11 December 2017

We Escaped!!!

About an hour after doing my blog post yesterday a neighbour let us know that the main roads were clear enough to travel so DD and I managed to nip up to the garden centre which was blissfully quiet for a Sunday. When she had gone up the day before she had seen a perfect gift to add to Andy's pile for Christmas and was worried that if we couldn't get up there until next weekend they wouldn't have any left.
We got one and so now that is Andy done and dusted.

We also nipped to T***o to get some milk and a few other bits and bobs just in case we get more snow on top of what we already have and by contrast it was absolutely mad in there.
I doubt we shall go very far for the rest of the week.

Today has not really started as planned. I overslept so am a little behind with things so far.
A cup of coffee and some toast should get me moving and then I'll spend the rest of the day catching up.

Keep safe and warm.

10 December 2017

White Out!!!

I can't believe it.......we are snowed in.
Andy has been to the main road and says it looks very dodgy so I don't think we will be going anywhere today. We have just watched a 4x4 struggling to get up the slight incline of our road so DD's little car stands no chance.
I think it will turn to rain later by the looks of it though.

Andy has just let me know that he has to do extra hours at work tomorrow so he will be leaving the house at 8:30am. Perfect.....I will do the shampooing tomorrow as I won't have to wait until he goes to work just after lunchtime. That means I can get some other jobs finished off today, do the carpet tomorrow and get my day off on Tuesday....yay....sorted.

So today....finish the laundry, finish the gift wrapping and decorate the kitchen dresser.

I hope you are all warm and safe today.

09 December 2017

When Can I Go To Bed?!!!

Sleep and I just aren't getting along very well at the moment. I think it was getting on for 5am this morning before I managed to drift off and I am shattered.

The carpet shampooing has been shuffled on to tomorrow's list as I just haven't the energy to push the beast round but the beef stew is bubbling away on the stove and the gift wrapping for DS is almost done. 
I started the laundry instead of doing the carpets so now my day of doing what I want has been moved to Tuesday.....sadly because Smudge will be at the vets for the day being tested for Cushings Disease due to certain symptoms he has. I am almost certain it's not that but I am very scared of what I think it might be which is Cognitive Behaviour Disorder which is basically doggy dementia.
I was watching him last night when he went to get a drink of water and just stood staring at his bowl......he pee'd and he really didn't know he was doing it.
We will see what the vet says.

We have had a couple of snow flurries this morning. Lovely big fat flakes but they haven't settled as the previous bit we had has melted and everywhere is damp. It was nice to watch though.

DD went off to the garden centre this morning as she wanted a new fleece jacket which she got but she also returned with the most bargainous pair of boots for me.....£10 reduced from £50 from Cotton Trader's. My toes will be very cosy if we get any amount of snow.

Very simple bacon, lettuce and tomato rolls for tea while we watch a film or something but first I need to go and hoover up the carrot crumbs and threaten severe pain to anyone who makes a mess before I get a chance to sit in a clean and tidy living

Hope you are all having a great weekend and staying safe and warm if you are one of the areas getting lots of snow.

08 December 2017

Here Comes The White Stuff!!!

It started snowing in the early hours of this morning just as I was going to bed  I didn't get over excited because it was also raining and I didn't think it would settle.
Well those brave little snowflakes fought a good battle and won and we woke up to a slight covering on the rooftops and cars.
We've just had another little fluttering and if it gets any heavier it will lay as everywhere is pretty dry now.
As much as I love it I'm not really ready for it yet. 
Christmas week would be lovely.

I have just been into town with Andy as I needed to pick a few things up. There was a list and I knew how much I would be spending but forgot to factor in the Andy effect....he should not be allowed in

I'm writing my blog post now trying to fend off the inevitable job of chopping the veg for our evening meal. Chicken stir fry with sesame noodles. Love the stir fry....hate chopping the veg.

This weekend will be busy as I need to shampoo the living room and kitchen carpets.....a thankless job as I know they will want doing again before Christmas due to a certain little doggy boy. I need to finish the hand stamped wrap and bags for DS and write on the few cards we send. Hopefully that will all get done tomorrow and also leave me time to start a beef stew for our Sunday lunch giving me a virtually free day on Sunday to do something I want to do rather than cleaning and feeding. I think I am going through one of those phases where I am sick of thinking what to do for meals and sick of cooking too but I'll be better once I start on making things for the festive season.

Time to stop waffling and go and chop those flippin' veg.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

07 December 2017

Pickling In Me PJ's!!!

I was up way earlier than I wanted to be this morning because Smudge was werriting at the back door. No going back to bed else I would have fallen asleep and probably not surfaced until lunchtime and I wasn't having that.
PJ's were warm and cosy so I just slung my apron on and started on the cucumbers and onions I had left draining overnight. I'm just waiting now for the jars to finish sterilising and that is one job out of the way today.

For the life of me I can't seem to get a good picture of the Christmas tree so I have had to lift a picture from my Pinterest board taken in 2015.
The tree is pretty much the same except that we have added a giant lollipop to the topper and removed the giant poinsettia. We have also added one new decoration of a front door with a wreath.

The garland on the mantelpiece looks lovely although looking at the photo I do spot a little bare space so it needs some tweaking.

The living room looks so cosy at night with all the lights on.

The kitchen dresser will be done in the next couple of days and then I think I am done with decorating and all the boxes can go back upstairs out of the way.

The weather was awful this morning when I got up. Still some of the strong wind from overnight and then we had a short thrashing down of rain. Now it looks to be quite sunny but there are still some grey clouds about so I expect we will get more of the wet stuff before the day is out.

I managed to pick up a ham when I went shopping last night. This will be cooked and used for our traditional Christmas Eve meal of ham, salad and chips. I'm hoping that I still have the A**a Christmas book from last year as I would like to do the rum and blackcurrant ham I did last year which was beautiful.
The festive food is just about sorted apart from fresh stuff and the few bits I want to make in advance to freeze.....pork, chestnut and cranberry sausage rolls, mince pies and some cheese straws to go with Ruby's request for my no vegetable vegetable soup which is packed with veg but whizzed down to remove all the She would like it for a starter on Christmas Day.

I'm starting to flag a bit now with being up so early so I think a nice cup of coffee to spark me up and then on with the jobs.

*Edited to add that I have just tried to make myself a cup of coffee with a teabag.......maybe I should have just gone back to*

Hope your day is wonderful.