Saturday, 30 April 2011

Oh Yay!!!

Today I have actually made some cards....12 of them!!! No pics yet as there wasn't a spare bit of space on any of the desks due to stacks of paper I was sorting through to use up but they will be put away in the morning.

Miss Doodle decided that grandma didn't really need any sleep on Thursday night. She had a screaming fit and was late going to bed and then woke about once an hour until she got up at 6:20am. So yesterday after they had gone home I bundled myself up in a blanket and slobbed out on the sofa to watch the wedding which I hadn't planned to do. Oh wasn't it lovely? Her dress was just stunning and her sister looked amazing. I rather enjoyed it. Some of the guests should really have checked themselves out in the mirror before inflicting themselves on the public. I spotted one or two hats that will hopefully never see the light of day again. I just about choked when I saw Beatrice' looked like a homing device for!!!

Just lately I have been giving my tonsils a bit of a workout moaning about the lack of space in the kitchen cupboards due to all the herb and spice jars which seem to be breeding. Today Mr Manic very kindly came home from town with the most beautiful spice rack for me from a rather expensive cookshop in town. Unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem in the cupboards as the jars are already filled but boy does it look gorgeous on my worktop.
He also earned several brownie points by doing a job in the bathroom which has been wanting doing for........oooh two years or so. I think that deserves a special cake tomorrow so I shall do some baking after lunch.

Still need to catch up on the sleep I lost to Miss Doodle so I am off to bed now.

Thanks for dropping by.

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