16 August 2017

Keeping It Simple!!!

The menu for Sunday is just about sorted I think and I have decided to keep it quite simple.
Chicken done in a couple of different marinades for those who like spicy and then plain for those who don't.
There will also be a few burgers and sausages but I won't go mad with those.
Hot potatoes in a fresh mint butter, beetroot and red onion salad in a balsamic glaze, coleslaw, a plain green salad and crusty rolls.
Deserts will be a choice of hot plum crumble or Eton Mess but I haven't given drinks a thought yet.....maybe elderflower cordial and some Bucks Fizz.
I have most things in already so there won't be much extra on the shopping bill this week just the fresh stuff.
I just hope it's nice enough to eat outside but if it isn't....well we've all squeezed inside before so I'm sure we can do it again.

Today I am giving the kitchen a good old scrub out and as I am busy the freezer has come to the rescue with a tub of spicy mince and beans. I'll just shove some sweet potato jackets in to go with that....easy peasy.

Well that's me five minutes break done so I'll get back to it....if I really have I'll just read a couple of blogs first.

Hope you're all having a lovely day.

15 August 2017

Now Begins The Catching Up!!!

I seem to be pretty much back to normal today apart from some aching left in my neck and shoulders but I can cope with that.
I have been having migraines since I was eleven years old and I must admit to being quite tired of them now after forty nine years.

There is a lot to catch up on in the house because I have been totally out of action but that will soon get sorted out and we'll be back to being clean and tidy.
Andy does his best bless him but housework isn't really his thing.
Back to cooking too and another pretty simple meal tonight of homemade pork and pepper burgers in a Brioche roll with corn on the cob. This was decided on last night after DD arrived home proudly bearing green peppers that she had grown at work so I wanted to make use of them.

I managed to venture off into the rainy evening and go and do a small top up shop picking up some bargain posh breads from T***o. Cornbread, a 3 cheese bloomer and a brown bloomer all snuggled in the freezer now ready to have with soups.
B&M also came up trumps with some bargain slippers in the sale at £1 per pair. DD and I had two pairs each. I get through slippers like nobody's business so I now have a spare pair in stock.

I took a little walk round the garden this morning to see if anything wants tidying up before we have our visitors on Sunday. So much has gone over now but I was really surprised to find.......

The Chalice Rose having another bash at flowering. The blooms are smaller than the first flowering but beautiful all the same.

Our Agatha-(panthus) hanging on for dear life. Looking a bit tatty in places but she has put on an amazing show with eleven flower heads this year.

A beautiful Sedum just waiting for the right time to burst open.

So some things are really done and need to be trimmed back, some things are hanging on and some things are yet to come. It's been a lovely summer in our back garden. I just wish we could have had the get together a little earlier when everything was at it's best but Miss Ruby's social calendar didn't allow for

Is anyone else finding the nights chilly?
Last night I went to bed in long pyjamas and fluffy socks......clutching a hot water bottle.
What is all that about?
It's not even the end of August yet.
Mind you I never complain......I am always up for snuggling 😄

Anyhoo....I will go and make these burgers and do a bit more titivating around the house although no hoovering until Andy gets up.

Tara for now and thanks for stopping by.

14 August 2017

Slowiy Coming Round!!!

I think this will go down as possibly the worst migraine I have ever had. 
I didn't feel on top the world for most of last week and then I went out shopping with Andy on Friday and took ill in the middle of Asda of all places. 
The zig zag aura I usually get was replaced with what looked like water cascading over the front of my eyes and I could barely see and then things just went downhill from there.
Most of the weekend has been spent lolling about in a great deal of pain and although I feel so much better today I still have pain in my arms, legs and shoulders with a bit of a headache hanging around.
I think what triggered it was the light. That really weird light you get when it's cloudy and sunny at the same time and it makes you squint. 
Don't know what else it could have been.
Anyway let's hope it's on it's way out now so I can get on with some things.

The bathroom is still not finished.
The plumber texted this morning....only after Andy texted him to see what's going say that the panels will now be in mid week. I'll not hold me breath.
Why do I feel like we are being taken for mugs?

No Ruby this week to give her achey Ganma cuddles and kisses. She is away down south hopefully having a whale of a time but I do get to have her for the whole week next week.
I love the school holidays.

Just doing some gentle pootling about today and planning a simple tea of something with chips so that it will be quick and easy as I need to pay a visit to town this evening if I don't feel too bad.

Hope you are all OK and had a good weekend.

12 August 2017

One Word!!!


I will be back when it has buggered off and left me in peace.

Hope you are all OK.

09 August 2017

Is It Autumn Already ?!!!

Gosh it's miserable outside today. Very damp and cold.
I have put the heating on to take the chill off inside which I wouldn't normally do at this time of day but Miss Doodle will be here shortly and I don't want her to be cold.
Andy has picked her up from home and taken her to the garden centre to choose her sweetie ration for the day as she will probably want to snuggle up and watch a film for a while after lunch.....if it's Nim's Island again you will hear me

I'm glad I made the pie filling yesterday. It will be just the thing to warm tummies on this very Autumnlike day.

.......and here she is....I'm off for cuddles and kisses.

Hope you all have a fab day.