22 November 2017

What Was I Thinking?!!!

I must have been quite mad yesterday to start on the dining room. It is going to take longer than I thought.
Still at least there will be a break from it later today as Ruby will be here after school and I have to cram in as many cuddles as I can in the two hours or so that she'll be here.
She doesn't know yet that I will be spending the day with her on Saturday. Mummy is keeping it a secret so I have to be careful that I don't let it slip today.

It's another dark and miserable day....which I wouldn't mind if I had time for a bit of sofa snuggling but I haven't so it will be an extra jumper and fluffy socks instead.

I managed to eat the curry last night but only I think because my taste buds are still not right after the horrible cold. I can't understand why I love the smell of it cooking but don't like eating it.

A good old fashioned rib sticker for our evening meal today....Toad In The Hole with plenty of veg and lots of gravy.
This is another Ruby favourite which saves me having to do two meals although this is yet another meal that I am funny about....I don't like sausage and Yorkshire pudding together so I do without the sausage and just have mash and veg with a bit of Yorkshire pudding and some horseradish sauce.

Ooooh I have sat still for too long and I am shivering.
Time for hot coffee and my morning toast which is very late today as I didn't feel like eating when I first got up.

Hope you are all nice and cosy today.

21 November 2017

In The Mood For Moving!!!

Some months ago I had a bit of a change around in the dining room and I find I am really not liking it so it's time to find a better way to set everything out and I am in the mood so I will be going for it and getting it done. I will clean all the windows as I move stuff round and hoover in all the corners that haven't seen daylight in some time.

My free afternoon was spent.....tidying out a kitchen cupboard. It wasn't on my job lists but it had been driving me mad for a while....and now it's not. It wasn't what I intended to be doing but never's done.

There is a rather nice smell coming from the kitchen....I have just taken a tea brack out of the oven. It needs cooling, wrapping and hiding before Andy gets up as it needs to stand for a couple of days before cutting it and he will wade straight into it if I don't hide it.
Later there will be more nice smells as I cook a curry. I don't usually eat it but I have decided to try some. If I don't like it I shall have egg on toast and DD can take mine to work for her lunch tomorrow.

The heating thermometer is such a liar this morning. It is saying that the temperature is quite reasonable and yet I am freezing. I will resist putting the heating on though and go and find a job to do which will keep me warm.

Have a lovely day.

20 November 2017

Another New Week!!!

I love the start of a new week. Full of possibilities.

It's bed changing day today which I will have to go and get done shortly as Andy will be off to bed to catch up on some sleep ready for his night shift.
No chance of drying the bedding on the line though as it is very damp outside.

DD wanted a new wardrobe for her Christmas present so that has been bought and delivered and is currently awaiting assembly while she empties her old one and has a bit of a cull on the t shirt mountain she has.
I was chuffed to inherit a good stack of about fifteen of them which will come in handy as I was ready for some new tops and now I shan't have to buy any. I only wear them around the house while I am doing jobs so luckily nobody is going to see me wearing one with a pumpkin face on

Bedding is done, hoovering is done and there is not a lot more on my list for today so I have a whole afternoon to do whatever I want and I haven't the faintest idea what it will be yet. I'll have a coffee while I read the papers and then decide.

Hope you all have a wonderful day whatever you are doing.

19 November 2017

The Last Sunday Roast Of 2017!!!

Today we will be having the last Sunday roast of the year.
I always have a cut off point for doing big Sunday lunches in the run up to Christmas but at least we are going out with a bang. Andy picked up a beautiful piece of beef while he was at the butchers yesterday so that is what we will be having with all the trimmings and hopefully there will be enough leftover to freeze some in gravy to have with mash and veg for another meal.

No going out today.....instead I am going to make a start on the laundry and get as much done as I can so that I can spend some time finishing off the Christmas wrapping next week.
I'd like all of the wrapping stuff put away by the end of the week if possible and then I can get this dining room tidied up. It looks like the wreck of the flippin' Hesperus at the moment and I still have sewing I need to get done.

DD has a week at work and then will be off for week of annual leave and with a bit of luck we will have the tree up and decorated before she goes back.
We have our first Christmas thing next weekend when DD and I are going to The North Pole at the local adventure farm with DDIL, Ruby and Marlowe. It looks like it's going to be a fabulous day and I am hoping for a bit of at least a good frost to give everything a lovely winter sparkle.

The roast potatoes have just gone in so lunch won't be too long now. Plenty of time to have a cup of coffee before the veg goes on.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

18 November 2017

A Saturday Slug!!!

I would love to say that I was up bright and early this morning....but that would be such a
I was awake early but I was so warm and comfortable that I just didn't want to get out of bed.
Never mind I am now caught up with what I wanted to get up early for....a huge bag of sausages to be separated and bagged up.
We have to order the particular ones that we like and Andy collected them this morning so they are now all snugged up in the freezer.
Once they were done DD and I got off into town and got a big freezer shop done so both freezers are now full and the outside store is looking pretty healthy again.....I even have the turkey crown ready for Christmas Day.

For some unknown reason Andy has asked for corn dogs for tea tonight so that is what I will be making. I am quaking in my slippers at the thought of eating Frankfurters so I may have to do myself something else. They are not my most favourite thing ever.

Well I shall get off and make this corn batter so that it can rest a while and then look and see if there anything remotely interesting to watch on tv tonight.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.