29 April 2017


Well that was an exciting morning out for Andy. He absolutely loved his driving experience....especially the Aston Martin DB9 and I must admit I enjoyed seeing all the cars.
It was quite a long drive there and back but the Leicestershire weather was very nice.....sunny but with a chilly wind that wasn't so good for us spectators.
I have a couple of lovely photos of him so I will try and take photos of those and show them tomorrow.
Now begins the search for the next thing on his bucket list....a ride in a Spitfire which I think is either going to be hard to find or super expensive but we shall see.

Back home now and I have jobs waiting as usual so I'll get a few bits done....there is always tomorrow and Monday.......and Tuesday....and
First I need a decent cuppa as the one from the catering van at the racetrack left a lot to be desired...I hate tea out of a paper cup.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

28 April 2017

Up And Out!!!

Up and out early this morning to take me Doodle to school. I do love to see her gorgeous little face early in the morning.
DD then took me for a surprise treat of breakfast at The Cherry Tree and then back into little town to get some food shopping done.
We now have a couple of hours at home before we go and pick Doodle up and take her home so I am spending that time (after blogging of course) trying to squeeze away the rest of the fabric purchases from Tuesday. It's not going awfully well as there seems to be more fabric than space to put

Tomorrow we will be travelling into Leicestershire to take Andy for his experience day that we bought him for Christmas....driving an Aston Martin and taking a high speed ride in an Ariel Atom. He is really looking forward to it so I hope there are no severe weather issues to affect it like there was with the balloon ride we gave him for his 60th birthday which he eventually got just before his 61st birthday.

Well that is pretty much as exciting as it gets here today so I will love you and leave you for now.
Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday weekend whatever you are up to.

27 April 2017

Swings And Roundabouts!!!

Good morning from Staffordshire where we have a very mixed bag of weather this morning.
We started off with a bit of sun but now it's very grey, windy and raining off and on. I must admit I am thankful for the rain as it will save me struggling to peg the laundry on the shoulders still hurt from carrying those heavy bags of fabric on Tuesday and I can barely lift my arms. I am definitely taking my granny trolley next time I

Yesterday I was at the doctors for my annual review and there was good news....I had lost half a stone, not so good news....blood sugars were very slightly up, blood pressure was a little higher and now they think I may be vitamin D deficient so I have to have yet more blood tests for that. I have opted though to have that checked when I go for my next tests in three months.

We were late getting back from dropping Ruby home last night due to the distraction of that little cutie pie Marlowe being very entertaining so I didn't get the waistband finished on the maxi skirt. I'll get that done today once I have hobbled round and got a few jobs done.

For tea today I am making turkey burgers seasoned with fajita style herbs and spices. They will be served in a brioche bun with a side of sweet potato wedges and a lime and green chillie reduced fat mayo dip.....yummy.

Okey dokey....I shall be away to my chores then.....oh bl***y hell....the sun has come out again so now I am going to have to peg the laundry

Have a fabulous day.

26 April 2017

Fabric Overload!!!

Well....what a fabulous day we had in Birmingham at The Rag Markets and what a lot of bargains we got.
I don't know where to start so I will just dive in and show you what I got.........

100% cotton, 60" wide £5 per metre and no flaws. Destined to become two more 'Edna' dresses

The black with pink flowers is a remnant of slightly under three metres and 60" wide for £4 the piece. the green with pink flowers 45" wide at £2 per metre and the pink broderie anglaise 60" wide for £5 per metre. All destined to become dresses and tops for Ruby. The lace is cotton,4" wide £2.50 a metre and will be used to trim a crop top for Ruby.

A bit of an indulgence at £8 per metre and I bought two metres to make a bag for my sewing machine. I can get this type of fabric from Derby market but it is £10 a metre.

Polycottons for crafting projects. £2 per metre so no cheaper than I can get it on Derby market but they did have a fantastic range.
The navy polycotton £2 per metre will become pyjamas for Andy and the white on white floral will be summer tops for Ruby and maybe a little dress for Marlowe.

Dark and light olive striped jersey. £2 per metre. I don't know what I am going to do with this....maybe a loose t shirt for summer. I got three metres and at 60" wide I should get two out of it.

Three dress zips for £2 and the thread cops were £1 each.

I was over the moon to find these summer dress/tops for wearing over leggings. Two for £10 so I bought four as summer will probably be just about over by the time I go again. They fit beautifully.  

I also got five metres of 60" wide black jersey for £10 which I am going to use to make a sleeveless cardigan and probably a skirt.

There were things I didn't find from my list.....embroidery threads.....I wanted to stock up on white and cream, bias binding....pretty shocking that not one of the haberdashery stalls had this and no flat waistband webbing for Andy's pj's so I will have to take a trip to Derby for those things.

Today my legs and shoulders ache like hell so I am just pottering around at home and trying to find places to put all this fabric until I can get to the projects I will be using it on.
Ruby is due for tea today so I can measure her up for the elastic for the waistband of her skirt and that can get finished. All the strips are sewn together for the Worn and Washed quilt....they just need trimming up before I make them into the quilt top and then I will get the pj's done for His Nibs which should only take an hour at the most although he won't be able to wear them until I get the webbing for the waistband.
Gosh I am going to be busy.....and I am so looking forward to it.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.


25 April 2017

Going Out!!!

I shall be off to the train station shortly to catch a train to Birmingham.
The last of my birthday money is tucked away in my bag and I am hoping for some good finds....wish me luck😃

I may not get a chance to post again today but I will be back tomorrow to share my finds.

Have a lovely day.