27 September 2016

You Couldn't Make Me Up!!!

Before I took a bit of time out yesterday I decided I would whip up a Victoria Sponge cake for hubby so he could have a slice with his cuppa when he comes in at night. Now I have made this cake hundreds and hundreds of times and it never fails......well fail it did yesterday.
I did a 6, 6, 6, 3 mix which always gives me a lovely deep sponge to sandwich with strawberry jam but this came out looking like two pancakes and I couldn't work out what had gone wrong. Then it dawned on me that I had had a bag of plain flour go missing a couple of weeks ago. I knew I had one in the cupboard and then all of a sudden I didn't and I had to buy a new bag to fill the container. 
Now I know where it went.........into the SR flour container.
What a bloody numpty.
Hubby was beside himself and was ungentlemanly enough to remind me of the pink fairy cakes I made once when I first started baking that ended up being dipped in tea as biscuits. He has never let me forget those.
I am thinking of withdrawing my cake making services.....lol.

Feeling a little brighter today and a good job too as there are things I need to get done......decorating paraphenalia to put away , a bit of stuff to move out of the hall, pots to wash and laundry to finish off.
Once all that is done I want to finish off my Poundland crate with some wax or varnish. I love how it turned out and can't wait to show you.

The Christmas magazine was a complete waste of money with only one article that remotely interested me..........Winter In New York.
It bought back memories of three years ago when DD and I were just a few weeks away from our own Christmas shopping trip there.
A wonderful experience that I would love to repeat.
What was your most favourite trip ever? Do tell.

Well enough memory lane-ing......these jobs won't do themselves.

Thanks for stopping by today.

26 September 2016

Muddy Head!!!

Just my luck I couldn't get off to sleep last night and ended up dropping off around 4am. I had to be up early for my doctors appointment and I really could have done with a couple more hours.
I think the disinfectant I used on Saturday triggered a migraine although it didn't take the usual course mine take and I got no warning aura. I'll not be using the winter spice Z*fl**ra again just in case.
Still....the headache has gone now although my head feels heavy and muddy........not a day to have been let loose in the supermarket as I ended up buying a Christmas magazine with visions of having a doss on the sofa this afternoon with a cuppa and a pack of sticky strips to mark anything of interest. It may involve a fire too as it is very wet and cold here today.

What I will make for tea I have absolutely no idea. We are getting low on quick things to pull out of the freezer to have with salad so I may just make some scrambled eggs on toast.
I must make an effort to get these freezers completely emptied over the next couple of weeks and get them cleaned.

Hubby is fed and watered and will be off to work shortly so once he is gone I will run the hoover over and wash the few pots from his lunch then it will be some 'me' time for a little while.

Hope you are all having a good day.


25 September 2016

A Sick Day!!!

Sorry for the very late post today. I was on here this morning intending to post, left to do something and ended up flat out with the most awful headache.
It's on it's way out now but it's left me feeling pretty sick and out of sorts so I think a hot shower and an early night tonight for me and hopefully that will see me right.

Tanks for dropping by.

24 September 2016

No Peeking!!!

We would have done well to heed that advice methinks.
A small area of the stair carpet was lifted to see what we would be facing.......mmmm it was a bit bigger job than we realised so we haven't had our morning wander this morning.
All of the carpet is now up and hubby has had to scrape the stairs and floors all the way down to get rid of all the rotted stuck on foam backing.
Now he is just fixing squeaks and then I am going up to wash all the woodwork and wipe all the stairs and floors down with disinfectant.
I would much rather have gone wandering but they are coming to fit the new carpet on Wednesday so we wanted to make sure everything was done and ready for them.

October 15th was going to be a happy day for both hubby and I when we would come to the end of all our various appointments......and then we get a letter this morning with the date of his appointment for his operation.......October 17th.
Well at least it will be all over and done with before Christmas and he will be back on his feet. I think they said he will need five weeks off work but I'm not sure.

The Poundland crate is coming along nicely. It's painted and now I just need to decide how I am going to decorate it before giving it a couple of coats of varnish. I'll post a pic when it's done.

We won't be lighting a fire tonight after nearly cooking ourselves to death last night. It wasn't really cold enough and we would have been better just using the quilts. It was lovely to look at though and I can't wait for the proper cold weather to arrive.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

23 September 2016

Play Day!!!

I think I have worked hard enough this week to earn myself a bit of a play day today........after the tidying up and everything of course.
There is a distinct itching to be having a messy play with paint to transform one of the crates I bought from Poundland which may also involve a bit of decoupage and distressing depending on how it goes.

Hubby is finished work now for the weekend and we'll have a bit of time for one of our wandering sessions tomorrow. First stop will be the farm shop for veg and then we'll have a wander around the Makers Market and call for a coffee in the little town. Simple time spent together but we both enjoy it very much.
We also have a night to ourselves tonight as DD is off out with some work friends so hubby is treating us to a Chinese takeaway to eat in front of our first fire of autumn while we watch something either on tv or DVD.
I am so thankful for the cooler days and being more comfortable while I get my jobs done and the cooler evenings for snuggling under the sofa quilts.........all I want now is some snow......lol.

I hope you all have a lovely relaxing weekend too.