel your onions and run them through the machine which gives you long strands of curly onions. Pop them in a freezer bag and freeze. When you want to use them take them out and while still frozen squidge the bag about to break up the onions and hey presto.....chopped onions without the tears. Fantastic as I use loads of onions but don't like chopping them.

All I have to do this morning is wash a few pots, stuff the chickens and put a load of laundry in and then the day is mine until I have to cook tea so the sewing machine is coming out of hibernation and I am determined to finish my dress so that I can wear it on Sunday for the party.
You all know what I am going to be doing first though before I start anything......yes the kettle is going on.....lol.

Catch you all tomorrow.

24 August 2016

Always Something To Do!!!

Well despite the heat yesterday I got pretty much most of my list of jobs done and.......I actually sewed. Granted it was only some hand basting of the neck and armhole bindings on my dress but I sewed and it made me happy.

On to a new day and another list of jobs. It's a nice day so I will wash the sofa quilts and dry them outside, sweep and wash the back yard and wipe over the window sills which have got very dusty.
It's going to have to be salad for tea tonight and as Ruby will be here for tea I am going to make some of my sweet and sticky meatballs to go with it. I think she will like those.

I'll be seeing lots of my Doodle over the next week or so as she will be here with Mummy, Daddy and Marlowe on Sunday for our Diner Style party and then Monday she comes to stay for a week. Our plan of her coming to stay when DD was on annual leave didn't work out so there won't be many trips out with me not being a driver but we will find lots to occupy ourselves and lunchtimes can be a picnic at the little park near us.....if the weather stays nice.

Another job I might do today is gather some Lavender from the huge bush in the front garden and tie it up into little bunches for the airing cupboard. I haven't done that for a while but I feel like doing it today.......or I wonder if Ruby might like to do that next week and make up some bunches to take home to Mummy. We usually do something crafty so that she has a gift or two to take home. Mmmm I shall have a think about that.

Anyway....coffee is needed now so the kettle is going on.
Bye for now....and thanks for stopping by.


23 August 2016

Before & After!!!

When hubby was putting in the new washing line posts on Saturday I told him it was OK to chop a bit off the side of the Mad Hypericum if it was in his way as it would eventually be coming out anyway.
So I took him a drink out later and the Hypericum was gone completely. I had wanted to wait until later in the year because I loved to cut the stems of berries to add to vases of flowers but he looked so chuffed with himself that I couldn't say anything......and it was too late anyway...lol.
He asked me what I wanted doing in that space and the next thing I knew he and DD had disappeared to the garden centre and so we have gone from this.....

 ......to this

I can't believe the difference It looks so light and bright.
It's never been a very good area for growing much as it doesn't get much sun and is very wet there.
More pots will be added gradually but I will put my foot down about any more dragons.....lol. DD saw it at the garden centre and fell in love with it. He has been named Hades.....Guardian of the Garden.
Apart from the lawn this side of the garden is now looking lovely.

So much for my mission to empty the freezers.
Yesterday I used up a bag of meatballs and a pack of large sausages and have ended up putting back four boxes of sausages in onion gravy and a box of meatballs in gravy......although I have taken out a container of leftover roast beef in gravy and one of just gravy for tea tonight and later I will take out a bag of leftover yorkshire puddings. I have a feeling this is going to take me longer than anticipated.

Today I have a little laundry to finish and I will be able to hang it out on the line without wondering if the apricot tree is going to come crashing down on my head....lol.
There is a small amount of ironing to do and the kitchen floor to sweep and wash then hopefully I can crack on with finishing my dress and make a start on whittling down the list of sewing projects.
First though is that all important cup of coffee.

Have a lovely day....whatever you are doing.