17 February 2018

In Early And Back Out Again!!!

DD and I were in Derby just as the shops opened this morning and she got straight in at Super Cuts so I went off round the market. A lot of the stalls hadn't opened yet and one I particularly wanted to visit wasn't even open by the time we left at 10:30am...grrrrrr.

Managed to pick up most of what I needed some fabric that I wanted but didn't really need.

Back towards home with a quick diversion to Hobbycraft and then into little town for a small top up shop.

Hot Dogs have been offered and happily accepted for tea so I can have a couple of hours or so folding my new fabric onto boards.

It was lovely to be out before the traffic got heavy and the car park got full. There's nothing I dislike more than driving round and round a car park trying to find a space.

The weather is pretty nice today here so I hope it is for you too.
Have a fabulous weekend.

16 February 2018

Late Today!!!

I'm a bit late getting to my blog today.
Andy comes in from night shift an hour earlier on a Friday morning so he was in at 6:40am and up out of bed much earlier than usual so I have been able to get all my jobs done.
This has left me a few hours free this afternoon to get on with starting to add the black fabric strips to my Bali Pop blocks.
I am working in a lovely clean and tidy sewing room with a bit of sunshine coming through the big window and it's absolute bliss.

Andy is cooking a late Valentine's meal today so the only truck I am having with the kitchen is to go and iron my blocks as I sew them.

Tomorrow DD and I are off to Derby...again. She wants to get her hair cut at Super Cuts which is right by the market so I can go and have a wander round there by myself for a bit. I'll be looking for some fabric suitable for backing this coin quilt and some batting.
Sunday will be a nice peaceful day at home.....unless someone tells me

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

15 February 2018

The Last Bag....For Now!!!

I could sit and make these bags all day long but I have to move on to something else for a while.
This one is for Marlowe....a miniature version of Ruby's bag and just the right size for her to play at shopping with all the play food she has with her little kitchen.

That is the last of the unicorn fabric and all that was thrown away were tiny trimmings that were neither use nor ornament so I am really pleased with that.

Today I need to tidy off the table so that I can crank it up and get on with cutting strips of black fabric while I have natural light to do it in. I was going to do it last night but the overhead light isn't good in my room.....until Andy replaces it......and I was having trouble seeing the lines on the quilting ruler against the black so I gave up and watched some Rome with DD instead.

I have been begged for another cheese and potato pie for tea tonight so I am just about to go and make that so it can stand a while and let the flavours mingle before it goes into the oven. This is DD's most favourite thing to take for her lunch so I'll make a smaller one as well that can be divided into portions and frozen for her.
The soup I made yesterday turned out really nice so I am going to have a bowl of that for my lunch today. I don't very often have a hot lunch so it will be a real treat.

This morning started off with a beautiful blue sky and some sunshine and if that wind would drop I think there might be some warmth too but the clouds are rolling in now and I expect before long we'll be getting some rain.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.

14 February 2018

Confused Of Staffordshire!!!

Our electricity supplier decided that as the readings I sent in and the readings the meter reader took were wrong that our meter was faulty.
This morning a new meter has been fitted but the guy doing the fitting thinks that we need a different kind of meter as we have no storage heating or immersion heater and we need to get in touch with our supplier to sort it out.
They can't do anything until the new meter fitted today has kicked in.
I am totally confused by the whole thing.

Late starting on jobs this morning as I had to drag everything out from the under stairs cupboard and now it all needs putting back. Hoovering will have to wait until Andy gets up so I am going to spend some time in the kitchen making soup and cauliflower cheese. The soup will be for the freezer and the cauliflower cheese for tea tonight with some sausages.
Once that is done I have to make another bag but a tiny version for Marlowe. There looks to be just enough unicorn fabric left to do that and then I am hoping to get some strips cut to finish off the Bali Pops Coin quilt.

We've had a bit of snow this morning for about ten minutes but it looks like we'll be getting rain for the rest of the day.
It's flippin' cold so looks like the kitchen is the best place to be for a while.

What are you all up to today?

13 February 2018

Bag Lady!!!

Good Morning Blogland.
Well not such a good morning here. It's wet and cold with a stiff breeze that is just about whipping the hairs off me legs when I go across the yard to the dryer.

I made a bag like Ruby's for DDIL yesterday but using a different fabric. DD came in and saw the fabric I was using and said she wanted one so today I will be making my third bag in four days....and I might even make one for myself.
Good job they are so quick and easy to make.

Miss Ruby will be here for tea today so I am making meatballs in gravy with mash and veg and I have put a jelly to set for pudding so she will be a happy little girl. Andy will also be a happy little boy....he loves his jelly.

I think Andy has his dates mixed up. Yesterday I received a dozen red roses and this morning I found a Valentine card propped against my sewing machine.
He's not good with dates bless him. He wanted to surprise me with a trip to Ireland for our 30th wedding anniversary only we ended up going a year early because he got the years mixed up.
It's a good job that I am now the calendar keeper in this

All the jobs are done for now so it looks like I might be able to squeeze in a bit of sewing time before I have to go and prepare tea....yay to that.

Hope you are all having a good day.