Saturday, 30 April 2011

Oh Yay!!!

Today I have actually made some cards....12 of them!!! No pics yet as there wasn't a spare bit of space on any of the desks due to stacks of paper I was sorting through to use up but they will be put away in the morning.

Miss Doodle decided that grandma didn't really need any sleep on Thursday night. She had a screaming fit and was late going to bed and then woke about once an hour until she got up at 6:20am. So yesterday after they had gone home I bundled myself up in a blanket and slobbed out on the sofa to watch the wedding which I hadn't planned to do. Oh wasn't it lovely? Her dress was just stunning and her sister looked amazing. I rather enjoyed it. Some of the guests should really have checked themselves out in the mirror before inflicting themselves on the public. I spotted one or two hats that will hopefully never see the light of day again. I just about choked when I saw Beatrice' looked like a homing device for!!!

Just lately I have been giving my tonsils a bit of a workout moaning about the lack of space in the kitchen cupboards due to all the herb and spice jars which seem to be breeding. Today Mr Manic very kindly came home from town with the most beautiful spice rack for me from a rather expensive cookshop in town. Unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem in the cupboards as the jars are already filled but boy does it look gorgeous on my worktop.
He also earned several brownie points by doing a job in the bathroom which has been wanting doing for........oooh two years or so. I think that deserves a special cake tomorrow so I shall do some baking after lunch.

Still need to catch up on the sleep I lost to Miss Doodle so I am off to bed now.

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Neglected Blog!!!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts.......again.
It's been a tad busy round here as usual and I am getting hardly any time to craft at all except for maybe some quick sessions spent preparing layers etc for cards to put together quickly when I do finally manage to get some time.
Days are hectic with Ruby who is teething again and by the time she has gone home I am like a wrung out dishrag and all crafty mojo is out the window.
Today should be my day off but I have DS and Ruby staying overnight while DD, DDIL and her sister who is up from down south have a girlie night.....out for a meal and then back to the cottage for mucho vino and chinwagging.
Mr Manic has kindly offered a chip shop tea for tomorrow so that I can spend the day upstairs.......bless him to bits.
I'm just making a curry for Mr Manic and DS for their tea and I shall have to make something different for mine cos I couldn't eat curry if you paid me. I love the smell of it cooking but can't stand the taste.
What a boring post..........but I thought I had better let you know I hadn't emigrated or!!!
Bye for now.
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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Birthday Boy!!!

When I first saw these Nostalgia stamps from Papermania.....I knew exactly the papers I was going to use with them.
The image has been stamped and then paper pieced using the Basic Grey papers. Skin, cap, socks and shoes are coloured with Promarkers.
These colours are just so me. I would paper my walls with them if they were big!!!

As I have produced a card you can guess that today has been another peaceful day in the Manic household. Mr Manic cooked a beautiful lunch of roast lamb which gave me time to crack on with other jobs such as laundry. Then I went upstairs to do some prep work and then stamping........bliss with a capital buh!!!
Tomorrow I shall nip and do the shopping and if we don't get visitors it will be another chill out day.........can't be bad.

Two lie ins in a row means I am a bit full of beans at the minute so I shall go and find something to watch on IPlayer for a while.

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sorry..It's A Bit Pink....Again!!!

Love the shape and size of this heart rose wreath stamp from Artemio. The roses are a little indistinct though so I punched some flowers and stamens to add over the top.
Heart border is Martha Stewart.
Bow is a Sizzlet die.

Today has been so peaceful and relaxing. I have managed most of it upstairs and made a few cards for the shop but this afternoon I needed some fresh air so DD took me up to the garden centre and we got some new plants for the back garden to try and fill the borders up a bit as they are looking quite bare. So we have hollyhocks, yet another aquilegia and a vinca which I am hoping will grow rampantly down at the bottom of the garden under some bushes where nothing much else will grow. I chose a white one which should look lovely with the buddleia and the caryopteris which are both blue.
I was going a ride somewhere else after but my back needed to get home and rest although I did manage to walk round for quite a while longer than usual before it started playing up.

Feeling nicely chilled out now so I am off for a snuggle and a read on the sofa.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Simple Spring Trio!!!

Managed just two hours of uninterrupted crafting today but I did manage to make eight of the above cards for the local shop. It used up a small pile of stashed papers,some offcuts of silver card and the best part of a sheet of glittery dots on a sheet for the flower centres.Simple but I have to admit that I quite like them.

DS had instructions from DDIL to stay and shampoo the carpets at the old house today so I ended up having Ruby for longer than planned. No hardship though as she has me in stitches now she is talking. My teaching her to tell Smudge to 'shut up' when he barks rather backfired today. She was messing with the on/off button of the DVD player and I told her 'no' and she told me to shut up. How's that for a fourteen month old? It did make me giggle. She's going to be a cheeky one I think.

Well bed is calling me. I know.......just way too early for me but I am exhausted with this pain in my back and at least while I'm asleep I can't feel it.

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I'm Going Slightly Mad!!!

Picture somebody with their finger in an electric on end, eyes wild and popping and that pretty much sums up me at the!!!.......well not how I how I feel.
I thought I'd get a full day upstairs on Tuesday but I am having HRH Princess Doodle while daddy and grandad move one last piece of furniture from the old house to the new. Once that is done the move is complete.
I went down to the cottage on Friday and they have worked so hard in getting it sorted so that Ruby feels at home and it is just gorgeous.
Managed to get something with my birthday money yesterday as I took an hour off from domestic duties and hobbled up to the garden centre. Got some stamps and some more of the Paper Soft Colour plus some applicators and a few other bits and bobs so more stuff to play with when I get the time........fingers crossed for tomorrow afternoon.
Well I am off for a browse for a few minutes before bedtime and hopefully I shall be back tomorrow with something to show you.
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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Getting Bad!!!

Huge, huge apologies for the lack of crafty posts just lately. Manic Towers seems to get more manic by the minute and I am just not getting any time upstairs at the moment. Well I did get a couple of hours up there today but it wasn't creating time. I inherited another desk from DS which matched another one I have so I have been able to use them as a base and set up a sewing area using a long piece of worktop which meant a bit of shuffling around. Tomorrow we have visitors dropping in. DDIL's mum and stepdad are coming up to see the cottage and then popping here for afternoon tea.
You can tell it's mad here as I haven't even been out to spend my birthday money!!!
Next week I only have Ruby for two days so if I don't get any time upstairs I shall scream very loudly and throw a hissy fit.
Talking of hissy fits.......Ruby had her first proper lie down on the floor, kick my legs and scream tantrum the other day. Oooooh it were a right good show. DD and I nearly cracked up with laughing.
Well I am off for a snuggle as I have gone really cold.
Thanks for dropping by.......if anyone still!!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Yes busyness is just what is going on around here at the moment.
The keys for the cottage were collected this morning and DS and Mr Manic have moved two van loads of stuff from the old house and the lawns have been mowed at the new place. Tomorrow I will be at home with Miss Doodle (hope she's in a better mood than DS and Mr Manic will be moving all of the big stuff while DDIL and DD pack up the remaining small stuff ready to be moved last thing. Everyone will then descend here for a hot meal.
Miss Doodle will stay the night so that her room can be got ready properly and I am not sure if she is here on Thursday for the day or not. Hopefully Friday....which is my birthday....will be a little quieter and then we have a  houseful of visitors on Sunday.
The pain in my back reduced me to tears this morning so once all this busyness is out of the way I am off to the docs again to try and get it sorted properly.
No crafting getting done....story of my life at the moment. I am desperate to get a few quiet days in a row to spend upstairs and get my teeth into something.
Off to see if I can soak a bit of the pain away in a nice hot bath.
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Sunday, 10 April 2011

I Just Knew It!!!

I knew I would end up paying for my lovely day yesterday somehow.
Today started quite nicely standing looking out at the sunshine while I prepared the Sunday lunch. Got some laundry out on the line flapping in a gentle breeze. 
Lunch was about five minutes or so from being cooked and I was just about to make the gravy when there was an almighty bang and the flamin' electricity went off. We had to call someone out as I will not under any circumstances let Mr Manic anywhere near anything electrical due to past experiences best forgotten. We ended up eating our lunch without gravy...yuck!!!
By two thirty we had power back (main fuse had blown) and just as I was about to go upstairs and get cracking on some work unexpected visitors arrived in the shape of Miss Doodle and family. They had been to check on things at the cottage and called in for a cuppa. So once I got upstairs at seven pm it was all a mad rush to complete some orders for collection tomorrow so no playtime for me today.
Ah well....maybe I'll get some tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Power Of Good!!!

Yesterday DS phoned me to let me know that I wouldn't have to have Ruby today so I decided I was going to have a 'be kind to me day'. No heavy involved cookery, no lists to tick and no timetables to run to......apart from having hubby's tea on the table for four pm.
It has been utter bliss. Usually my morning begins anywhere between six and seven am but today I had a lie in until eight thirty, had a leisurely breakfast in front of the computer, washed up and then just pottered doing a bit of tidying, a bit of laundry, caught up with a few of the lifestyle blogs I love and then pottered a bit more. No pressure to go up and create until I felt like being creative. I had been feeling a bit run down what with the pain from my back and other stuff but WOW what a difference a day makes. Yes the back still hurts and the daily grind is there to be ground but I shall cope so much better knowing that every now and again I can give myself a day off and the world won't stop.
I think what made me do it was the fact that yesterday I went out to do the shopping and half way round Tesco I was nearly crying with pain and by the time I got home I could barely walk. Poor Mr Manic had to get his own tea before he went to work and it was about ten pm before I could get about without a walking stick. I don't think the walk around B & M Bargains after Tesco helped much.
Anyhoo.... I did have a bit of a session upstairs this evening and I managed six of the card up yonder.
Stamps are Stampendous.
Paper is Graphic 45.
I have also used Distress Inks.....Antique Linen and Vintage Photo, Alcohol Ink.....Latte to colour the button and Distress Stickles....Tea Dye for the spots on the ribbon.
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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lilac And Aqua...With Twinkle!!!

Managed to make a start on cards that need doing this afternoon as DS picked the Princess up early. I had already baked a quiche for tea so had nothing else urgent to do housewise. So off I went upstairs. I knew where I wanted to go with this card....or thought I!!! Things kept going slightly awry and six hours plus a pile of wasted gloss card and a few expletives later I had it done.
It might seem a little strange for a graduation card but it's not a usual kind of graduation so I had to come up with something a bit different. I hope the young lady likes it.
On gloss card I have stamped the Fancy Pants image in Versamark and then dried it before adding Broken China and Dusty Concord Distress Inks. I inked up another piece of card for the punched flowers and then decorated with peeloff dots and gems.
Greeting was done on the computer.
Twinkle is Quickie glue pen and irridescent glitter.
Apologies for the white splodge on the's the camera flash I think.

Need to be up early in the morning so I suppose I had better turn in when I've had me cold drink.......been feeling a bit warm upstairs so I think it might be time to switch off the radiator.

Thanks for your visit.


Well playing with my new stuff from Mother's Day has come to a halt. I am up to my neck in special orders from DDIL's office, Ruby is coming for a few hours on Saturday while Daddy recovers from a friends stag night and Mummy goes on an all day hen party and Sunday hubby is at work so I have to cook lunch which somehow manages to do me out of any time upstairs whatsoever.......although I may get a couple of hours late evening.
When I gave up work to look after Ruby I planned so many projects and if I had written out a list I would bet my last pound that none of them have been ticked off.
Having said that.....we had a smashing day today. The weather was beautiful so I decided we would spend some time out in the garden despite my poor back and by sitting on my kneeling mat I have managed to weed and tidy the borders in the back garden.....with Ruby's help:)) She had a whale of a time digging with her hands so I think my next treat for her will be a tiny gardening set as my weeding fork was just a tad big for her although she gave it a good!!! Good job her Mummy didn't see the state she was in. I gave her a good scrub down before home time.
Think I shall get off to bed now as the fresh air has made me quite sleepy.
Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Inking, stamping, doodling and punching......what more could a girl want?
Viva Decor Paper Soft-Colour in Light Moss Green, Moss Green and Cobalt Blue.
Text stamp is Viva. Stamped over a torn paper mask using StazOn.
Foliage and berries stamp is Fancy Pants. Stamped in Olympia Green Versafine and clear embossed.

Cage and Bird (Papermania)-:
Cage is stamped onto overhead projection film using StazOn and cut out.
Bird is stamped onto card and coloured using Exquisite Inks in Fountain Blue and Garnet.

Finishing Off-:
White doodling is done with a Colourburst marker.
Flowers are copier paper coloured with Paris Trunk ink pad-Parchment. I have added gems to the centres.
Bird is coated with Distress Stickles-Rock Candy.

Ooooooh I had a whale of a time getting all inky and messy. I also shocked myself by doing all of the background straight onto the card blank. It's something I never do usually.
I didn't get to spend the whole day upstairs as you would guess if you could see my sparkly clean kitchen. I'm paying for that and the teeny bit of gardening back which was settling down is now mucho painful again prompting me to use lots of very unladylike language. Poor DD's ears had flames coming out of!!! to laugh as I don't much fancy crying.
Anyhoo.....I am having to be good and rest now so the baking I had planned for tonight is on the back burner until tomorrow.
Bye for now and thanks for visiting.

Up Early!!!

Errrrrgh..........not much sleep for me last night. Didn't have a brilliant Mother's Day yesterday. The young Manics had had a bit of a fall out, dinner had to be kept warm because they were late and the atmosphere was a tad frosty to say the least. I was worn out with it all........slept badly and woke up feeling yucky.
I aim to spend today upstairs crafting........peace, quiet and new stamps and ink pads that DD bought me for Mother's Day. That's got to put me back on track.
Hope to be back later with a crafty post.
Thanks for stopping by.