Friday, 14 December 2018

Lovely Morning!!!

It was so lovely out this morning. Crisp and cold with sunshine and bits of blue sky. It was a bit nippy queueing outside the butchers at the farm but we were soon home to warm up with a nice hot cup of tea.
Now the beef I bought has been cubed and is simmering away on the stove. Once it is cooked it will go into the fridge to get all nice and tasty ready to make a steak pie for our Sunday lunch....yummy.
While the beef is cooking I am going to rustle up a batch of chocolate and peppermint cupcakes decorated with crushed candy canes to take down to the girls tomorrow morning.
I am going to be looking after them while Mummy and Daddy go out to do some festive shopping in peace so I thought I'd take down a nice little treat for them.

Poor DD had to phone into work sick this morning as she developed a migraine overnight and was quite poorly with it so she is getting a little mollycoddling today. Unfortunately I am a bit of a slow nurse as I went and put my knee out yesterday and it hurts like hell. I don't even know how I did it.

I hope you are all getting ready for a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Proud Ganma!!!

Ruby arrived for tea last night with a beaming smile and two awards that she had been given at head teacher's award for 100% in all of the spelling tests that she had taken this year and an award for swimming.
I'm not surprised by the spelling award as she is an avid reader and is able to work out some quite difficult words by herself.
The icing on the top of such a good day was the cottage pie and a pudding she had not had before which is now a "ooooh can we have that again" pudding.
When we took her home we went in to view the Christmas tree and other decorations (gorgeous) and to have a quick cuddle with Marlowe who is poorly again. She has only just got over a nasty cold with an ear infection and now she has another nasty cold on her chest.....poor little mite.
I hope she is over it by Christmas.

I've not done much today just tidied the kitchen and cleaned out the fridge. Not much in the way of salad in there except a couple of wrinkled tomatoes and a bunch of spring onions so Andy has gone to pick up fresh for me. We've had quite a few rib sticker meals just lately and I am gagging for some salad so we're having some with Chicken Kievs tonight.

I looked through the brochure at all the extras that you can buy to go with the new mixer and I have decided on just's called a creaming beater and it scrapes the sides of the bowl as it mixes so that you don't have to keep stopping and doing it. I ordered it straight from Kenwood last night. It had been reduced and I got a further 10% off with a code from when I registered the mixer. It should be here by the weekend.
After serious consideration I can't see that I will need any other attachments really. I have a food processor which chops, slices and grates and I already have a small electric grinder for nuts etc so no....I am not going to be pretty as they

DD and I are off to the late night at the garden centre tonight. We have been really good with the Christmas budget this year and have decided to buy one of the Lemax village pieces for the kitchen dresser....just a small one for this year and then another one next year and the year after. Three will be just about right I think. 
Anything left over can back into the kitty for next years gift budget.

Hope you are having a lovely day. It's quite bright here but very cold.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Be Careful What You Wish For!!!

Yesterday I said I wanted a big job to get my teeth into and boy did Andy make sure I got one.
Last night I did some lamb chops and veggies for tea and of course the obligatory mint sauce.
Andy stirred the sauce so vigorously that he knocked the side out of the glass container and we had mint sauce everywhere. This morning I have had to get the beast of a shampooer out and do the carpet and rug.
If I disappear from Blogland I am either in prison....having committed murder or I have been dragged away by the men in white coats 😧😧😧 that is done I can get on with the things I have planned for today.
Ruby will be here later so cottage pie for tea. The meat base was pulled out of the freezer so I just need to make the potato topping and then I am going to make a coconut jam tart to have with some custard for her pudding. I may also make a lemon drizzle cake for Andy and DD's pack ups.

Before I start anything though the kettle is going on as I need a coffee.

Hope you have a fabulous day today.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

I've Had Enough Of Faffing And Pottering!!!

I really need a big job to get my teeth into after a few days of pottering around and doing faffing little jobs. After getting up so early yesterday I spent the whole day clearing up bitty little chores and finally collapsed exhausted to write the Christmas cards last night....or at least half of them. I should in theory have slept well last night but I didn't. I tossed and turned for ages before dropping off and dragged my poor old bones out of bed at just after 7am.
There is laundry to finish, card writing to finish, veg to prepare for the evening meal, bread sauce to make for Christmas Day which will go in the freezer and I need to make a pattern for a mixer cover and find some fabric to make one with although I doubt the sewing machine will come out today.
If I get all that lot done I think I will find a couple of hours this afternoon to watch a Christmas film on You Tube.

Have a lovely day.

Monday, 10 December 2018

A Full On Day!!!

I am having a bit of a busy day today. Been up since 5am and I don't seem to have stopped.
I'll be back to post properly tomorrow.