Sunday, 19 August 2018

Cursing The Blue!!!

Yesterday we managed to get the ceiling painted and once it was dry Andy put up the new light fittings and shades.
I made a start on painting the walls below the dado rail. I am trying to cover a strong blue with my new grey and it ain't going well. I think it's going to take three or four coats to cover it completely. Luckily there is only one long wall and two shorter ones.
I have been cursing.

I've been doing our own decorating now for over forty years and yesterday I really wished that I had as much energy as I did when I first started. Oh I ache so bad.

Today is a day off as I am cooking a roast dinner and then I have to do a bit of tidying ready for my Ruby arriving in the morning.

I went to see her in the musical Matilda on Friday evening and it was totally awesome. The kids had learned the whole thing in a week and I think the prompter only had to prompt once through it all.
Ruby just wanted to go back and do it all again.

Oooops......something sounds like it's boiling over so I will go and rescue whatever it is.

Have a lovely day.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Another Evening Out!!!

Ruby has spent the last week at dance school taking part in a production of Matilda and she has absolutely loved it.
Tonight I will be going with DDIL to see the performance and I can't wait.

Hopefully I can manage to get another couple of skirting boards done before I have to have an early tea and a bath.

The weekend should see the ceiling done and a start made on painting the lower half of the walls but how far I shall get I don't know as I have promised Andy a roast beef lunch on Sunday and I have to clean the bedroom and change the bed for Ruby's arrival early on Monday morning.
All work will stop while she is here but she will be going home on Friday afternoon to spend some time with Mummy who is going away for the weekend and to spend some time on Saturday with London Grandma and Grandad. She'll come back to us on Sunday ready for going to York on the Monday.

By Tuesday DD will be back at work and I will have the house back to myself after a month of having somebody here all the time.....bliss.

Have a lovely day today.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Passing Days!!!

I must say that this week is absolutely flying by. I feel like I have blinked and missed it.

Not an awful lot achieved yesterday on the decorating front as I was out at the docs in the morning and out to the pub last night to another party planning meeting with DDIL and her Mum. It was a lovely couple of hours.
I don't think Andy can get his head round coming home from work and finding his wife gone to the

Today I have some sanding to do before I paint the skirting boards which I thought were OK until I painted the dado rail. They are certainly not OK so that's an extra job to do.

Any form of catering this week has gone out of the window. Andy is getting something hot before he goes to work but DD and I are just eating very simply and not sticking to any kind of set meal time. I actually quite like it as I don't always feel like eating at dead on 5pm as Andy does.

It has rained through the night and the air is quite cool today which is great if I am going to be grubbing about on the floor.....ooooh me poor old knees.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

A Brilliant Start To The Day!!!

I have just got back from the doctors and I am so happy.
After a week of worrying since my blood test my blood sugars have dropped by quite a lot and the weight is still coming off.
I now weigh the same as I did 46 years ago when I was 15.
I am over the moon.
There's still a little more to go but I am getting there.

Also getting there with the decorating.
The paper is now gone from the walls and they have been scrubbed and dried ready to be re-papered.
The dado rails have had one coat of paint and I will add another coat today.
Andy will remove the ceiling lights and paint the ceiling for me at the weekend but then work will probably come to a bit of a halt until after the bank holiday as Ruby will be coming for the week next week. DD will be away until Sunday on that weekend and then we are going to York on the Monday.
As long as it's done before Christmas I'll be quite

We're taking a bit of a break later today to go out and get some shopping done. The cupboards aren't quite bare but there are things we need.

What are you all up to today?
I hope it's a good one for you.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Still At It!!!

I am so sorry I haven't blogged over the weekend but oh my word removing this paper from the chimney breast wall is proving to be a long hard job.
I don't know what paste I used to put it up in the first place but it certainly isn't wanting to let go of the paper.
There is half of a section left to go which I hope to finish by the time Andy comes home tonight or way before if I can.
Once it's done I'll sand the walls and then wash them and that will be that out of the way.
I'll be glad when it's all finished but I think it's going to take longer than I thought.

DD has started her annual leave for two weeks and she has decided to decorate her bedroom as she picked up some paint yesterday....half price from Wilko and just the colour she wanted. You can't beat that.

So it's all go at Tea Towel Mansion today and for quite a while to come.

Hope you are all having a great day.